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About the Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai

Losing a tremendous amount of weight might look like a dream come true. But the fact is that in most cases, excess fat is traded for excess skin. When a patient undergoes dramatic weight-loss, there is usually loose skin in the face, arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. A lower body lift is an operation that addresses the laxity of skin and excess fat in the abdomen, waist, hips, outer thighs, and buttocks. It can be combined with an inner thigh lift for total lower body rejuvenation.

A lower body lift procedure is more than cosmetic surgery for a bariatric patient. It is part of a “new me” plan. It is an endorsement and affirmation of a final chapter in a long road towards self-improvement. A ‘crowning glory’ moment after taking huge risks, suffering major setbacks, and finally achieving a body that was once felt to be only a dream.

*Facts You Must Know

Body Lift Surgery Cost in Mumbai, India

Time Required

Time Required

1-4 Hours





Pain Level


Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay

1-2 Days




Success Rate

Success Rate

Very high

Body Lift Surgery Video Explained by Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr Milan Doshi is describing the Body Lift Surgery in detail with benefits, candidacy, associated risks and significance

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The Body Lift Surgery Advantage

A body lift will provide a firmer appearance throughout the body with no more lose skin. Clothing will fit better, and most patients go down in clothing size. While there is some scarring involved, these scars are placed in inconspicuous areas whenever possible and will flatten and fade over time.

Body Contouring can significantly improve the self-image, self-esteem and quality of life of weight loss individuals.

The advantages of this are:

  • Flatter and tighter abdomen
  • Lifted and well-formed butt
  • Tight, smooth skin on the abdomen, thighs and butt
  • Smoothing of abnormal folds and cellulite-like skin irregularities
  • No more skin irritation within abnormal skin folds
  • More defined and attractive body contours
  • Improved body image and self-esteem

A complete 3-D body lift raises the buttocks, tightens the outer and front of the thighs, and achieves a flat, tight, and contoured abdomen.

Consult With Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi in Mumbai, India

What is Body Lift Surgery Procedure

During this procedure, the right and left abdominal muscles are brought together with strong permanent sutures, achieving a flat and tight tummy with an “hourglass” shape. Excess skin is removed all the way around the body, which also achieves a fantastic lifting of the buttocks. The cellulite or skin dimpling and laxity are virtually eliminated from the outer thighs and the front of the thighs with results extending all the way to the knees. The inner thighs are addressed, if needed, usually in a second setting with an inner thigh lift. This can be either in the pubic thigh crease or vertically to maximally improve circumferential thigh skin tightening.

Body Lift: Types and Options

There are a variety of body lift procedures that can be performed. The type that is best for you will depend on your ultimate aesthetic enhancement goals among many other factors. Body lift procedures include:

Lower Body Lift

This type of body lift addresses the mid-section of the body, including the flanks, outer thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen. An incision is made across the lower part of the abdomen down to the inner thighs. Loose skin will be removed and the remaining skin will be tightened, giving the lower section of the body a greatly improved aesthetic. Lower body lift is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Mid-Body Lift

Mid-body lift is very similar to lower body lift; however, it incorporates the stomach region in addition to the buttocks, flanks, and thighs. Incisions are made in the lower abdomen down to the thighs, and then excess skin and fat is trimmed away. In addition, the muscles in the abdomen are tightened, creating a tauter stomach-region and giving the waistline a more physically fit appearance. Mid-body lift is also performed under general anesthesia.

Total Body Lift

A total body lift is designed to eliminate extra fat and loose skin from virtually every area of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, flanks, and breasts. An incision is made around the entire circumference of the body, and then excess skin in areas in the mid and lower body is removed and the remaining skin is pulled taut. Similar techniques are then performed on the arms and breasts. A total body lift is a complex procedure performed under general anesthesia, and patients should expect a longer recovery period than those of lower and mid-body lifts.

Step 1 – Anesthesia

Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 – The incision

One common technique of complete lower body lift uses incisions similar to a bikini pattern to tighten the abdomen, groin, waist, thigh and buttock in one procedure. A circumferential incision around the body removes an apron of excess skin and fat and repositions and tightens tissues.

A combination of liposuction and surgical body lifts may be necessary to achieve an improved contour.

Step 3 – Closing the incisions

Deep support sutures within underlying tissues help to form the newly shaped contours. Sutures, skin adhesives, tapes, or clips close the skin incisions.

ALLUREMEDSPA: The Best place for a Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai

Allure MedSpa Clinic is the premiere go-to clinic for a Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai.

At Alluremedspa, Dr. Milan Doshi and his staff take great pride in dedicating themselves to achieving optimal results that will leave your body looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Dr. Doshi is a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with extensive experience in Post-Bariatric (or Post-Weight Loss) Body Contouring procedures.

Considerably more than just skin and fat-removal, Body Lift surgery requires vast experience, artistic perspective, meticulous technique, and adherence to the very highest safety standards, Alluremedspa is the best place offering all of the above at an excellent value for money price.

Celebrity Clients

Since confidentiality and utmost privacy of our clients are our prime ethics, Alluremedspa is the most favoured choice of many celebrities for their corrective and cosmetic procedures Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai.


Body lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia because it involves a large surgical area and can be extensive.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We at Alluremedspa care follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients.For your privacy and protection, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


Recovery times for body lift will depend on which type of procedure is performed. Lower and mid-body lifts typically require at least two to four weeks of healing and rest; total body lift procedures often require at least six weeks of recovery. Patients should expect some degree of swelling and bruising after surgery. Any discomfort can be managed with medication.

After Body Lift Surgery you will have a tight garment over your mid-region. Swelling and bruising will be most noticeable after the first day and will slowly subside over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. It will likely take 3 months for all the swelling to resolve and for you to see the final results. During this period, you will need to follow the specific instructions that will be given to you regarding body position and physical restrictions to ensure your wounds heal in an ideal manner.

Following your physician’s instructions is essential to the success of your surgery.

Body Lift Surgery Cost

Alluremedspa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services,offers affordable and cost effective cosmetic procedures. To know more about the Body Lift Surgery Cost request a consult by filling the form below.Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about Body Lift Surgery Cost and put your mind at rest

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Quick Facts for Body Lift Surgery

Are you the right fit for the procedure?

The typical candidate for a Lower Body Lift is a formerly obese person who has achieved a more normal Body Mass Index (BMI) and is in relaatively good health, but is bothered by excess, loose skin. The procedure is also appropriate for non-weight loss patients who have similar concerns. If you have excess skin on your abdomen, sides, buttocks or thighs.

Comprehensive care, before, during & after surgery

At Alluremedspa, we don’t simply provide surgical solutions; we recognize your needs extend beyond the surgical procedure itself.

Our dedicated post-surgical section is designed with your comfort and care in mind. Our entire staff from the expert team of anesthesiologists to nurses, will ensure you are treated with utmost care and warmth.

The Aftercare Advantage/ Advice

Your surgeon will probably tell you to start walking around as soon as possible (to help prevent blood clots from forming in your legs), but to avoid more strenuous activity for two to four weeks. Any stitches will be removed in five to ten days or dissolve, and you should be back at work in 7-10 days, or as much as two weeks after your surgery. When you resume activity depends on the extent of your procedure, how you feel and what your doctor recommends.

Your surgeon will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress and to see if any additional procedures are needed.

It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, swelling, abrasion, or motion during the time of healing. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself.

Pre-operative requirements in order to undergo surgery

In preparing for body lift surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Get a lab test or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding

Body lift surgery may be performed in an accredited office-based surgical facility, ambulatory surgical center, or a hospital.

Patient preparation before Body lift Surgery

Prior to surgery it is important that each patient organizes their affairs and schedule, so that they can completely relax and rest throughout the first week after surgery. It is also beneficial to arrange to have someone for support and assistance during this time. During the second week after surgery, patients may begin to take care of themselves as they gradually progress their level of activity.

Most patients will take 2 to 3 weeks leave from work, depending upon their occupation.

Book Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai with Alluremedspa

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Alluremedspa concierge service

Alluremedspa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have surgery with our renowned surgeons.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodging, restaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-surgical experience for our out-of-country patients. Please feel free to contact the Counsellor via for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

After effects

The results of body lift surgery are visible almost immediately. However, it may take two years or more for the final results of the body lift procedures to fully develop

However, most of your initial improvement should be relatively permanent.

Results will last for

Lower Body Lift is a highly effective technique for giving you a new body contour. The results are permanent, providing you eat sensibly and exercise regularly and do not gain weight.

Next consultation if required

At Allure MedSpa, our support doesn’t end when you achieve your cosmetic and health goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results. For more information on Body Lift Surgery in Mumbai and our extensive aftercare program or to schedule an appointment, call Alluremedspa at:+91 – 98690 41559 / +91 – 98690 19999.

Body Lift Surgery FAQS

Are there any risks involved in a Body Lift procedure?

Lower Body Lift is a surgical procedure, and all surgical procedures carry some risks. Complications may include bleeding, infection, and fluid collections, which may lead to the opening of your wounds. Although unlikely, an injury to deep tissue layers can also occur, which may require additional surgery to ensure ideal results. More severe complications, such as Deep Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism, are extremely rare

How is body Lift different from Liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat; it does not tighten the skin or improve cellulite. A Lower Body Lift both tightens the skin and improves cellulite. For people who have excess fat deposits in addition to loose skin, Liposuction may be carried out during the Lower Body Lift surgery.

Will there be any scars?

Dr. Doshi is an expert at creating minimal scars during a Body Lift procedure. Regardless of the amount of excess skin to be removed, Dr. Doshi also always aims to place the incisions where they will be least visible.

How soon can I resume my work-out?

All patients should avoid strenuous physical activity for at least 6 weeks after surgery. It is recommended that patients recommence exercise slowly. A Lower Body Lift affects large areas of the body and it is important to allow these areas to heal properly.

How long will it take to recover from a Body Lift?

The body lift is a fairly invasive procedure, so it will take about 2-3 weeks for you to return to light work and activity. If your job requires more physical activity, you should wait about 4-6 weeks before returning in order to avoid any unnecessary complications or discomfort.Your body will experience some bruising and swelling initially after surgery. As your body heals, your shape will continue to improve and your scars will slowly begin to fade. Within a couple months, your body will look completely new, with the excess skin nowhere in sight and a smooth, beautiful figure in its place.

What is Body Lift Surgery?

Body Lift Surgery is a way to tighten up your saggy skin. After weight loss due to pregnancy or any other causes, your skin tend to look saggy and looses up. We at Body Lift Surgery removes the saggy and extra skin from your body parts by tightening the extra skin that is present.

Is Body Lift a safe Surgery?

Absolutely, it is a very safe surgery. There is no side effects at all. If any side effects are there, Dr. Milan Doshi will discuss about it during the consultation process. Dr. Doshi is a quite experienced surgeon and you will be on completely safe hands.

Who are the candidates for Body Lift Surgeries?

A person who has off late reduced excess weight from the body and the weight loss has left them with saggy and loose skin, can opt for Body Lift surgery. Pregnant women who have lost weight in abundance can also move ahead with the surgery. A person with a good skin elasticity can make the surgery a success. The surgery will help to regain your confidence once again.

When will I be able to see the result after the surgery?

The Body Lift surgery is undertaken after considering your body type, age and skin elasticity. You might want lift in different parts of your body. Depending on the body parts, your recovery will take time. However, you will see immediate results after the surgery. You will have to be extremely careful for few weeks after the surgery and should take proper meals and keep on wearing compression garments for tighter look of your body.

How much is the recovery time for Body Lift surgery?

Depending on the health, lifestyle changes of the patient, the recovery time will take almost 2 to 3 weeks. You can start with your daily activities after that. Following a healthy diet and indulging in some light exercises will help to recover fast.

Will I have to change my lifestyle to handle the condition better?

In any kind of surgery, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will help to heal better and faster. It is important to maintain a weight-energy balance by consuming healthy food and indulging in regular exercises.

What is the cost of Body Lift surgery?

For an estimate on how Body Lift will cost, we recommend you to call us on +919869041559 or fill an enquiry form so that we can contact you for detailed discussion.