Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast surgery

Breast surgeries include surgeries for a variety of reasons and depending upon the cause a specific surgery may be required for example if you are unhappy with the size of your breasts then breast augmentation surgery is done which increases the size of the breasts by breast implants. The method choosing depends upon the existing bust size, required size and other parameters. Breast lift deals with addition of breast implants or fat injections to give fullness to the breasts to enhance your womanhood. Similarly if you need to reduce the size of the breasts then breast reduction is required. Similarly inverted nipple and asymmetrical breasts can be corrected by use of surgery. In case of men where breast tissue develops and is then called as gynecomastia then it can also be corrected by a surgery which requires a small incision and removal of excess tissue thus giving that sculpted manly chest and eliminating the shyness and anxiety. All the surgeries are done under strict safety protocols and Dr Milan Doshi has consistently provided excellent results.


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