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Get your Desired Figure Safely: Abdominoplasty Decoded

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

“Get the sculpted waist you’ve always desired”

Motherhood is the best gift from God. However, it leaves an unwanted telltale sign of aging as the skin becomes saggy and stretch marks get appeared. Residual baby bump affects one’s looks and physique improperly. Even though the continuation of exercise and diets, you do not get able to have your sculpted figure back. In such cases, a tummy tuck procedure might be chosen as a savior. The procedure is also termed as abdominoplasty. The good thing is that you can get your flat belly by undergoing the procedure.

The extent of the tummy tuck procedure depends on the patient’s anatomy and goal of the surgery. A lot of technique variations are there with the tummy tuck surgeries, i.e., Mini Tummy Tuck, Standard Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Extended Tummy Tuck, and Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Dermilipectomy, and Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck. When a tummy tuck is combined with back liposuction, it is called Torsoplasty.

The recent addition of the latest technology of VASER during a tummy tuck is also called Lipoabdominoplasty, a safer way to achieve the desired shape & proper contour, the procedure gives the improvised results as well as a faster recovery. It is time to feel confident again with the tummy tuck procedures.

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Dr Milan Doshi is describing the Tummy Tuck Surgery in detail with benefits, candidacy, associated risks and significance

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost



Time Required1-3 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Pain LevelModerate
Hospital Stay1-2 days
Flyback4-5 Days
Success RateVery High

Body Contouring

Abdominoplasty tightens abdominal muscle, removes extra fat, excise and tuck extra skin so one gets a curvaceous abdominal shape.

Simultaneous lifting of Mons pubis (genital lifting) and depending on the length of the incision thigh lift and butt lift are conducted.

Permanent Fat Removal

Liposuction: a part of Lipo-abdominoplasty removes the fat permanently.

Improving Health

Too much of the weight on your body is a ringing alarm. It causes various other health issues. For the overweight or obese patients, it is a good way to start for a new healthy lifestyle. When Abdominoplasty is maintained with a healthy lifestyle accentuate further weight loss and will improve your overall health.

Enhancing Other Body Parts

Once liposuction is performed on one area of your body, you can get a fat transfer to enhance another area, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or want to enlarge your breast, nano fat graft is used for facial rejuvenation and structural fat graft to improve facial features. You can do it with the fat transfer instead of opting for any kind of implants. It is a much safer method.

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You may be a candidate for abdominoplasty surgery if you:

  • Have a persistent baby bump, lower abdominal POOCH after pregnancy
  • Have separated and weak abdominal muscles which could be a result of pregnancy or due to excess weight gain or loss.
  • Have a saggy and loose abdominal skin.
  • Have thin inelastic skin with multiple stretch marks
  • Are unable to lose weight with exercise and diet from the front and sides of the abdomen.
  • Have maintained a stable weight over the years.
  • Physically fit to undergo surgery.
  • Family is completed and not planning any kids in the future or are avoiding any future pregnancies.
  • Have realistic expectations from the abdominoplasty procedure and are mentally and physically prepared for it.

It is very necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results of the procedure.

At the time of consultation, you are free to ask questions with your plastic surgeon and he will answer your every query related to Tummy tuck surgery. One must keep this fact in mind that pre-procedure consultation helps define the goal and outcomes of the procedure as every patient is different and everyone has a different concern to receive the tummy tuck surgery. However, it is inevitable to receive a consultation session to help you to identify the status of your problem.

During your consultation be prepared to discuss:

  • Your surgical goals
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • Previous surgeries

Your Tummy Tuck surgeon will also:

  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • May take photographs
  • Discuss your abdominoplasty options
  • Recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcomes of abdominoplasty and any risks or potential complications.

One may have a number of questions to ask, but one must introspect each question with respect to the concerned problem, hence, it is good to make a list of important questions before proceeding for the consultative step.

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  • Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Standard/Traditional Tummy Tuck
  • Lipoabdominoplasty/Brazilian tummy tuck
  • Extended Tummy Tuck
  • Torsoplasty – 360 Degree Tummy Tuck
  • Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Belt Plasty, Lower Body Lift
  • Dermolipectomy/Panniculectomy
  • Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

Type-1: Mini Tummy Tuck

The skin of the abdomen can be divided into two parts. Above umbilicus and below the umbilicus. When only skin below the umbilicus is extra, there would be no need for a scar around the umbilicus. The lower abdominal skin can be removed through the shorter scar. There may or may not be needed for muscle tightening, depending on muscle tone. A young, post-pregnancy woman is a typical case for a mini tummy tuck. While doing mini abdominoplasty, there is a need to placate muscle up to chest bone. That can be done with the help of an endoscope, which is called endoscopic or endoscopic assisted abdominoplasty surgery.

When there is high umbilicus, very little skin is extra above the umbilicus, Floating Umbilicus technique can be applied without an umbilical surrounding scar. The umbilicus is detached from the underlying muscle and fixed at the new location.

Type-2: Standard Tummy Tuck/Full Tummy Tuck/Traditional Tummy Tuck

As part of normal anatomy, there is a fine line (linea alba) between the two vertical rectus muscles in the front of the abdomen. These are the muscles that create a six-pack when well developed. Oblique muscles are attached laterally and go up to the back. The stretching of the abdominal wall occurs as a result of the natural transformation that occurs during pregnancy or after a major weight loss. But, in some women, the linea alba between the two muscles stretches and does not return to the normal and this is called diastasis recti. This stretching of oblique muscle makesthe abdomen more protruding and pouch developsin the lower abdomen.

When a patient has a weakened abdominal muscle or they experience abdominal wall laxity, they may be a candidate for abdominal muscle tightening during the abdominoplasty procedure.

To repair diastasis recti during an abdominoplasty, the muscle edges are sutured together, thereby tucking in the loose abdominal wall. Sutures can also be placed on the facia of the abdominal oblique muscle of the abdominal wall to create a further tightening of the muscle and create the narrowness of the waist line.

Skin and fat undermined extensively and pulled down to suture at lower the lower ends. During this process, the extra skin along with stretch marks are removed.

Type-3: Lipoabdominoplasty/Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Abdominal fat has two components one has those fat that occurs beneath the skin and above the muscles of the abdominal wall. This fat is known as “pinchable fat,” and another component is that fat that occurs beneath the abdominal muscles surrounding viscera known as visceral fat. Thus, non-pinchable and pinchable fat is removed with liposuction.

In lipoabdominoplasty, pinchable fat and somatic fat are removed with liposuction and only the central part of the skin flap is dissected for muscle tightening.

Advantages of the Lipoabdominoplasty over standard tummy tuck are as follows:

  • Fat is removed with liposuction results in a thinner abdomen.
  • Liposuction sculpts the abdomen gives the more contoured natural looking flat abdomen.
  • Skin slides get better so more skin is excised.
  • Skin sliding with vascularity maintained and thus it is safer.
  • A patient can walk on the same day, instead of bending unlike the standard tummy tuck
  • As the skin tightens better the resultant scar is short and gets practically invisible below the bikini line.
  • Mons pubis also repositioned a gets tighter at a youthful level.
  • Advanced technology such as Vaser “Liposelection” target only those fat with a very minimal effect on the blood vessels, nerves, and structural tissues, which makes lipoabdominoplasty quite safer.
  • High tension lipoabdominoplasty also tightens thigh skin and lift lateral slide, but it has some limitations.

Lipoabdominoplasty Limitations

Lipoabdominoplasty removes pinchable fat but doesn’t affect the visceral fat which is deep to abdominal muscle. Therefore, the potbelly cannot be improved with the lipoabdominoplasty. Visceral fat reduces only when one followsa healthy lifestyle.

Type-4: Extended Tummy Tuck

When there is extra skin on the lateral abdomen or a large amount of fat on laterally, incision of the tummy tuck for men or tummy tuck for women has to extend beyond hip to tighten the abdominal skin, which is called an extended tummy tuck. It also lifts the lateral thigh skin.

Type-5: Torsoplasty – 360 Degree Tummy Tuck

When lipoabdominoplasty is combined with back liposuction, it is called torsoplasty, which gives hourglass shape.

Type-6: Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Belt Plasty, Lower Body Lift

After massive weight loss or a large amounts of fat liposuction, there is evident extra skin on backside also. To remove this extra skin, an incision is made till back and meet each other in the mid line, which is called circumferential or belt lipectomy. It also tightens the lateral thigh skin and lifts the butt.

Type-7: Dermolipectomy/Panniculectomy

When only the skin is loose and muscle tone is very good and rectii are attached to each other in the mid-line, there is no need to plicate muscle. Only skin excision is done, which is called dermolipectomy or the only skin abdominoplasty. As muscle is not tightened, recovery is very fast. So many men just require dermolipectomy.

Type-8: Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

When skin is too much in excess, the fleur de lis name is derived from this type of incision. After removing fat and tightening of muscle, the skin is excised in three petal shapes. One reaches up to breast bone and two going lateral around the hip bone. The skin is pulled down and centrally. The resultant incision is like an inverted “T” shape.

Assessing The Problematic Area

Your abdomen is assessed for muscle weakness and any hernia, amount of extra fat and its location. Quality and the amount of extra skin are assessed. A surrounding area like Mons pubis, hip, butt, thigh, bra roll on the back is also assessed. The surgeon makes a comprehensive tummy tuck for men or tummy tuck for women procedure plan for you and discusses in detail.

Preoperative Fitness Assessment

Once the tailor-made surgery plan is prepared, preoperative preparation starts. A general body checkup for fitness is done.


On the day of surgery, again lipoabdominoplasty plan is discussed again. Meticulous marking is done for liposuction area, skin incision, muscle tightening. The low placement of the suture line is done.


Usually done under general anesthesia


The surgery begins with tumescent infiltration and Vaser Liposuction of somatic fat/or localized fat deposits is done in case of torsoplasty, first, back liposuction is done.


Skin is pulled up and low incision under bikini line is taken. The length depends on the amount of extra skin to be tightened. The skin flap is elevated from the underlying muscle and umbilicus is left attached to the muscle. As much as skin is excised to give good abdominal shape.

Muscle Tightening

The separated rectus muscle is placed in a mid-line from below the chest bone to the pubic bone. If needed lateral plication of the muscle is done to further tighten muscles to give the hourglass shape of the tummy.

Transposition of Umbilicus

The umbilicus is fixed to the underlying muscle at the aesthetically appropriate location. A hole is created in a skin flap at the same location. The umbilicus is fixed to the skin flap in such a manner that the suture line goes deep in an invisible position.
If the umbilicus is highly positioned and skin above the umbilicus is not much extra, floating the umbilicus technique can be used to avoid circumpolar scarring.

Mons pubis lift: Vulva and external genitalia hang due to the laxity of skin post-pregnancy and post-weight loss. Mons is pulled up and fixed at a higher level.

Drainless Abdominoplasty

Before closure, the drain is used and fixed depending on the surgical extent to drain out the fluid and broken fat. When the drain is not used, it is called drainless abdominoplasty. The tissue of the abdominal wall is sutured with quilting suture so tissue stitch to each other faster. However, drainless technique takes longer time and so anesthesia time.

Skin Closure:

Skin sutured is done in layers with buried suture. Care is taken that the suture line remains below the bikini line. One should be able to wear a swimsuit easily.

Finishing Liposuction

Minor asymmetry is corrected and sculpting of the abdomen is done. Extra fluid is aspirated.

After Surgery

Depending on the extent of surgery, you will be discharged on the same day or the next day. You will be encouraged to walk on the same day.

The results will be visible immediately. After the tummy tuck for men or tummy tuck for women procedure, you will start feeling slimmer and notice that your abdomen has become more contoured. However, you will also be experiencing some swelling post-surgery, which will resolve over time, abdomen shape improvement goes on for 6 to 8 months.

Likewise, any other surgeries tummy tuck surgery has also some complications, i.e., bleeding, irregularity of area, infection, wound healing and scarring. Complications or risks will be rare if you choose an expert cosmetic surgeon. Advanced surgical technology reduces the chance of complications associated with the tummy tuck procedure. However, very rare, anesthesia can have a small reaction to major life-threatening risk, but an expert anesthesiologist reduces such complications by his expertise. Well-equipped accredited cosmetic surgery center where stringent medical and asepsis measure protocol is followed results in increasing your safety. Overnight monitoring, as well as standard facilities, add to hygiene &safety significantly in tummy tuck as well as other sophisticated cosmetic surgeries.

At Allure Medspa plastic & cosmetic surgery centre all our abdominoplasty patients are advised to stay overnight at Vardan Nursing Hospital, Goregaon, (Mumbai) under the supervision of the medical staff for patients’ safety & comfort. The nurse ensures that the patient is resting in the propped up position. The nurse monitors vitals as well as discomfort and can medicate accordingly, as needed. The nurse also monitors drainage (most of the tummy tuck are now drain less)
Next day you will be examined by the expert cosmetic surgeon to address wound healing and you will be guided to take care of dressing and drain if it is there.
Or, one can drop in for the dressing. Typically, between days 2-6 following surgery, drainage is low enough and so the patient can come into the cosmetic surgery center, Mumbai and have her or his drains removed. A patient coming from another city or country should plan to arrive in Mumbai, India at least 1 full day before surgery and to stay in Mumbai for a minimum of 5-7 days post-operatively.

One can start walking in the evening only. The minimum downtime after tummy stuck for men or tummy tuck for women is about 7 days. One may return to work that does not require physical activity after 10-15 days following the tummy tuck surgery. However, try to avoid strenuous exercise for at least 1 to 2 months or seek the advice of the doctor before starting the same.

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Dr. Milan Doshi as a Tummy Tuck Surgeon:

Dr. Milan Doshi, M Ch (plastic surgery), is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with 20+ years of experience.

Dr. Milan Doshi is a pioneer name in the cosmetic surgery at MUMBAI, INDIA and performs cosmetic surgeries exclusively. He is well-known as the top cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai and a recognized member of the ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, he has trained more than 50 plastic cosmetic surgeons across India and has been a recognized mentor by ISAPS.

He has done more than 10K cosmetic surgeries and patients from 50+ countries got benefited by Dr. Milan Doshi’s expert surgical hands.

He has credit for performing more than 1k Tummy tuck surgeries in his career.

He regularly performs standard, Brazilian, Mini, extended, and Circumferential tummy tuck or Belt Lipectomy, and Torsoplasty/360-degree abdominoplasty to offer a properly desired shape and size of the abdomen and sort out the issue of fatty tummy concerns more effectively. He has a credit for many presentations for Abdominoplasty procedures at various national & international conferences.

NO WONDER Dr. Milan Doshi has been recognized as a celebrity cosmetic surgeon for Bollywood fraternity and credit of happily satisfying hundreds & hundreds of Tummy tuck for men or tummy tuck for women/Abdominoplasty patients across the globe.

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Allure Medspa for Tummy tuck/Abdominoplasty Surgery:

We have two centres in MUMBAI with state-of-the-art facilities; the cosmetic surgery clinic at Andheri West is for the non-surgical procedure where one can get the pre-procedure consultation, post-procedure follow-ups. The Andheri West centre of Allure Medspa is a prime attraction for celebrity people as it is a hotspot destination for production houses and their offices.

The cosmetic surgery hospital/centre in Goregaon West is ISO 9000:2008 and NABH certified.

The two separate modern operation theatre, advanced patient’s monitoring system during operation and post-operative care add to the safety of the procedure.

We are all updated with the latest technology. We recommend the particular option of the technology/method of the procedure according to the patient’s need, expectation and desired goal of the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck for men or women.

Due to the facilities of equipment such as an ultrasonic cleaner, ETO-sterilization, autoclave, fumigation and stringent protocols we ranked highest in the safety and hygiene measure.

With an indoor overnight facility one can find the best ambiance in our centre where the patient’s comfort is kept in mind with in-suit bathrooms & rooms are equipped with all the necessary things such as microwave, refrigerator, LCD TV, landline phone, etc. and make a homely feeling for the patients during their hospital stay.

The staff at Allure Medspa take all precautions to make your journey of fine to fabulous a pleasant experience. One can have a homely feeling even with the medical procedure.

Our centre is committed to providing exceptional care, standard facilities, and advanced measure for the procedure and all under a single roof.

We have the most priority for the patient’s PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY!

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How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

The cost depends on various factors in which the following are the mandatory inclusion:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Anesthetist fees
  • Medicines/consumables during surgery
  • Hospital facility & stay
  • Technology used
  • Immediate post-operative follow-ups

Following are the factors that are NOT included in the cost determination:

  • Preoperative fitness test
  • Post-operative medications (to be taken at home) after the procedure
  • Rare and unforeseen health circumstances experienced by the patients
  • Insurance doesn’t cover the Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost as the financial service provider doesn’t assist you in planning cosmetic surgeries.

How various Factors affect the cost of abdominoplasty procedure?

  1. Patient’s Profile:The patient’s profile includes the need for abdominoplasty procedure, type of procedure used to correct the concern, as well as the general health of the patient and the goal of the procedure.
  2. Surgeon’s Profile:The board-certified Plastic surgeon is firstly counted for the cosmetic procedure, especially the Tummy Tuck for men or women. The M Ch, MS, and MBBS surgeon who has expertise in performing the cosmetic procedure and recognized by various national & international cosmetic centres, i.e., ASPS, ISAPS, weigh the cost of the procedure.
  3. Anesthetist Charge:Anesthesiologist makes your surgery painless and monitors your vital parameters during the surgery and his expertise is important for the safety of the surgery.
  4. The Infrastructure of the centre: It is always important to choose the accredited centre rather than the daycare centres as it can assure you about safe and successful abdominoplasty surgery. NABH accredited centre is counted as the best centre/clinic that confirms the safety & hygiene associated with the surgical procedure. Operation theater monitoring equipment, level of sterilization, a used instrument for special purposes.
  5. Hospital Stay:The facilities of in-suite room, cleanliness & hygiene as well as 24/7 staff support system.
  6. Medicines:Medicines include anesthesia, surgical medicine, disposable and consumables.
  7. Follow-ups:The required session of follow-ups after the abdominoplasty surgery may enhance the cost of the procedure.

Most health insurance plans do not cover abdominoplasty surgery or its complications, but many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask.

Tummy Tuck surgery cost at Allure Medspa, Mumbai India:

TypesCost (INR)
CONVENTIONAL125000 TO 150000
MINITUMMY TUCK100000 TO 125000

Note: 18% GST by GOVT of India on all cosmetic surgery. This price include surgeon fee, hospital facility fee, anaesthesiologist fee, consumable during surgery, 1 pressure garment and follow up visits.

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Q: Can I be pregnant after a tummy tuck?
A: Yes, tummy tuck for women is safe and you can have a baby after abdominoplasty surgery. It is a superficial surgery not touching your uterus or any viscera. But you will lose the result you have achieved due to pregnancy-induced changes.

Q: Will tummy tuck correct obesity?
A: The abdominoplasty removes excess fat and loose skin from the abdominal area. It gives a defined contour to your body. It is not exactly a weight loss procedure;however, it will give a defined shape to your body.

Q: Can all other areas be targeted with a tummy tuck?
A: Safety is the most important factor while doing cosmetic surgery. In healthy patients, one or two more area liposuction can be done along with abdominoplasty that can only be decided after personal examination.

Q: Can there be a combination of a tummy tuck with other surgeries?
A: Yes, you can definitely have a combination of surgeries with a tummy tuck. If you are a good candidate and have good skin elasticity, you can definitely combine breast augmentation, Vaginoplasty, liposuction with your abdominoplasty procedure.

Q: Does a tummy tuck remove stretch marks?
A: During tummy tuck, extra skin from the lower abdomen with the stretch mark is excised. A remaining stretch mark which is higher than the excised skin now goes to a lower position. Cream therapy and laser treatment can improve stretch marks further.

Q: Does fat return after a tummy tuck?
A: During liposuction, most of the fat cells are removed, so fat will not come from the same area. However, better lifestyle and weight control are necessary or the maintenance of the result.

Q: Will I succumb to pain during the procedure?
A: You will be infused with general anesthesia during the surgery, there is no feeling pain during the surgery. The physician will provide medications to help manage pain, one only feels a little discomfort. Pressure garment also helps to reduce pain. Vigorous activity will strain an abdominal muscle. The pain might subside during a week or two.

Q: Can I join my work immediately?
A: If you are in a job that requires you to be constantly on the move, you might need some time off your work or you can request for some lighter duty for you to heal completely. If you are in a desk job, you can resume work after about two weeks of rest.

Q: Can I immediately start my workout sessions?
A: For the first week, it is better to avoid exercising as it would be uncomfortable for you to move around. However, light walking after a week will help in the healing process. One can resume light exercises after about 6 weeks and can continue with your regular sessions after three months.

Q: Is the result of the tummy tuck procedure permanent?
A: Yes, the result of the tummy tuck procedure is permanently provided you do not gain excess weight in the future, do not get pregnant and maintain a healthy weight. However, with age your skin will lose elasticity and so will your look.

Q: Is it mandatory to wear a compression garment after the surgery?
A: It is very necessary to wear a compression garment after the surgery. The garment will help to heal and reduces any kind of pain and swelling after the surgery is conducted. The compression garment will also provide support to the midsection area so that the muscle is healed.

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Note: The author of this content is Dr. Milan Doshi, An Indian board-certified plastic & cosmetic Surgeon wholly & solely confirms the authenticity of the information & knowledge delivered by this write-up.

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