An Overview On Thread Vein/Spider Vein Treatment

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  • Are those reddish, purplish veins on your body parts making you feel anxious?
  • Is your skin looking like a network of branched lines?
  • Does your skin look like scorched earth with those pesky little veins seen over your body?

Spider veins are usually colored in red, purple or blue .They mostly appear in the form of narrow lines, webs or branches. Thread veins are also known by another name called as spider veins by some people as they appear as legs of spider. They are usually not painful or cause any agony or harm but people usually treat them for cosmetic reasons. The reasons for their emergence lie in the basic mechanism of the valves in the vein i.e. when the valve malfunctions or takes some damage then the blood is no longer be able to flow in one direction. As a consequence it starts accumulating in the vein which then starts to bulge and is seen .Sometimes the primary blood vessel bursts due to pressure or damage by sun rays which then cause small branches to appear. Other reasons why spider veins occur are due to genetics, pregnancy, age, gender, overweight, hormones, vein damage etc.


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Reddish /purplish/bluish colored veins branching out in parts of body such as

  • Legs
  • Face
  • Nose
  • Ears

know the quick facts on spider vein treatment: result, cost, recovery, medication

Sr No Parameters Observation
1 Time Required 30 mins
2 Anesthesia Topical anesthesia in  form of cream
3 Pain Absent
4 Downtime 2 to 3 days
5 Diet Balanced Diet
6 Results Seen in 3 to 4 sessions

There are a variety of treatment options available for treatment of spider veins. These are

1] Using compression stockings or socks

The mechanism on which the compression stockings or socks work is pressure. The applied pressure on the legs can enhance blood flow and can halt further development of spider or varicose veins.3 varieties of compression stockings are available based on the amount of pressure they are able to apply i.e. support pantyhose, gradient  compression stockings and prescription stockings.

2] Sclerotherapy and closure system

This treatment involves injection of a scleroting agent/sclerosing drugs such as bleomycin, polidocanol or sodium tetradecyl sulfate which when injected cause blood vessels to instantly shrink thus stopping the blood flow. These blood vessels then are reabsorbed by the body and they vanish in a matter of weeks

3] Laser treatment

Here laser light is used to treat spider veins. The intense light emitted by the laser causes the blood vessel to clot when then dries up and disappears.

The procedure in case of laser treatment is as follows

  • You are made to lie down in a comfortable position
  • An anesthetic cream is applied on the area that needs treatment
  • Your cosmetic dermatologist adjusts the setting on the laser machine
  • Brief pulses of laser light is shone upon the area
  • The laser causes the blood vessels to clot and dry up

Side effects of spider vein removal are mostly mild which are:

  • Redness
  • Swelling

Before proceeding, consult your dermatologist if you have any concerns or questions. Your dermatologist can assist you in determining the cause of your skin problem and can help also is assessing if spider vein removal treatment is right for you or not. Your dermatologist can then develop a treatment plan that is right for you. That one visit could make a significant difference in your quality of life for years to come. If you and your dermatologist agree that procedure is the best choice for you; your dermatologist will devise a tailor made treatment plan exclusively for you. Your dermatologist will consider a variety of factors when developing this plan, including which part of your body needs treatment. If you have taken any kind of previous skin related treatment, be sure to tell your dermatologist about that before the treatment begins

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Dr Shweta will also instruct you on how to prepare for treatment in order to achieve the best result, including guidelines on eating, drinking, and taking certain vitamins and medications.

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A minimum of 3 to 4 sessions are required to treat spider veins.



Spider veins are permanent and they will not disappear on their own. Though they will not cause any complications, but if your self esteem is impacted because of the looks then treatments are available.



Varicose veins are large and are twisted which are also seen bulging out of the legs and they also are responsible for a lot of pain. Varicose veins are present deep inside the skin and are dark purple or blue in color. Spider veins on the contrary are present superficially and also don’t cause any pain and they can be red, purple or blue in color.

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