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  • Are you feeling embarrassed with huge, disproportionate and large breasts?
  • Do you have difficulties in doing daily chores and experience backache, neck pain and shoulder pain due to large and heavy boobs?
  • Are you finding difficulties in wearing clothes and not get able to explore stylish outfits?
  • Are you seeking a solid solution to get rid of body pain that occurred due to heavy boobs?

Physically as well as emotionally it is not acceptable to have a larger, disproportionate or heavy boob. It causes a lack of aesthetic appeal and beauty, which may lead to some other associated issues such as neck pain, backache, shoulder pain, and also difficulties in regular activities of daily life. However, it has a great concern to deal with the breast reduction/mammaplasty surgery as many women are now receiving it. Having the best proportionate breast enhances the aesthetic beauty and physical appeal with the contoured boob shape via the mammoplasty procedure.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammoplasty, which removes excess boobs tissues and skin to achieve a proper proportionate breast with an aesthetic size suited to the patient’s acceptable body figure and physique. Disproportionately large size can cause both physical and mental distress. A Macromastia is a condition of having an unwanted or abnormally large size of boobs that causes pain and discomfort. Pain can be challenging as it hampers oneself from daily physical activities. Thus, it has great importance to receive cosmetic procedure and get the aesthetically acceptable figure.

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Breast Reduction Before and After Images in Mumbai, India

Concern: Enlarged Breast Post Delivery
Surgery: Breast Reduction and Lateral Liposuction

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After Pictures in Mumbai, India

Concern: Enlarged Breast
Surgery: Breast Reduction and Lateral Liposuction

Breast Reduction Before and After Gallery in Mumbai, India

Concern: Enlarged Breast
Surgery: Practically Scarless Vaser Liposuction Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After Result in Mumbai, India

Concern: Enlarged Droopy Breast
Surgery: Breast Reduction and Lift

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know the quick facts on breast reduction surgery from treatment to result at allure medspa, mumbai

Time Required 1-4 Hours
Anesthesia General
Pain Level Moderate
Hospital Stay 1-2 days
Flyback 3-4 Days
Success Rate High

  • Successful mammoplasty/mammaplasty surgery helps you in receiving the dream figure with an aesthetic proportionate breast
  • Boobs reduction procedure helps you in relieving back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain
  • It increases your ability to participate in physical activities and also boosts your self-confidence
  • Mammaplasty procedure promotes a more positive self-image
  • It helps in reshaping the breast with size, shape, and firmness
  • It can also reattach the areola at a higher position as a skin graft if your boobs are very large.

Overly large boobs can cause emotional discomfort and physical inability to perform regular activities. It is required to sort out the issue with the surgical option that can improve your self-esteem and confidence. The plastic surgeon evaluates the patient’s physical status to analyze the boobs reduction procedure and mammaplasty cost in order to offer the best results of mammaplasty surgery in Mumbai.

Now, this is the question who is the right candidate to receive the breast reduction surgery jotted down below:

  • You are physically fit
  • You have realistic expectations
  • Stop smoking for a certain time period before & after the procedure
  • You are bothered by feeling that your physique is not appropriate due to huge breasts
  • Enlarged breasts impair your ability to perform daily physical activities
  • You have shoulder indentations from bra straps
  • You have skin irritation beneath the breast crease

  1. The time required: 1-4 hours
  2. Anesthesia: General
  3. Pain level: Moderate
  4. Hospital Stay: 1-2 days
  5. Fly back: 3-4 days
  6. Success rate: High with an expert cosmetic surgeon.

Facts You Should Know about Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Reduction Mammaplasty procedure can interfere with certain diagnostic procedures
  • Your ability to breastfeed following Mammaplasty procedure may be limited; talk to your doctor if you are planning to nurse a baby
  • The mammoplasty procedure can be performed at any age but is best done when your breasts are fully developed
  • Changes in the boobs during pregnancy can alter the outcomes of previous boobs reduction procedures as it significantly causes weight fluctuations.

NOTE: In some particular cases it is required to perform another surgery or a second session of the mammaplasty reduction procedure when a patient may require.

Types of Breast Reduction Surgery

There has been considerable evolution in mammoplasty theory and technique over recent years. The top mammoplasty techniques that are available are as follows:

  1. Circumareolar Breast Reduction– A reduction mammoplasty performed with a “doughnut” incision made around the areola only.
  2. Circumvertical Breast Reduction–A “Lollipop” reduction mammoplasty, or short scar mammoplasty with an incision around the areola and a vertical line.
  3. Wise-Pattern Reduction – The more classical “Inverted-T” breast reduction, with an incision around the areola, a vertical line to the inframammary crease, and a horizontal line.
  4. Suction-Assisted Breast Reduction –A mammoplasty performed with liposuction, solely, or in conjunction with the above.

Factors Determining the Technique used for Breast Reduction Surgery:

There are a number of factors that decides the technique for breast reduction surgery as follows:

  • The size of the boos
  • The degree of droop or sag (ptosis)
  • Boobs shape
  • Symmetry
  • The projection and size of the nipple–areolar region
  • The elasticity of the breast skin
  • Physique and body proportion
  • Individual preferences, desires, and goals

The breast reduction technique is decided by the patient’s physiological and anatomical status as well as their desire to receive the procedure must match with the realistic expectation. The incision pattern for the specific technique is ultimately formulated on the basis of the anticipated final balance between the breast “foundation”, consisting of the breast gland and soft tissue, and the elastic properties and size of the “skin bra”. Only with a better understanding between the boobs properties and size of “skin bra” could help in achieving the most beautiful and natural boob’s shape and thus the top mammoplasty procedure results can be obtained.

After completing the mammaplasty, a dressing is applied to the incision. A support bra is advisable to wear in order to minimize the swelling, which also helps in receiving a faster healing process.

A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect.

Why Consultation is Important in the Breast Reduction Surgery and what it decides regarding the Procedure?

Receiving consultation is always helpful for the patients seeking any of the cosmetic procedure, however, it is always recommended to go through the primary evaluation with your cosmetic surgeon before proceeding ahead for cosmetic surgery.

The success and safety of your boobs reduction procedure are highly dependent on the consultation process that clears every doubt and confusion related to the mammoplasty.

During your Breast Reduction Surgery be prepared to discuss:

  • Your surgical goals
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • Previous surgeries

Your Breast Reduction Surgeon will also:

  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • May take photographs
  • Discuss your procedure options
  • Recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcomes of mammoplasty and any risks or potential complications.

One may have a number of questions to ask, but one must introspect each question with respect to the concerned problem, hence, it is good to make a list of important questions before proceeding for the consultative step.


How Should I Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery?

In order to get ready for the breast reduction surgery, patients are asked for the following Do’s:

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Get a baseline mammogram before and another one after the procedure to help detect any future changes in your breast tissue
  • Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before following the procedure
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding.


What are the steps followed in Breast Reduction Surgery?

In order to perform the mammoplasty, a simple incision is performed to remove the glandular tissue, excess fat and skin. In some peculiar cases, liposuction is performed to remove the excess fat. If the enlarged breast occurs as a result of only the excess fat and excess skin is not a factor, only a liposuction can be enough to get the results, but the excision technique is required with the conjugation of liposuction when both the factors of excess skin and excess fats are the prime factor behind the enlarged and heavy boobs.

The technique of Breast reduction surgery can be described by the following Factors:

  • Patient’s physiological & anatomical condition
  • Boobs composition
  • Amount of depletion desired
  • Personal preference & surgeon’s recommendation as per the state of the condition.

Step- 1: Anesthesia:

The first step is about giving the general anesthesia to the mammoplasty patients in order to perform the procedure hassle-free.

Step-2: The Incision:

The incision options include the following types:

  1. A Circular pattern around the areola
  2. A keyhole or racquet-shaped pattern with an incision around the areola and vertically down to the boobs crease
  3. An inverted T or anchor-shaped incision pattern

Step-3: Removing Tissue & Repositioning:

After the incision, the re-positioning of the nipple is done. The areola is reduced by excising skin at the perimeter if required.

Underlying boobs tissue is removed, shaped, and lifted.

Step-4: Sutures or closing the incision areas:

The sutures are layered deep within the boobs tissue to create and support the newly shaped breasts sutures, skin adhesives and/or surgical tape close the skin. The sutures are done in such a manner that there won’t be any practical scar that makes it more acceptable to receive the utmost scar less results.

Step-5: Outcomes:

To receive the mammoplasty result one may not have to wait much as it gives immediate results. The healing process concerning the swelling, bruising, pain and scar will resolve over time and the incision line will fade.

The results of the boobs reduction procedure are long-lasting. The achieved results with a new size will help alleviate you from the pain and discomfort associated with mammoplasty. The results of the mammaplasty procedure at Allure Medspa are quite satisfying and aesthetic outcome- oriented as we use the ultramodern technology and the outstanding measure of safety & hygiene. The results of mammoplasty procedures performed at Allure Medspa happily satisfied thousands & thousands of patients across the globe.

Note: Over time, your breast can change due to some unavoidable factors such as aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors, and gravity.

What Should I Expect During my Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery?

After the procedure, the incision areas are covered with bandages and dressing is applied. One needs to take advice from the surgeon in order to meet the follow-up instructions & suggestions. Patients are advised to wear elastic or support bra for a few days following the procedure in order to minimize the swelling and discomfort.

Following are the instructions that are needed to be followed in order to get a faster healing process: –

  • How to do you care for yourself after the procedure?
  • Some medications are prescribed to minimize pain and discomfort associated with the procedure
  • Specific concerns are needed for the surgical sites followed by the post-op advice
  • When is it needed to visit the clinic for follow-ups?

FAQ’s You can ask with your surgeon during the initial recovery period of Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • How long dressings and bandages are needed to be continued?
  • When the stitched would be removed?
  • When can I resume regular life activities such as heavy work out, driving, and weight lifting?
  • At what time interval should I visit the clinic to receive follow-ups?

What are the Risks associated with Breast Reduction Surgery?

The decision to receive the mammoplasty or boob reduction is extremely personal and must know the facts associated with the procedure. Every surgical procedure involves some risks and uncertainties and mammaplasty, is also one of them. However, there are some risks associated with the procedure that must be known by the patients in order to have brief and realistic information about the procedure.

Following is the Risks associated with the surgery:

  • Anesthesia risk
  • Blood clots
  • Swelling & bruising
  • Skin discoloration
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Excessive firmness of breasts
  • Deep vein thrombosis

But, all the above risks can be minimized or sorted out if the procedure is chosen from the expert surgeon who has expertise in performing the procedure.

Dr. Milan Doshi, (MBBBS, MS, M Ch) has expertise in performing mammoplasty procedure solved thousands & thousands of cases, including the revision mammaplasty and satisfied his clients with the aesthetic results. The chances of risks are very less as Dr.Doshi uses the most modern technology to perform the procedure under the strict protocol, including the ETO-sterilization, ultrasonic cleanliness, safety measure, fumigation, anesthesia management as well as a prime concern towards value for money. It is always safe to go ahead with a surgeon having enough expertise and skills in performing the procedure can assure you about the best results.

How Much Does a Reduction Mammoplasty Procedure Cost?

The breast reduction surgery cost depends on various factors in which the following are the mandatory inclusion:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Anesthetist fees
  • Medicines/consumables during the procedure
  • Hospital facility & stay
  • Technology used
  • Immediate post-operative follow-ups

Following are the factors that are NOT included in the Reduction Mammoplasty cost:

  • Preoperative fitness test
  • Post-operative medications (to be taken at home) After the procedure
  • Rare and unforeseen health circumstances experienced by the patients

Note: Insurance doesn’t cover the cosmetic surgery cost as the finance service provider doesn’t assist you in planning cosmetic surgeries.

How Various Factors affect the cost of Breast Reduction Surgery?

  1. Breast Reduction Patient: Patient’s profile includes the number of areas to be treated, the amount of fat to be removed, as well as the body structure, general health of the patient as well as the goal of your procedure.
  2. Cosmetic Surgeon: The board-certified surgeon is firstly counted for the cosmetic procedure, especially the mammaplasty. The M Ch, MS, and MBBS surgeon who has expertise in performing the mammoplasty procedure and recognized by various national & international cosmetic centers, i.e., ASPS, ISAPS, weigh the cost of the procedure.
  3. Anesthesiologist Charge: Anesthesiologist makes your surgery painless and monitors your vital parameters during surgery and his expertise is important for the safety of the procedure.
  4. Cosmetic Surgery Centre: It is always important to choose the accredited centre rather than the daycare centers as it can assure you about safe and successful mammoplasty procedures. NABH accredited centre is counted as the best centre/clinic that confirms the safety & hygiene associated with the surgical procedure. Operation theater monitoring equipment, level of sterilization, a used instrument for any special equipment such as Laser, VASER, and POWEREX.
  5. Hospital Stay: The facilities of in-suite room, cleanliness & hygiene as well as hygiene staff support system.
  6. Medicines: Medicines include anesthesia, surgical medicine, disposable and consumables.
  7. Follow-ups:The required session of follow-ups after the procedure may increase the cost as well.

Breast Reduction Surgery cost at Allure Medspa, Mumbai India:

Types Cost (INR)

Note: 18% GST by GOVT of India on all cosmetic surgery. This price include surgeon fee, hospital facility fee, anaesthesiologist fee, consumable during surgery, 1 pressure garment and follow up visits.

The Terminology of Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Areola

Pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.

  • Breast reduction

The surgical removal of excess fat, skin, and breast tissues reduce the size of boobs also known as reduction mammoplasty.

  • Hematoma

Blood pooling beneath the skin

  • Local anesthesia

A drug injected directly to the site of an incision during an operation to relieve pain

  • Mammogram

An x-ray image of the breast

An Introduction to the process:

Conventional techniques of boob reduction are open methods where the excess tissue is cut and the boobs are lifted and stitched in a normal position. This gives a visible scar on the breast. For an unmarried woman having scars may be unacceptable. In Keyhole technique, the fat component in the large boobs is removed by the most advanced Ultrasonic Liposuction technique from the keyhole using a small cut. This will reduce the size of the boob and the associated heaviness. If the skin tone of the boob is good, there will not be any additional drooping from the procedure. Keyhole technique is suitable for every woman who is seeking the shape of a proportionate boob shape as suited to her body figure.

Ideal candidates for this procedure would be young women with large breasts, good skin tone and only a moderate degree of sagging.

Key Hole Breast Reduction at Allure Medspa:

  • With Ultrasonic Liposuction
  • Daycare
  • Key hole
  • Stitchless

Technology for Key Hole Breast Reduction at Allure Medspa:

We use state of the art technologies for Key Hole technique.

Ultrasonic liposuction: USA FDA approved lysonix (Jhonson&Jhonson) ultrasonic-assisted Vaser liposuction technique offers a fat-melting process through the use of ultrasound, which results in the fastest and smoothest recovery. With almost no bruising.

Our celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi performs the procedure in such a way that patients get the best procedure results without having unwanted pain or scar. In order to perform the key hole technique, a small key hole cut below the chest are done from the hidden side of the body. Further, insertion of the small cannula to the targeted areas is done and fats are melt with the ultrasound energy. The melted fats are removed gently via the gentle low vacuum pressure. So there a very little chance of damage or trauma to the treated areas. This gives a faster and smoother recovery with minimal discomfort.

Benefits of Key Hole Breast Reduction:

  • Daycare, Keyhole, Stitchless – No Visible Cut Marks
  • Minimally invasive
  • Fastest and smoothest possible recovery
  • Smooth and tighter Boobs Contours
  • Safe and affordable

So if you are looking to get a Key Hole Breast Reduction in India then the best option is Allure Medspa. You may visit our centers in Mumbai for a consultation on procedures for the Keyhole procedure with our expert surgeon.

Dr. Milan Doshi, M Ch (plastic surgery), is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with 25 years of experience.

Dr. Milan Doshi is a pioneer name in the cosmetic surgery in MUMBAI, INDIA and performs cosmetic surgeries exclusively. He is well-known as the top cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai and a recognized member of the ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, he has trained more than 50 plastic cosmetic surgeons across India and has been a recognized mentor by ISAPS. He is a recognized mentor by ISAPS.

He has done more than 11K cosmetic surgeries and patients from 50+ countries got benefited by Dr. Milan Doshi’s expert surgical hands.

He has a credit for performing more than 1k mammoplasty in his career.

He regularly performs CircumareolarVerticalWise-Pattern Reduction and has a special interest in the Key Hole technique. He has a credit for many presentations for mammoplasty/mammoplasty at various national & international conferences.

NO WONDER Dr. Milan Doshi has been recognized as a celebrity cosmetic surgeon for Bollywood fraternity and credit of happily satisfying hundreds & hundreds of mammoplasty patients across the globe.

Breast Reduction Surgery at Allure Medspa for Breast Reduction Surgery:

We have two centers in MUMBAI with the state-of-the-art facilities, cosmetic surgery clinic at Andheri West are for the non-surgical procedure where one can get the pre-procedure consultation, post-procedure follow-ups. The Andheri West centre of Allure Medspa is a prime attraction for celebrity people as it is a hotspot destination for production houses and their offices.

The cosmetic surgery hospital/centre in Goregaon West is ISO 9000:2008 and NABH certified

The two separate modern operation theatre, advanced patient’s monitoring system during operation and post-operative care add to the safety of the procedure.

We are all updated with the latest technology. Besides routine equipment, we have facilities of LASER, VASER, POWEREX TECHNOLOGY, especially for the Key Hole technique. We recommend the particular option of the technology/method of the procedure according to the patient’s need, expectation and desired goal of the mammoplasty procedure.

Due to the facilities of equipment such as an ultrasonic cleaner, ETO-sterilization, autoclave, fumigation and stringent protocols we ranked highest in the safety and hygiene measure.

With an indoor overnight facility. One can find the best ambiance in our centre where the patient’s comfort is kept in mind with in-suit bathrooms & rooms are equipped with all the necessary things such as microwave, refrigerator, LCD TV, landline phone, etc. and make a homely feeling for the patients during their hospital stay.

The staff at Allure Medspa take all precautions to make your journey of fine to fabulous a pleasant experience. One can have a homely feeling even with the medical procedure.

Our centre is committed to providing exceptional care, standard facilities, and advanced measure for the procedure and all under a single roof.

We have the most priority for the patient’s PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY!

Q: Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?
A: Yes! One can breastfeed after mammaplasty as the procedure tends to affect lactation capability only and it doesn’t have a relation to prohibiting breastfeeding. The procedure of boobs augmentation, lift, reduction, and nipple surgery can only affect the amount of milk a mother can make.

Q: What happens after a breast reduction surgery?
A: It is advisable to wear a support bra for up to six weeks until the swelling and bruising subside. You should avoid any straining, bending and lifting for at least some weeks following surgery. The incisions from the procedure should fade over time. Fortunately, the incisions are in locations easily concealed by clothing, even low-cut necklines.

Q: When can I resume my Normal activities?
A: Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Depending on the extent of your mammaplasty and your general physical condition, you may be able to return to non-strenuous work anywhere after a few weeks of having the surgery. Indeed, many women are able to resume most of their normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after 3-4 weeks.

Q: Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?
A: In evaluating your suitability for mammaplasty procedure, your surgeon will assess the size and shape of your boobs, the quality of your skin and the placement of your nipples. These factors, as well as the desired amount of reduction, are factors that will help your surgeon decide on the best technique for you.

Q: How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?
A: Mammaplasty is performed under general anesthesia, but it doesn’t mean you are compelled to stay at the hospital overnight as it makes patients asleep during the whole procedure, yet one night stay in the hospital is mandatory to achieve better healing after the procedure.

Q: Is there any risk with Breast Reduction Surgery?
A: Before choosing the mammaplasty procedure, it is important to discuss every pros & cons of the procedure with the surgeon. Every surgical procedure has limitations and benefits associated with their methods, however, it would be a great help if it has been discussed during the primary assessment. Every year a number of women receive the mammaplasty procedure and get benefited from the aesthetic benefits of the procedure. Risks and uncertainties are very minimal or negligible if the procedure is performed by the expert cosmetic surgeon.

Q: What Results Can I Expect?
A: The results are very satisfactory and served the aesthetic outcomes for a number of patients who had the heavy or unproportioned boobs a major problem. After the procedure, one can enjoy a good life with a good body figure with boosted self-confidence. The procedure makes your boobs firm and gives them an aesthetic size according to your body profile.

Q: What kind of care can I expect after Breast Reduction Surgery?
A: At Allure Medspa, we have a credit for providing the best results of the mammaplasty performed by the celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Milan Doshi. We give special focus on the excellent level of post-operative support and aftercare. To monitor your progress, we will invite you to visit our centre. We are committed to our best personal experience. And have a 24/7 patient support system. We provide assistance over the phone calls, but you feel free to visit our clinic if needed!

Q: How big do your breasts have to be for a reduction?
A: There is no limit on how big your breasts should be for breast reduction surgery. If you are feeling embraced or if you ever had some physical complain like backache, rashes in the skin, or shoulder pain then breast reduction surgery will help you to improve the quality of your life.

Q: How painful is breast reduction surgery?
A: Breast reduction surgery is not very painful. You might experience some heaviness during your initial recovery which would resolve soon. Your surgical experience can be much pain free if you choose an expert cosmetic surgeon, advanced surgical technique, a modern post-operative care and follow the pain management guidelines given by your surgeon.

Q: Is breast reduction a major surgery?
A: Breast reduction surgery is a major surgery. However, in the hand of an expert cosmetic surgeon, it is a safe surgery with relatively no danger. however, it has to be done with precision and expertise to give a finer scar and natural-looking breast shape.It takes almost two or three hours to complete thesurgery

Q: How much do breasts weigh according to cup size?
A: The following measurements (breast weight by cup size) were calculated using the average underwire size and cup diameter of the most popular US sized bra brands.The most natural method is to simply guess based on cup size. It will not always be the most accurate method, because each breast is unique. Shape, size, and even breast weight can vary between two women with the same cup size.

– Bra sizes 32A, 30B, 28C = about 0.5 pound per breast
– Bra sizes 34A, 32B, 30C, 28D = about 0.6 pound per breast
– Bra sizes 36A, 34B, 32C, 30D, 28E = about 0.7 pound per breast
– Bra sizes 38A, 36B, 34C, 32D, 30E, 28F = about 0.9 pound per breast
– Bra sizes 40A, 38B, 36C, 34D, 32E, 30F, 28G = about 1.2 pounds per breast
– Bra sizes 42A, 40B, 38C, 36D, 34E, 32F, 30G, 28H = about 1.5 pounds per breast
– Bra sizes 44A, 42B, 40C, 38D, 36E, 34F, 32G, 30H, 28I = about 1.7 pounds per breast
– Bra sizes 44B, 42C, 40D, 38E, 36F, 34G, 32H, 30I, 28J = about 2 pounds per breast

Q: Do breasts sag after breast reduction?
A: After your breast reduction surgery ,Your breast will sag far less than they would have. As your breasts are lighter than they were before breast reduction surgery. However, with age and the effects of gravity, sagging can’t be avoided completely.

Q: Do breasts look normal after reduction?
A: Breast looks and feels normal over 3 to 4 months after the breast reduction surgery. Your new breasts may feel firmer and look rounder. Keep in mind that it may take time to get used to your new breasts.

Q: Do I need to lose weight before a breast reduction?
A: It is better to lose weight and reach your target/ideal weight before your breast reduction surgery. Losing a lot of weight after a reduction operation could result in you having smaller and sagging breasts than you want.

Q: What are the signs that you need a breast reduction?
A: Signs and symptoms suggesting you might need breast reduction surgery to resolve your issues are:
– Poor self-image due to large breasts
– Breasts that are noticeably unequal in size
– Breasts that droop as a result of excess weight
– Difficulty fitting into bras and clothing
– Chronic shoulder, back, and neck pain requiring pain medications
– Nerve pain
– Grooves or marks on the shoulders from bra straps
– Chronic rash or skin irritation underneath the breasts
– Poor posture due to the weight of large breasts
– Restricted activity due to large breasts, such as exercise
– Difficulty sleeping due to discomfort from large breasts

Q: Does breast reduction leave a scar?
A: Scars are inevitable with any surgery, including breast reduction. It is therefore important to choose an expert cosmetic surgeon for your procedure. The expert cosmetic surgeon knows how to reduce scarring. There are ways to reduce the appearance of scars during and after surgery. Please follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and scar medication regularly.

Q: What can go wrong with a breast reduction?
A: Breast reduction surgery can result in problems, including thick and obvious scarring, unevenly shaped breasts or nipple and wound healing problems.
Rarely, it can cause loss of normal sensation in the nipple and areola which can be permanent. Or your nipples may become over-sensitive.
Very rarely, the nipple and areola, or part of them, may get lost due to poor blood supply.

Q: How long do stitches stay in after breast reduction?
A: Most of the stitches are absorbable and inside therefore, don’t need removal.Few stitches that are visible stay for one to two weeks after your breast reduction surgery

Q: How long does a breast reduction take?
A: Breast reduction surgery can take between one and half to three hours. It depends on the breast size as there are several different surgical procedures for breast reduction.

Q: What size qualifies for breast reduction?
A: In India, breast reduction surgery is not included under insurance. In western countries, most insurance companies will want to know the weight of breast tissue the plastic surgeon believes he or she can remove during a breast reduction surgery. This number may be 450 grams, 500 grams, or 600 grams.

Q: How much breast can be removed from reduction?
A: We can remove a small amount of breast tissue to 3 kg of breast tissue during a breast reduction surgery. Your plastic surgeon can answer you only after a physical examination.

Q: Is breast reduction painful?
A: You may feel sore for 2 to 3 weeks. You also may feel pulling or stretching in your breast area. Although you may need pain medicine for a week or two, you can expect to feel better and stronger each day.

Q: What is a good age for breast reduction?
A: Many cosmetic surgeons prefer patients wait until they are at least 18 before undergoing the procedure. While breast reduction can often be performed safely and successfully for patients in their mid-teens,

Q: What’s the smallest size for breast reduction?
A: Any patient can go for breast reduction surgery however small or big breast they have, depending on their wish, provided there is enough breast tissue to support the functions of the nipples.

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Note: The author of this content is Dr. Milan Doshi, An Indian board-certified plastic & cosmetic Surgeon wholly & solely confirms the authenticity of the information & knowledge delivered by this write-up.