Get Your Life Back with Vaginoplasty Surgery in Mumbai

  • Are you or your partner not happy with sex life?
  • Do you feel that something coming out of the vagina and constantly have dragged sensation?

So, if you have any of the aforesaid concern Vaginoplasty would be a solution for you.

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that’s become lax or loose; either because a woman perceives it to be so or maybe a result of childbirth and aging.

For vaginal rejuvenation/vaginal tightening, we at Allure Medspa offer non-surgical LASER as well as surgical Vaginoplasty.

A team of gynaecologists and aesthetic surgeons will assure the best functional as well as the cosmetic outcome of the procedure. We do vaginal rejuvenation where vaginoplasty is combined with perineoplasty, labiaplasty, fat injection; G spot enhancement and vulval skin color lightening.

Time Required 45 To 60 Minutes
Anesthesia General Anaesthesia or Spinal Anaesthesia
Pain Level Mild to Moderate, which is well managed with medications
Hospital Stay Day Care surgery
Flyback 2-3 Days
Success Rate Very High

  • Pregnancy and vaginal delivery due to trauma and stretching
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Delivering a large baby(s) vaginally
  • History of instrumental vaginal delivery like forceps delivery
  • Normal aging


  • Those who want to give a maiden or Barbie looks to their introitus.
  • Those who want to achieve a pre-pregnancy body profile.


  • Passing gas through the vaginal opening (vaginal flatulence)
  • Urinary incontinence is a problem of involuntary leakage of urine is corrected by vaginoplasty.
  • Always getting dragging sensation in the vagina due to prolapse caused by repeated childbirth requiring vaginoplasty
  • Feeling of something coming out and descending through the vagina, a problem corrected by vaginoplasty.
  • Vagina which has become so loose that even tampons fall out.

 Intimate Life

  • Decreased or loss of sensation during intimate relation restored by the vaginoplasty
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction due to the lax vaginal introitus regains by vaginoplasty
  • Loss of interest during sexual intercourse can be treated with vaginoplasty
  • Pain during intercourse can be sorted out by vaginoplasty.


  • You are confident about going to relation.
  • Improves marriage life
  • Regaining lost confidence.

Many factors that determine, whether you are a candidate for Vaginoplasty decided by the following mentioned factors:

  • The family is complete or the woman does not have plans for normal delivery in future
  • You are physically fit.
  • When you have realistic expectations from the Vaginoplasty
  • You are ready to take care during surgery and recovery.

At the time of consultation, you are free to ask questions with your plastic surgeon and he will answer your every query related to vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Pre-procedure consultation helps in defining the goal and outcomes of the procedure and thus we try our level best to understand your concern and meet your expectations.

During your consultation be prepared to discuss:

  • Your surgical goals
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • Previous surgeries

Your Vaginoplasty surgeon will also:

  • Per speculum and per vaginal examination is done to assess the laxity of the vaginal canal.
  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • Discuss the surgical and non-surgical options
  • Recommend a course of treatment to plan the vaginoplasty in such a way that does not cause dyspareunia or pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Discuss likely outcomes of vaginoplasty and any risks or potential complications.

One may have several questions hence; it is good to make a list of important questions so one shouldn’t have to forget to ask questions before proceeding for the consultation.

Preparation: General examination and general fitness are done.

1. Laser Vaginoplasty or Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Useful for mild to moderate vaginal laxity
  • Laser Vaginoplasty involves the use of the latest laser technology (i.e., fractional CO2 laser, erbium YAG laser) to tighten the vagina.
  • Laser tightens the vaginal canal by inducing collagen synthesis.
  • Done under local anaesthesia or sedation
  • 2 to 5 sessions at a 2 to 3-month interval are needed.
  • Daycare procedure
  • Practically no downtime

2. Radio-frequency Vaginoplasy

RF vaginoplasty involves the use of radio-frequency guided electromagnetic waves to tighten the vagina.

  • Done under local anesthesia or sedation
  • Sessions last 15-30 min.
  • Daycare procedure
  • No downtime required
  • Easy walk-in & walk-out.

NOTE: Because of the complications of the RF Vaginoplasty technique, it is now banned in Western countries.

3. Surgical Vaginoplasty

Surgical Vaginoplasty is aimed to tighten the vaginal canal by directly stitching up the muscles which have become weak due to vaginal births using the finest suture material.

  • It is done under spinal or general anesthesia.
  • Single-stage procedure
  • Day-care procedure
  • Downtime is 6-8 weeks.
  • Gives permanent results.

Reassessing the Concerned Area:

On the day of surgery, the Surgeon will discuss your concern, examine you again and plan the surgery and discuss the recovery and outcome.


Vaginoplasty procedure can be done under local anesthesia with sedation. General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia can also be used.


The procedure approximately requires 45 min to 1hr to perform.


The operative area is infiltrated with a small amount of local anaesthesia and adrenaline. Adrenaline reduces blood loss and helps to give bloodless operative field which makes the procedure more precise and there is less bruising and less scarring.

Lignocaine makes immediate post-operative period comfortable. .


The incision for vaginoplasty is placed on the perineum; means the area between your anus and vagina.


Vaginoplasty consists of a surgical intervention performed to decrease the diameter of the vaginal canal and opening. Then extra vaginal tissues are removed and inner muscles are tightened in such a way that the end result will be your desired diameter as discussed with the surgeon. Perineoplasty, which is often combined with vaginoplasty involves the removal of a triangle-shaped portion of skin tissue from the perineum above the anus to tighten and rejuvenate the genital area and also to improve the cosmetic appearance. In due time scar becomes inconspicuous.

After Surgery:

You are advised to take care of the external and internal stitches by using the antibiotic ointment; take antibiotics on time and come for the follow-up after 7 days. 

Non-surgical Vaginoplasty results start showing up after the completion of the treatment; the surgical vaginoplasty result shows up immediately after the surgery

Every surgery comes with its share of risk and complications. The common side effect is swelling and bruising which will be taken care of with proper medications advised by the surgeon. The potential risk might include bleeding, infection, injury to the surrounding structures, dyspareunia, scarring, and complications related to the administration of anesthesia. However, with an expert cosmetic surgeon in an accredited hospital set up, surgery is quite safe with the desired result. You will have to visit the clinic for a follow up to get the best results

Stitches are absorbable and they heal up in a week’s time. Due to vaginoplasty, you might experience some discharge, spotting, swelling, and itching when the tissues heal up. You might feel a little discomfort while passing stools. Taking proper perineal care, having a diet full of fibers, taking proper antibiotics will facilitate your recovery and hasten it also. After a week of the procedure, you should visit the clinic for a follow-up. Your surgeon will examine you and assess whether you are healing well and not experiencing any complications.
You can do heavy work in a week’s time and can have intercourse after a month.

Dr. Milan Doshi, M Ch (plastic surgery), is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with 20+ years of experience.Dr. Milan Doshi and his wife Dr. Dimple Doshi a qualified gynaecologist have credit for performing more than 250 Vaginoplasty surgeries in his career

Dr. Milan Doshi is a pioneer name in the cosmetic surgery at MUMBAI, INDIA and performs cosmetic surgeries exclusively. He is well-known as the top cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai and a recognized member of the ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, as he has trained more than 50 plastic cosmetic surgeons across India and has been a recognized mentor by ISAPS.

He has done more than 10K cosmetic surgeries and patients from 50+ countries and patients got benefited by Dr. Milan Doshi’s expert surgical hands.

They regularly perform vaginoplasty and earned the maximum satisfaction rate by their patients as the feedbacks are taken at regular intervals. They are just a phone call away and the patients can avail of the benefits of post-operative follow-ups, care, and instructions.

No wonder Dr. Milan Doshi has been recognized as a celebrity cosmetic surgeon for Bollywood fraternity and credit of happily satisfying hundreds & hundreds of vaginoplasty surgery patients across the globe with the best results

We have two centres in Mumbai with state-of-the-art facilities; the cosmetic surgery clinic at Andheri West is for the non-surgical procedure where one can get the pre-procedure consultation, post-procedure follow-ups. The Andheri West centre of Allure Medspa is a prime attraction for celebrity people as it is a hotspot destination for production houses and their offices.

Cosmetic surgery hospital/centre in Goregaon West is NABH-certified where all the medical protocols are followed to make your surgery safe.

We are all updated with the latest technology. We recommend the particular option of the technology/method of the procedure according to the patient’s need, expectation and desired goal of the Vaginoplasty.

The two separate modern operation theatre, advanced patient’s monitoring system during operation and post-operative care add to the safety of the procedure.

Due to the facilities of equipment such as an ultrasonic cleaner, ETO-sterilization, autoclave, fumigation, and stringent protocols, we ranked highest in the safety and hygiene measure.

With an indoor overnight facility, one can find the best ambiance in our centre where the patient’s comfort is kept in mind with in-suit bathrooms & rooms are equipped with all the necessary things such as microwave, refrigerator, LCD TV, landline phone, etc., which make a homely feeling for the patients during their hospital stay.

The staff at Allure Medspa takes all the precautions to make your journey of fine to fabulous a pleasant experience. One can have a homely feeling even with the medical procedure.
We have the most priority for the patient’s PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY!

The procedure cost depends on various factors in which the following are the mandatory inclusion:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • AnesthetHESIOLOGISTfees
  • Medicines/consumables during surgery
  • Hospital facility & stay
  • Technology used
  • Immediate post-operative follow-ups

Following are the factors that are NOT included in the cost:

  • Preoperative fitness test
  • Post-operative medications (to be taken at home) After Vaginoplasty surgery
  • Rare and unforeseen health circumstances experienced by the patients

How Various Factors affect Vaginoplasty Surgery Cost?

Patient’s Profile: Degree of vaginal laxity, the extent of the surgery, the technology used for the surgery, the general health of the patients, as well as the goal of the surgery decides the cost of the procedure.

Surgeon’s Profile:The board-certified surgeon is counted very first for the cosmetic procedure, especially the Vaginoplasty surgery that has expertise in performing surgery and recognized by various national & international cosmetic organizations, i.e., ASPS, ISAPS, which is measured as surgeon’s reputation & recognition weigh the cost of the procedure.

Anaesthesiologist Charge: Anaesthesiologist makes your surgery painless and monitors your vital parameters during surgery and his expertise is important for the safety of the surgery.

The Infrastructure of the centre: NABH accredited centres assure you about the stringent medical protocol for safety & proper sterilization 24 by 7 and this is safer than a daycare centre/clinic. Hospital location, ambiance, and other facilities also weigh the cost of the surgery.

Medicines:Medicines include anesthesia, surgical medicine, disposable and consumables.

Follow-ups:The required session of follow-ups after the Vaginoplasty surgery may enhance the cost of the procedure.

Note: Most health insurance plans do not cover vaginoplasty surgery or its complications, but many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask. The cost of vaginoplasty surgery generally ranges from INR 60000 to 80000 that takes around 1-2 hours to perform the procedure.

Q. When can I have sexual intercourse after Vaginoplasty?
Ans: Wait just for 4 weeks after surgery, You can have relation after 4 weeks.

Q. Can I have a normal delivery after Vaginoplasty?
Ans: Yes, you can have a normal pregnancy after vaginoplasty, but the achieved result will go away. That’s why one should opt for vaginoplasty after completion of the family.

Q. Is the Vaginoplasty surgery long-lasting?
Ans: Vaginoplasty is meant to give permanent results until you undergo vaginal childbirth. It may sag or loosen as a part of the normal aging process.

Q. Will the scars are visible in the Vaginoplasty?
Ans: In vaginoplasty, the incision is the inside vagina, which is not visible. If the incision is extended to the perineum, the stitches are taken with the finest absorbable material to minimize scarring. Our post-operative scar treatment protocol makes it almost inconspicuous.

Q. Is Vaginoplasty surgery painful?
Ans: Vaginoplasty is done under general anesthesia; so you would not feel the pain. And lignocaine infiltration also prevents immediate post-operative pain.

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