Laser Double Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in Mumbai

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What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty surgery is commonly known as eyelid surgery. The eye and surrounding area are the focal points of attention during conversation. The youthful and alert look is crucial in human interaction. Our age, stress, and gravity play a pivotal part in making our eyes look tired, angry, or hostile look. You lose your confidence and your self-esteem, making you feel in the backseat in this competitive world.

The procedure improves the appearances of the area surrounding the eyes, it gives a quite youthful look. This surgery will rejuvenate the periodontal area. The goal of the surgery is to repair, restore, and preposition those droopy and saggy eyelids and fat bulges. It not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also rectifies functional issues associated with eyelids. It can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids or both.

What Eyelid Surgery Can Do For You?

  • It removes excess skin and wrinkles from the eye area
  • Saggy and loose skin hanging around the eyes sometimes disrupts vision. Eyelid surgery rectifies it, thus providing a natural contour.
  • Eye bags can be diminished
  • Fatty deposits provide an impression of puffy eyes and this surgery removes that puffiness.
  • Drooping lower eyelashes that reveal white below the iris (salesclerk show) correction

Am I A Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

Good candidates for eyelid surgery include:

  • Individuals with no medical conditions that impair healing
  • Healthy individuals with no serious eye conditions
  • Individuals with realistic expectations from the surgery
  • Nonsmoker
  • Individual with good physical, mental and emotional health
  • Eyelid Surgery 1,446,890 procedures in 2021(+18.1% increase compared to 2020)
  • Women Eylelid Surgery procedure 1,142,957 while men Eylelid Surgery 303,932 procedure in 2021
  • 24,480 Eyelid Surgery have been performed in India

Sometimes the eyelash might appear droopy due to the relaxation of the forehead skin and drooping of the eyebrow. The stretching out of the upper eyelid elevator muscle might cause drooping eyelashes, known as eyelid posits, both of which might require a different surgical treatment. The Cosmetic surgeon will review the facial structure and discuss the surgery that is best suited to you.

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There are various techniques for this surgery. It will depend on the appearance and structure of the eyelash and fat bulges around the eye. The procedure will take into consideration the effect of the excess skin on the eyelash and whether it is disrupting your vision, fine interaction of the periodontal muscle, brow position and drooping of the midface. Laser-assisted Blepharoplasty reduces bruise marks and post-operative edema and speed up recovery.

  1. Lower Lid Blepharoplasty
  2. Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

1. Lower Eyelid Surgery

This blepharoplasty surgery removes the excess skin and pockets of fats under the eyes, and lower eyelid is put in elevated/ rejuvenated position and the sales clerk show is reduced.

2. Upper Eyelid Surgery

In the upper blepharoplasty procedure, the saggy and the loose skin are removed from the upper lid. The surgery is done to give a broader appearance to the eyes. It gives a youthful appearance to the face. The upper eyelid procedure can be accompanied with a brow lift to give a rejuvenated look.

3. Functional Upper Eyelid Surgery

This is a non-cosmetic form of the procedure. The surgery eases upper eyelid sagging that obstructs vision. This surgery also results in improves appearance and field of vision.

4. Asian Eyelid Surgery

Every person looks different and has a different ethnicity. People of East Asian descent don’t have eyelashes folded or have extra skin fold on the medial side of the eye (epicanthal fold). In such cases, the surgeon will create upper lid eye fold, to make eyes appear bigger, it removes epicanthal fold. This procedure is done in a way that your ethnicity, and identity will be maintained.

An eyelid surgery procedure follows the following step:

Consultation: The first step is visiting the surgeon for consultation. You will need every information to make an informed choice.

During your eyelid procedure consultation be prepared to discuss:

  • What is your aim for the surgery?
  • If you are taking any medicines or any drugs
  • Your medical conditions, drug allergies, previous medical treatments, and specifically any issues you have had with your eyes
  • Current prescription medications, including vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • If you underwent any previous surgical procedure

Your plastic surgeon will also:

  • Assess your overall health condition and will discuss health risk
  • Click photographs
  • Discuss your eyelid procedure options
  • Recommend a course of treatment
  • Will discuss the potential risk and the outcome of the procedure
  • Discuss the type of anesthesia that will be used.

Be prepared to ask any kind of questions that might be bothering you. It is natural to feel anxious in the course of the procedure. Don’t be shy to discuss your feelings. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications.

In preparing for eyelid surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Avoid smoking as it could deter the healing process
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can harm you and increase bleeding and bruising.

Step 1 – Anesthesia

For most of your comfort, medications are administered. The choice for intravenous sedation or general anesthesia will be recommended by the surgeon keeping your best interest in mind.

Step 2 – The incision

The incision lines for blepharoplasty procedures are made in such discreet areas that it is naturally concealed within the natural structures of the eyelid region. The upper eyelid can be corrected through an incision within the natural crease on the eyelashes. It allows removal or repositioning of fat deposits, tightening of muscles and removal of excess skin.

To correct the lower eyelid area, an incision is made just below the lower lash line. Through this incision, the excess apparent skin in the lower eyelid is removed. Again, the excess fat can be relocated or removed.

An option of transcontinental incision, which is created on the inside of the lower eyelid, is an alternate technique to correct lower eyelid conditions and reorder or remove excess fat. No skin is removed through this technique.

Use of laser for skin cutting, fat removal and tissue tightening during procedure reduces post-operative oedema, bruising, and discomfort and enhances the recovery.

Step 3 – Closing the incisions

The incisions are closed after the procedure with sutures or skin glue. The sutures are thus removed after a week. In some cases, the surgeon will suggest laser or chemical peel for reducing the discoloration of lower eyelashes.

Step 4 – See the results

The results will take a week or so to be visible. Like any other procedure, there will be slight swelling and bruising which will subside in a week after the application of the medicine provided by the surgeon. Once the swelling subsides, you will get the better-defined eye with a better vision that has been bothering you for long.
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After the eyelid procedure or Blepharoplasty is conducted and is completed, your eyes will be covered with gauze. The surgeon will provide medications, lubricating ointment for faster recovery. You will be advised to apply cold compresses for faster healing. Specific instructions will be provided on taking care of the eyes. Medications needed to be applied regularly to reduce the potential for any infection. It is imperative to visit the surgeons for follow-ups at regular intervals.

Initial healing may include some swelling, bruising, irritation, dry eyes and discomfort that can be controlled with medication, cold compresses, and ointment. Irritation at the incision sites is also possible. You will be advised to avoid vigorous washing of the face, itching the eye area and any kind of abrasions in the eye and surrounding area. You should limit any physical exertion and avoid looking directly at the sunlight until the healing process is completed.

The good news is that the result of the eyelid procedure or Blepharoplasty is long-term. A little pain and bruising are quite common after the procedure, which generally subsides in a period of 10-14 days. The procedure will take a few months to view the final results. The eyelid procedure/Blepharoplasty is expected to rectify some of the eye conditions too. Your eyes will look more youthful after the final healing is completed. Protection from the sun will help in maintaining the results.

The risk and complications are a part and parcel of the surgery. Eyelid procedure is quite safe and the use of advanced technology makes it the safest. One must discuss the doubts with the surgeon before choosing the surgical procedure as a final option. Being a little anxious is quite normal for first-timers. However, you are in the expert hands is the added advantage. Before the procedure, you will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications. Some risks might be swelling and the pain that is part of the procedure. Feel free to discuss whatever doubts you have during the consultation period.

At Allure Medspa, we give the utmost importance to the comfort and safety of our patients. Here, we use advanced technology to provide the best, safe, long-term aesthetic results.

During the consultation, our goal is to educate and help you to make informed choices. Your eyes are the most delicate part of the body and we will deter from taking any risk. Expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi will first discuss your goal for the procedure, and assess the skin of the eyes, fat bulges, and muscle interaction around the eye. He will make a tailor-made plan for each individual. An initial assessment of general fitness is done. Expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi uses laser technology for eyelid surgery to give unmatched results, along with faster and smoother recovery. In addition to advanced technology, advanced sterilization and anesthesia technology make the procedure a safe one. The staff of accredited Vardan hospital/ Allure Medspa takes all precautions to make your journey a joyful and hassle-free experience.

Laser eyelid surgery cost varies from 60000 to 100000 INR at Allure Medspa, Mumbai, India. Laser eyelid surgery cost depends on 2 lid or 4 lid surgery, removal of eye bags, need of the canthoplexy surgery along with the laser eyelid surgery.
The cost of the eyelid procedure depends on varied factors and also vary from person to person. The average cost includes anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

The overall cost will depend on the type of eyelid surgery; you are opting for. The surgeon’s fee for cosmetic eyelid surgery will be based on his or her experience. The quality of the result, post-operative support is the main consideration while calculating the cost. The hospital facility and technology in the operation theater, the sterilization method used in the procedure also play a part in the total cost. While looking for the procedure, one should consider getting the best outcome from the money they have invested and the aesthetic return in lieu of the money spent. The cost of the surgery will be determined once you get the primary consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Q:When will I see results?

A: The result is visible right after the surgery. For better results, one has to wait for one or two weeks till the time swelling and bruising subsides. The final outcome will be visible in 2 months or so after the redness around the eyes totally diminishes.

Q:Can eyelid surgery be done on lower and upper eyelids at the same time?

A: Yes, if you are a good candidate with proper health conditions, you can opt for the procedure. The recovery time will be the same and the anaesthesia used will be similar in both the procedure.

Q: Are Blepharoplasty results permanent?

A:Yes. It has a long-lasting impact. However, the results alter owing to aging and trauma.

Q: Is there a minimum age for eyelid surgery?

A: The patients need to complete 18 years of age to undergo the procedure as it allows a patient to have the better the recovery. You should have full development. However, functional upper blepharoplasty may be recommended for younger patients if a medical condition warrants it.

Q: What type of anesthesia is used for eyelid surgery?

A:Usually, local anesthesia with sedation is used in the Blepharoplasty procedure. However, general anesthesia is also recommended if your doctors say you’re able to receive it.

Q: What are the risks associated with eyelid surgery?

A: Every surgery carries a certain amount of risk. Eyelid procedure hardly carries any risk and in fact, the bruising and the swelling are quite common. Some of the most common side effects are blurred vision, swelling, discomfort and bruising. All of these side effects are temporary. It is imperative to visit a well-qualified and certified surgeon to have the surgical procedure.

Q: Will eyelid surgery help in getting rid of wrinkles?

A: In some cases, wrinkles can be removed with the eyelid procedure, but this is not a goal of the procedure. If you are bothered with the crow’s feet, you can opt for Botox cosmetic injections available at Allure Medspa to diminish those lines.

Q: What’s a “double” eyelid?

A: People of Asian origin have smaller eyes. They do not have a crease in the upper eyelid. This makes the eyes look smaller due to the non-appearance of double eyelids. This crease in the upper eyelids is also known as a double eyelid, and many Asian people opt for it to broaden their eyes or to have a double eyelid appearance with the eyelid surgery.

Q: Can contact lenses be worn after the eyelid surgery?

A: It is better to wait fora few weeks after the surgery before wearing the contact lenses. One can opt for spectacles to be worn for some time before the healing procedure is completed.

Q: Can one apply makeup after the eyelid surgery?

A: It is better to wait for a few days before applying makeup. Let the eye recover fully before starting with any kind of makeup. It is best to consult with your surgeon on your one-on-one consultation to get the best of information.

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