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Inverted Nipple Surgery

About the process

While many women visit a plastic surgeon for enlarging or reducing the size of the breasts, but most of them also visit due to inverted nipples. The condition is painless, but it can make the breasts look distorted, and if only one breast is involved, it can cause the breasts to look asymmetrical.

Patients with inverted nipples often feel embarrassed about the appearance of their breasts, particularly during sexual encounters.


Inverted nipples are due to milk ducts that are too short to allow for the nipple to protrude out, thus tethering the nipple. This leads to the nipple being ‘pulled in’ instead of protruding. While most inverted nipples are the result of short milk ducts, they can also develop after pregnancy, when the post-pregnancy loss of breast tissue results in the nipple being pulled in.

Different Levels of Nipple Inversion

The level of nipple inversion is based on a scale of 1-3.

  • The least severe level is often called, “shy” nipple. In this case, the nipple, while inverted, will usually respond to cold or tactile stimulation by protruding normally. Nipples may stay protruding for a while, then go back to being inverted.
  • In level 2, nipples remain inverted all the time.
  • At level 3, the most severe level of nipple inversion, not even vigorous stimulation will make the nipple project at all because of severe tissue constriction or scarring.

The Inverted Nipple Correction Advantage

A problem with inverted nipples can lead to problems with self-consciousness and embarrassment. However, inverted nipples can also cause problems beyond aesthetic concerns. They can lead to frustrating issues with breastfeeding, infections, and other physical discomforts. Most people don’t know that this is a readily correctable problem with nipple reconstruction.

Non-surgical correction

Niplette: For women (or men) with the lowest levels of nipple inversion, there are some non-surgical temporary fixes available. Using suction devices that place constant pressure on the nipple provides a temporary solution, but doesn’t correct the underlying structural issues that are causing the nipples to retract.

The Niplette is a gentle instrument that uses gentle suction to draw the inverted nipple out, and remain erect.


The permanent fix for inverted nipples is surgery. This is a procedure that is performed under local freezing (anesthesia) and takes about 30 minutes.

During this procedure, a small incision is made under the nipple to allow the cosmetic surgeon to cut the milk ducts which are tethering the nipple. This will lead to loss of the ability to breastfeed. This is accomplished by making a small incision in the areola while the nipple is held in the extended position.

After the tissues are transected, several lines of dissolving sutures are placed under the skin to hold the nipple in the projected position. Once this is done, protective devices are placed over the nipples to hold them in position and prevent them from retracting again during healing. There is a 5% risk of sutures breaking leading to a recurrence and the need for a repeat correction.

During the procedure, Dr. Doshi will over-correct the nipple protrusion (they will look excessively large) because we expect some settling. This is normal. Your final result will not be excessively protruding nipples. As your swelling settles over the next 2-4 weeks, your nipples will attain their intended normal shape and size.

At two weeks, you will return to see the doctor have your special protective dressing changed.

After the first post-operative visit, you will see at almost 12 weeks. If your nipples have maintained their position by this time, it is unlikely they will revert and no further visits are required.

At Allure Medspa, our unique approach to Breast surgery will ensure that your whole experience, from the moment of your first consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi, through to your recovery after surgery, is as positive and comfortable as it can be. Individualized planning, meticulous surgical technique, careful monitoring and post-surgical care all combine to ensure that we offer you the best possible long-term results for your Breast surgery.

Possessing vast proficiency with Nipple Correction, Dr. Milan Doshi combines technical skill, finesse, experience, and artistic perspective to achieve a more balanced, proportional, natural, and beautiful results.

Celebrity Clients

Since confidentiality and utmost privacy of our clients are our prime ethics, Allure Medspa is the most favored choice of many celebrities for their corrective and cosmetic procedures.


This is a procedure that is performed under local (anesthesia) and takes about 30 minutes.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We at Allure Medspa care follow the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy and protection, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


The procedure is so straightforward; there is no need for general anesthesia or IV sedation. There may be some swelling and discomfort with the procedure, but there is typically very minimal recovery time required. Any discomfort will be managed with oral pain medication prescribed by the doctor.

Following the procedure, a protective bandage will be placed around the newly-protruding nipple. This protective bandage should be worn for 6 weeks and is meant to protect the nipple form of external pressure that could push the nipple back inward.

You should not expect any pain following this surgery. You will have discomfort that will easily be managed with simple pain pills. Most of the patients do not need pain pills for more than 1-2 days

Allure Medspa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services offers affordable and cost-effective cosmetic procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure requests a consult by filling the form below. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about Breast Asymmetry and put your mind at rest. Your surgeon will be able to offer you full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

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Are you the right fit for the procedure?

You may be a good candidate if:

  • You are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight
  • You do not smoke
  • Your nipples and areolas point downward

The best candidates are women who have all the information, fully understand what the surgery involves and its limitations, and who have a realistic expectation.

Comprehensive care, before, during & after surgery

There are several scheduled follow-up visits with Dr. Milan Doshi. The doctor and his wonderful staff will be available to you at any time during your recovery.

The Aftercare Advantage

After the surgery, you may perform non-strenuous activities such as watching television, making meals and reading. You should avoid any physical activity that will apply pressure to the nipples (such as lying on your stomach, giving people hugs, or wearing tight-fitting shirts) or stretches your breasts such as lifting your arms above your shoulders.

Pre-operative requirements to undergo surgery

In preparing for breast lift surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Get a baseline mammogram before surgery and another one after surgery to help detect any future changes in your breast tissue
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding

Patient preparation before Nipple Correction Surgery

There is no specific preparation other than the right frame of mind and the right expectations from the procedure.

Book Surgery with Allure Medspa

  • Plan your travel dates and simultaneously check with us for the doctor’s availability on those dates.
  • Send us a copy of your air tickets
  • We shall accordingly plan your consultation and Concierge service (optional) and get back to you with all details
  • Note: We do not ask for any advance payments or deposits.

Allure Medspa concierge service

Allure Medspa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have surgery with our renowned surgeons.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodgingrestaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-surgical experience for our out-of-country patients. Please feel free to contact the Counselor via for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

After effects

Following the procedure, a protective bandage will be placed around the newly-protruding nipple. This protective bandage should be worn for 6 weeks and is meant to protect the nipple from external pressure that could push the nipple back inward. The sutures holding the repair together dissolve within a few weeks, and the scar is usually not noticeable since the procedure is minimally invasive and only a small incision is made. You will have discomfort that will easily be managed with simple pain pills. Most of the patients do not need pain pills for more than 1-2 days.

Results will last for

After the first post-operative visit, you will see at almost 12 weeks. If your nipples have maintained their position by this time, it is unlikely they will revert and no further visits are required.

Next consultation if required

At Allure Medspa, our support doesn’t end when you achieve your cosmetic and health goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results. For more information on nipple correction surgery and our extensive aftercare program or to schedule an appointment, call Allure Medspa at (+91)-98690 41559

Nipple Reconstruction After Breast Cancer
Women who have undergone a mastectomy can also benefit from nipple reconstruction following a Reconstructive Breast procedure. While reconstructive flap or tissue expansion procedures can give a woman back her feminine figure with a newly reconstructed breast – nipple reconstruction can help add the finishing touch for a more natural appearance. There are several different methods that we can use to recreate a nipple and areola for your breast. Grafting is one of the more common procedures, which takes donor skin and tissue to rebuild the nipple. Nipple reconstruction will typically be performed once your breasts have healed from your previous surgery. Not all women choose to undergo this procedure, but those who desire a more natural look will benefit from the surgery.

Are there any risks with nipple correction?
Fortunately, significant complications from nipple corrective surgery are infrequent. Every year, many people undergo successful nipple surgery and experience no major problems and are delighted with the results. Anyone considering surgery, however, should be aware of both the benefits and the risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation.

After nipple correction surgery when can I resume normal activities?
Many patients can return to work and resume most of their normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after three to five days.

Can I expect aftercare following nipple correction surgery?
Aftercare is an essential part of the recovery process here at Allure Medspa. Once your nipple correction surgery is complete, your surgeon or a member of our nursing staff will arrange regular examinations to monitor your progress.

How much does nipple correction surgery cost?
For an estimate on how much a nipple reduction cost, we recommend that you call Allure Medspa on +91 98690 41559 for our latest nipple correction prices. For specific information based on your individual needs, we will be happy to arrange a consultation.