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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction | Ultrasonic / Ultrasound Liposuction

(also known as Vaser lipo or Vaser LipoSelection)

A liposuction technique that uses ultrasonic frequency to break down the fatty cells is known as Vaser or Ultrasonic Liposuction. The advanced Vaser LipoSelection technique offers a safe and effective body contouring with minimal downtime under local aesthetic.

Vaser Liposuction Procedure:

Vaser liposuction in mumbai indiaThe Vaser Liposuction procedure works between the layer of skin and the layer of muscle by using a small probe which transmits sound energy to break up the fatty tissues. The procedure involves inserting small probes in the target areas to be reduced after local anesthesia is in effect. These probes resonate at high frequency emitting sound waves that literally shake loose the fatty cells into liquefied form that are gently suctioned out. The liquefied fat is then removed through a gentle suction process giving optimal body sculpting and quicker results.

With Vaser Lipo you will only require one treatment per area, the treatment allows for greater volumes of fat to be removed within a shorter procedure time. Therefore it is as suitable and beneficial for larger areas as it is for smaller areas.

Vaser Liposuction is carried out under a local anesthetic proving patients with minimum downtime. The duration of the Vaser Liposuction treatment will vary according to the individual patient and size of area to be treated. However, we would normally state an average duration of 2 hours.

When is Vaser Lipo suitable?

If you’re looking to remove targeted areas of determined fat, Vaser Liposuction is suitable. By no means is it a weight loss technique. Only one treatment per area is required and your surgeon will generally prescribe it when the layer of fat you want remove lies amidst muscles and tissue grids. This procedure is suitable for both large and small treatment areas.

With the Vaser Liposuction Surgery technique you will see results immediately after the procedure and final results will be seen at around 3 to 6 months after the post-treatment care is completely carried out.

Vaser Liposuction in Mumbai, India Ultrasonic Liposuction in Mumbai, India Ultrasound Liposuction in Mumbai, India Ultrasound Liposuction in Mumbai, India

Features and Benefits

Vaser Lipo is an excellent method for body-sculpting and contouring. Its popularity stems from its various pros such as –

    • Minimum downtime
    • Relatively less invasive when compared to tumescent lipo
    • Extreme targeting precision is guaranteed
    • Nearby muscles, nerves, blood vessels and tissues are unharmed
    • Relatively low operation time, approx. 2 hours depending upon the areas to be treated
    • Quicker healing
    • Good skin retraction which can be maintained with good lifestyle
    • Smoother and predictable results
    • Minimal pain and bruising

Vaser lipoSelection is an excellent choice for those looking for an athletic appearance and would want to get back to normal activities as soon as possible.

Why Allure Medspa?

Allure Medspa has been exclusively created for all your cosmetic surgical and non-surgical needs. Located conveniently in the heart of Andheri, this ISO 2001:2008 certified centre is equipped with the latest technology and aftercare facilities used worldwide. We believe in being with you the entire way of your ultrasound liposuction procedure and hence our prompt service is all-inclusive – right from initial consultation, in-depth analysis, the preparation, procedure, medication with affordable cost/price and a detailed post-treatment consult about the lifestyle for maintaining your transformed looks.

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Milan Doshi is the founder and head Cosmetic Surgeon of Allure Medspa. What you’ll find here is years of experience and skill along with the latest technology at surprising affordability. Expect a competent team of Vaser Liposuction Doctors comprising of surgeons, anesthesiologists, dieticians and attentive nurses to ensure an aesthetically pleasing treatment and great results!

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