Choosing cosmetic surgery clinic

Cosmetic surgery Clinic in Mumbai, India

Evaluating your surgical clinic is a tough job and must not be taken lightly. Once your zero down on a doctor, the next step is to know more about the organization you are going to trust your life with. The organization must meet the highest quality of industry standard for its safety and ethical practices. Above everything, it should have a patient list that speaks for itself. Their work must shine through and inspire confidence in those who seek their services. Here are a few tips to evaluate a cosmetic surgery clinic.

  • Doctor

Your doctor is the star of the show. A good doctor will ensure that your procedure goes on without any hitch. Your doctor must be a board-certified surgeon with plenty of experience. Make sure that your doctor takes time with you to understand what you want and works with you to help you achieve your goal.

  • Hygiene

Your clinic and the hospital you have your surgery it should be clean and hygienic. They should adhere to the all the prerequisite standards of sanitary practices and should give off an aura of the pleasant, sterile yet cozy atmosphere. Look for any shortcoming in hygiene departments while you visit the clinic.

  • Staff

The staff at the clinic reflects what the services are like. If the staff is ill manner, not well trained and seems to be uninterested in patients, the clinic deserves a miss. A good clinic or hospital will be staffed with highly trained, able staffs and technician who are not just good ta their jobs but are Also courteous and polite.

  • Previous patients

It’s a good idea to interact with previous patients to know how their experience was. Since interacts are not always possible, you can ask for the before and after pictures of a clinic’s previous lines. Breeze through these images to understand what your results will look like and what you can expect from the surgery.

  • Internet

Social media is a lifesaver. A good clinic is the one that is definitely living in the digital age., Check out their social media pages. Keep an eye out for compliments as well as complaints. Use your judgment on both. Check out how responsive they are to your doubts and clarification on social media.

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Post Facelift Surgery Recovery

Looking fresher and livelier is what everyone wants. But we don’t always get what we want. Signs of advanced years spares no one. As we age crinkles, fine lines, age spots and dullness sets in. But the one that annoys anyone the most is saggy skin. No one wants to look old and worn-down. Having saggy, droopy skin on your face is a sign of old age. Cosmetic surgery however, has a solution for this, facelift surgery. This surgery lifts and firms drooping facial tissues, giving your face a much more young-looking form. Facelift eliminates extra sagging skin, levels out deep folds, lifts and tightens the deep facial tissues. This makes you look younger, brighter and sharper. Those who undergo the surgery or are planning to undergo the proverbial knife are always worried about what to expect during the recovery or post the surgery. Today we will work on alleviating your fears.


You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 2 – 3 days. Gentle exercises can be resumed within four weeks’ post-surgery. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym should be avoided until will 3 weeks.

Speeding up the recovery process

Speeding up of the recovery process can be done with Healthy meals, plenty of rest and following your doctor’s advice. Remember your healing will depend on how well you care for yourself.

Plan well

Meticulous preparation is required to ensure that everything goes well according to the plan.  Ensure that you have all that you need. Stock up on food, drinks, bandages and other necessities. Pay your bills well ahead of time. Ensure that there are no activities that will mandate your presence outside home. Keep your duty load as light as possible.


It is very important to relax and let your body do the healing. You need to relax your body and mind to let yourself heal. Good healing would ensure better and faster recovery. Your results will also be affected by it. Make sure that you are comfortable and at ease during recovery.

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Buttock Augmentation For Better Body

Buttock Implants Surgery in Mumbai, India

What makes a great pair of jeans or pants look better? A well-shaped rear is the right answer. Not many women in the world have perfect, well-shaped buttock. There was a time when women wished to have sleeker, smaller butts, but the times have definitely changed. Today having round and shapely buttock is what women desire. However, sometimes no number of squats or any amount of exercise can give you the perfect buttock that you covet. This is where buttock implants surgery can help you attain the shape that you want without those tedious painful squats.

The Buttock Implant/ Augmentation is a surgery intended to give a patient’s buttock youthful shape and position. The Buttock Augmentation is performed under General Anesthesia. In a Buttock Augmentation the buttock muscles (gluteus maximus) is lifted up and a pocket is made just large enough for the implant to be placed in. The implant size available in India is up to 500 cc.  You may require 1 or 2 night stay at the hospital.This procedure is designed to give you a more beautiful buttock.You can resume lighter, non-strenuous office work kind of activities in 10 days. Driving a car will need a few weeks. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym will take 3-4 weeks’ time. If you are looking for risk free, trust worthy clinic look no further than Allure MedSpa. Allure MedSpa’ proactively adopts a De -Risking process for Butt Augmentation. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation, medication and anesthesia for the safest Buttock Augmentation. Our use of new pain management medication makes this procedure almost pain free. You may only bear with some minor discomfort.

Having a great looking buttock is not a matter of great genes or good luck. It’s about making a conscious choice to look great and feel good about yourself. Conquer your feelings of self-doubt and book an appointment for consultation today.

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Dr. Milan Doshi – The Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon

Best Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Plastic surgeons carry out operations that alter the form or look of part of a patient’s body. They not only perform cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and Rhinoplasty, but they also do reconstructive surgeries for patients who have injuries from an accident or birth defects.The most important aspect of any cosmetic surgery is choosing the right surgeon. A doctor whom you can trust is the most vital element of any medical procedure and that applies to plastic surgery as well. A person you trust your body with should not only be well qualified but should have experience that speaks of his or her skills. Dr. Milan Doshi is definitely a name to be reckoned with and is one of the foremost plastic surgeon of India.

Milan Doshi is Cosmetic Surgeon and an Indian Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Milan Doshi is a qualified expert. He is the founder and the Medical Director of Allure MedSpa. He wears different hats – He is a cosmetic surgeon at the prestigious Lilavati Hospital and BSES MG Hospital in Mumbai, has been awarded the top Liposuction Surgeon in Mumbai for body sculpting and is also an eminent faculty at the Ethic on Institute of Surgical Education. His talent is evident in treating various celebrities, keeping their aesthetic appeal intact. As an illustrious aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Doshi is known for his calm and peaceful approach towards his patients.  He believes in beautification which has to be both ways- internal as well as external.

After obtaining international membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, he is now an undisputable professional and his qualifications and certifications are just a testament to his success. His focus instills confidence; his personal attention speaks of his commitment which affirms his professionalism in the industry. He is not only one of the best in his field he is also a certified mentor under the ages of ISAPS.

Some of his board certifications / memberships are as follows:

ASPS – American Society of Plastic Surgeons – International Member

ISAPS – International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

APSI – Association of Plastic Surgery of India

IAAPS – Indian Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

IMA – Indian Medical Association

AMC – Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai

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Get Rid Of Extra Skin Post Weight Loss With Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery In Mumbai, India

Losing weight is one of the most gratifying experiences for someone who has been obese for quite some time. After a long uphill battle, your body is finally where it should be. But a lot of time your skin, doesn’t contract with your body. In fact, one of the worst things out weight lost is the extra skin that refuses to go away. It looks gross and hampers any progress you made towards looking good. It makes you feel like everything you worked hard for doesn’t matter anymore. But for anyone facing this problem, do not despair, there is hope. Cosmetic surgery has given us amazing surgeries that can give you your body back or a new body altogether. Body lift Surgery is an answer to all those who have been worry about the saggy, loose skin that clings to the body after weight loss.

Body lift is a highly effective surgery for patients with excess skin, fat, and other tissues that linger after substantial weight loss. It is highly recommended after weight-loss surgery/ bariatric surgery. Body lift improves the shape and tone underlying tissue that supports skin and fat in areas such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs, Arms and breasts Body lift surgery is performed under General Anesthesia. Depending on the location of the surplus skin, the extra skin is separated from the underlying tissue, and redundant skin, fat is removed, re positioned and tightened. Body lift may consist of lower body lift, arm lift, thigh lift, buttock lift, breast lift and mid body lift. Two types of body lift surgeries can be performed at a time. Multiple sessions may be required for more. So two areas of your body can be improved simultaneously. You must take your recovery seriously and adhere to the instructions provides by the doctor. You will require 2 to 5 days stay at the hospital post body surgery. You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 4-5 days. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym should be avoided until will 4-6 weeks.

Don’t look at surgery with fear; look at it as an experience that will help you be a better version of yourself. Don’t let the fear of change keep you from discovering your beautiful self. At Allure MedSpa, we are dedicated to bringing out the best in those who seek it. If you wish to change the way you and the world looks at you, visit us.

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Labiaplasty For Enlarged Or Misshapen Labia

Labiaplasty Surgery in Mumbai, India

Women who have enlarged labia know that it is one of the problems that they silently suffer through. They are embarrassed to talk about it and it is not just an issue that they can approach their regular physical for.  Any woman who has suffered it knows that it is a problem that cannot be brushed aside. To begin with, enlarged labia is a not just an embarrassing problem, it can be inconvenient and painful. Those women who have enlarged labia often go through the humiliation of not having confidence to have a good sexual life. On the other hand, they also have to bear with the pain of an enraged labia getting caught in tight dresses, pants and experience pinching sensation while riding a two wheeler, a horse or while going yoga or exercise. A simple act of crossing legs or sitting down can be a task for these women. Luckily Labiaplasty can help these ladies have a pain free life and help them regain their confidence.

Labiaplasty is performed under general anesthetic and generally takes about an hour. The extra skin and tissues will be carefully cut out and the wounds will be closed up with sutures. Your Labiaplasty completely depends on what you seek and what your doctor thinks would be best suited for you. Post operation you will be given instructions on how to care for yourself as well as will be prescribed pain killers to deal with the discomfort. Physical relationships can be resumed after 2 to 3 weeks post Labiaplasty. In the mean time you can resume your other stress free routine activities. But strenuous activities like gym, exercise and lifting can be resumed after 2 to 3 weeks depending on how comfortable you feel with your body.  The recovery time will vary from person to person. The shape and size of your labia will be much better post-surgery.

Women are often known to hide their problems and keep their problem to themselves. However, suffering in silence spoils the quality of life. Approach your nearest cosmetic surgeon for personalized information on Labiaplasty. You deserve peace, happiness and satisfaction. Let cosmetic surgery help you attain it.

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Lip Reduction Surgery For Huge Lips

Lip Reduction Surgery in Mumbai, India

Having perfect lips doesn’t mean that you need to have too large lips. The perfect ones are well proportioned and neatly frame your smile making it look gorgeous without being too obvious. Huge lips draw away attention from the rest of your features and put focus where it doesn’t need to be. There is no point in suffering lips that don’t suit your face. Get a lip reduction and watch people fall in love with your smile.

Lip reduction gives you attractive lips that aren’t too big but perfectly pouty. Well-balanced and gorgeous lips add more exquisiteness to your face. Having a flawless lip outlining your smile will only make you more beautiful. Lip reduction is performed under local anesthesia.This is a procedure that requires a very little time. The treatment will take only up 45 minutes to one hour.There is no down time associated with lip reduction and you can return back to your normal routine post the procedure. Although heavy exercising and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a day. The results of lip reduction last for a long time and you need only a single session to see the results.Lip Reduction has no significant side effects, risk or complications.At Allure MedSpa, we can assure you that results will be excellent. At Allure MedSpa we have Dr Milan Doshi who spearhead are operations. He is an expert cosmetic surgeon well versed with both the science and art of cosmetic treatments. With his expertise and use of latest techniques and technology he delights his patients by delivery amazing result consistently.

There was a time when people couldn’t do much about the body they were born with. But times are changing. Your decision can and will change the way people look at you. Call us to know how you can bring about this in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery in Mumbai, India

Your face is the first part of your body to fall victim to the signs of aging. It starts with something as simple as a wrinkle or fine lines and then it goes down the hill from here. None us want to grow old or battle the sings of aging. However, time, tide and aging waits for no one. Cosmetic Surgery is a wonder way to combat sings of aging, especially the facial ones. We are talking about facelift surgery. There are many queries that arise and since face is your identity, people are quite apprehensive about a surgery to the face. Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help answer a few of your doubts.

How long will it last?

The results of facelift surgery are quite long lasting. In fact, facelift surgery results if maintained well with good care, healthy lifestyle and cosmetic treatments can last for about a decade. You can enjoy quite a long period of beautiful and youthful face.

Will there be scarring?

The surgery, when performed by expert surgeons will not leave any visible scarring. While there will be cuts, they are usually hidden and very tiny. Over the period of time they fade away. No one will know where to look for the scar unless you tell them.

What is the recovery period like?

You can resume your office work and lighter activities in 2 – 3 days. Gentle exercises can be resumed within four weeks’ post-surgery. Heavy, strenuous activities like swimming, dancing, gym should be avoided until will 3 weeks

What are the risks involved?

There are always risks involved in a surgery. But the risks depend on the surgeon and the clinic. For e.g. we at Allure MedSpa’ proactively adopt a De -Risking process for Face lift surgery. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation and anesthesia for the safest Face lift surgery and are able to deliver great result consistently.

What about the results?

Your results will depend upon how well you prepare for the surgery and how diligently you stick to your recovery regiment. At allure MedSpa, we have Dr. Milan Doshi, who is an expert cosmetic surgeon well versed with both the science and art of Face Lift Surgery. With his expertise and use of latest techniques and technology he delights his patients by delivery amazing result consistently.

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Breast Lift Surgery vs Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Surgery in Mumbai, India

Most women have no idea what to do when faced with issues regarding their breast. They take an action only when deemed extremely necessary. There are any who won’t even address the problem unless it threatens their life. However, most women are enlightened to the real problems and do seek solutions when necessary. Two major problems that women have and generally surgery in since are huge breast and saggy breast. Something these aren’t mutually exclusive. Having breast that re too huge isn’t attractive, it’s a problem. On the other hand, saggy breast too is a problem as they offer your body no benefits whatsoever. The solutions are quite a breast reduction and a breast lift. So what should a women choose?

They should ask themselves what the problems exactly is. Are they bothered by the size or the sagginess? Having breast that are too huge can not only be embarrassing it can also be a cause of health issues. Women with big breast find themselves plagued with backaches. They find it difficult to bend or exercise. Small tasks such as lifting something becomes a hassle. Breast reduction can help in such cases. On the other hand,breast lift is for women whose breast have become floppy, saggy and droopy. These breast are listless and add nothing of aesthetic value to a women’s body. The merits of both the surgeries are that they can bring about the changes that they seek depends on what they want. They both serve different purposes. However, the beauty of cosmetic surgery is such that these two can be combined to give better results.

A woman can have better breast by either having one or both the surgeries. It would be best to consult your nearest plastic surgeon and proceed further. Don’t live a life full of self flagellation and apprehension, take control and make the choices that can benefit you in long run.

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Ear Correction Can Change Your Life!

Ear Correction Surgery Mumbai, India

Having ears that fan out of your face, sticking out for the world to see might make you a butt of all jokes. None of them are remotely funny to the ones it is based on. Protruding ears are a menace to those who have it casing serious problems to their self-esteem and confidence. It distorts the way their face looks and can be irritating to the person who has it. No should live with such an unwanted gift that genetics bestows on them when it can easily be fixed. Ear correction can correct this problem making bat ears a thing of past of them.

Ear correction is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia. It is a day care surgery and requires a very little time. The treatment will take only up 45 minutes to one hour. During the procedure a small incision is made behind of the ear shell and the cartilage is amended and a small shred of skin is eliminated. During this procedure the corner of the ear with the head is made smaller. Depending upon the protrusion, sometimes the cartilage is only fixed to get the desired shape.You can return back to your normal routine post the procedure. Although heavy exercising and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks.  There is risk in any surgery that you choose. However, at Allure MedSpa, we proactively adopt a De -Risking process. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, instrumentation, pain management medication and anesthesia for the safest ear correction procedure and are able to deliver great result consistently.

Besides we also have Dr. Milan Doshi, the celebrity cosmetic surgeon and founder of Allure MedSpa. He is an expert cosmetic surgeon well versed with both the science and art of cosmetic treatments. With his expertise and use of latest techniques and technology he delights his patients by delivery amazing result consistently. Don’t let your personal insecurities get in the way of living a good life. Especially if your problems arise from a body feature that can be modified to eliminate the problem for ever. Choose the good life you want to live by choosing the procedure that can give you a fresh, better and happier life.

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