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Genioplasty, also known as chin augmentation surgery, Chin enlargement surgery, is a form of cosmetic surgery that involves repositioning or reshaping the chin to improve facial harmony. In most cases, this procedure can be performed quickly in local anesthesia. It is a day care surgery. Genioplasty can be both surgical and non-surgical. In non-surgical genioplasty, fat or fillers are used to achieve desired results.

The main goal of Genioplasty is to restore facial harmony. The shape of our chin has a deep impact on how our face looks and the overall contours of the face,

Because of increased awareness, availability, and safety profile, chin augmentation is becoming more and more acceptable. A study done by ASPS reported that over 14369 Chin implants were done and 16400 chin augmentation surgeries were done in the USA in 2018, which is 2.0% higher than the previous year. Women opting for chin implants were 73%, while men mainly opted for chin augmentation surgery by 58%. Reference: ASPS

The average surgeon’s fee for chin augmentation surgery cost is $3,015, while in India the is an average around Rs. 80,000- 1lakh. Reference: ASPS.

At Allure Medspa. Mumbai, India we offer 3-D virtual consultation with our doctor, where your concerns will be addressed and a personalized plan is made. You can also pre-visualize the expected results of the surgery in that consultation.

We provide a range of chin restoration options, form non surgical options like dermal fillers and fat injections to advanced Genioplasty surgeries at affordable cost with quality care.

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Chin Augmentation , Quick Facts

Time Required 1 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia, Sometime General Anesthesia
Pain Level Mild to Moderate Well Managed With Medications
Result Major Difference Visible Immediately Final Result 1 to 2 Months
Diet Soft Diet Initial 2 to 3 Days
Hospital Stay Day Care Surgery
Flyback 2-3 Days
Satisfaction Rate More than 95%
Complication Rate Less than 1 to 2%
Chin Surgery Cost Mumbai, India 80000 to 100000 INR
Non Surgical Chin Augmentation Cost 25000 to 50000 INR

There are a number of reasons why you might consider chin augmentation:Benefits of chin augmentation

  • Strengthen a weak, underdeveloped chin.
  • Increase the height or width of the chin
  • Produce a more attractive , well defined jawline.
  • Minimize the appearance of jowls or a double chin
  • Bring balance to the nose and chin
  • Change the appearance of chin dimpling

Gender is an important factor for deciding that. As a rule, women prefer a slightly less projecting, rounder chin while men tolerate a slightly more projecting, angular chin. Remember that the height of the chin pad as well as the location and depth of the labiomental fold will affect the appearance of the chin.

1. Lower Face Evaluations:

A) Lip Evaluation

Proportion of lips

The lower lip is normally fuller than the upper lip. The fullness of the lower lip determines the inclination of the lower lip, which affects the appearance of the chin.

B) Labiomental Fold

The position of the labiomental fold contributes to the appearance of the vertical height of the chin. A high labiomental fold will make the chin appear larger, and a low labiomental fold will make the chin appear smaller and more defined. A shallow labiomental fold makes the chin appear larger because the demarcation between the lower lip and the chin pad is less well defined.

C) Inclination of the Lower Lip

In conjunction with the labiodental fold, the inclination of the lower lip also affects one’s perception of chin size. The lower lip inclination helps to create a demarcation between the lip and the chin pad. Therefore, the more vertical the lower lip, the larger the chin appears.

D) Occlusion

Dental occlusion also affects the appearance of the lower third of the face. For example, a deep bite may contribute to lower lip eversion. It is important to assess dental occlusion and inquire about prior orthodontic or orthognathic treatment. Often orthognathic treatment and genioplasty are clubbed together.

2.  Chin Evaluation

Chin pad thickness

The chin pad is assessed by palpation. Static chin pad position is noted.

Bony component

It is important to assess the size of the bony chin, especially in the case of the large chin. This is accomplished through palpation and dynamic evaluation: when smiling, a large chin due to a large bony component becomes even more pronounced, whereas a large chin due to excess soft tissue will appear better as the soft-tissue becomes effaced. Cephalograms (head x-rays) are especially useful in determining the size and shape of the bony component.

Orientation of deficiency or excess

In some patients, there is a prominent symphyseal ridge or bulky mentalis muscle which causes increased chin projection just below the labiomental fold. In some cases, bony reduction is indicated.

 Chin point projection should coincide with the facial midline. Transverse chin point asymmetry should be noted.


The shape of the chin is important in preoperative planning. Women usually prefer a smaller, rounder chin while men tolerate a larger, more angular chin.

  • Dynamic assessment

During a normal smile, the lip muscles elevate the corners of the mouth moving the chin pad superiorly. Some patients have a horizontal, non-lifting smile. Patients with a horizontal smile have unbalanced lower lip activity which causes dynamic chin pad ptosis with smiling. Dynamic mentalis muscle activity should also be assessed. Activation of the mentalis produces upward movement of the lower lip enabling us to pout. Patients with congenital or iatrogenic low mentalis origin may have excessive tooth show in repose and a limited ability to elevate the lower lip to pout.

If you are hesitant with going for a surgery, we offer non-surgical options like:

1. Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers provide immediate results but only last about six months. During that time, patients often decide if they’d prefer to make their results long-lasting by choosing to undergo chin implants or genioplasty.  Patients may also choose to allow the temporary results from the dermal fillers to fade, returning their facial profile to its original appearance.

2. Fat Injections:

Fat injections provide similar results as dermal fillers. Fat is harvested from the other body area by liposuction. The harvested fat cells are then re-injected into targeted areas of your chin to achieve the best aesthetic results.

3. Limitations of Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation:

These processes are non-invasive and show results immediately, but there are certain limitations to such procedures too:

  • Temporary results- last up to 9-12 months
  • Only effective in doing minor changes
  • Cannot fix every problem
  • Often done along with surgery for desired results.

1. Chin Osteotomy

The osseous Genioplasty can address a wide variety of chin deformities ranging from microgenia (small chin) to macrogenia (large chin) to chin asymmetry. Moreover, osseous genioplasty avoids synthetic materials and the associated complications that can occur with a long term foreign body in body.

Mostly patients are comfortable with a subtle change. A change of 5-6mm is often considered for them. However, a change upto 10mm can be achieved by this procedure.

However, it is a major surgery done along with orthodontic (braces) treatment. It is done only in severe cases.

2. Chin Implants

Chin implants can be used to reshape, enlarge, or push forward the appearance of the chin. Surgical chin augmentation involves putting various implants into the chin and adhering it to the bone.

  • Different material

silicone elastomer, polyethylene, hydroxyapatite,

  • Different texture  

Smooth and porous (smooth more preferred)

  • Different size  

They are small, medium, and large sizes available.

  • Different shape  

They are in various shape, just front enhancing, with side extension, height increasing

After selecting the most appropriate shape for your need, your cosmetic surgeon will select the best match of the implant size and do a little trimming according to the best fit for you.

Indication for chin augmentation surgery are:

  • Some patients opt for Genioplasty to either get their chins enhanced or reduced.
  • In rare instances, people have congenital malformations of the chin or asymmetry of the chin.
  • To fix post traumatic deformity.
  • People who decide to have a gender reassignment surgery sometimes undergo this process as a part of the transition process.
  • an overly projected chin requiring bony reduction
  • lengthening or shortening in vertical dimension (too tall or too short of a chin) as well as transverse asymmetries.

Not Recommended For

Osseous genioplasty is not recommended for patients with periodontal disease or patients who have long teeth with a short mandibular height.

Apart from these, some basic eligibility criteria also need to be fulfilled:

  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Good health without any unfavourable conditions that could complicate surgery such as restricted blood flow, coronary artery disease, uncontrolled diabetes, or a weak immune system.
  • A Clear goal of the chin augmentation surgery
  • Realistic expectations for results
  • You know the recovery, risk and result and limitations of the surgery
  • An emotionally Stable mind-set is required to have the best results

Today you get all general information on the internet. The consultation is an opportunity to ask questions regarding your concerns directly to your operating surgeon.

It is good to make a list of important questions before proceeding for the consultation step. So you won’t miss addressing any of your concerns. The patient care coordinator is always there to help you.

Your Surgeon Will Evaluate:

  • the shape of the chin
  • the vertical height of the chin
  • the inclination from the lower lip white roll to the labiomental fold
  • the thickness of the chin pad
  • The chin pad takes off below the fold.
  • the chin pad percentage as a function of the height of labiomental fold
  • static ptosis
  • dynamic pad ptosis with smile

Online consultation at Allure Medspa, Mumbai, India:

Now you can have a consultation from the comfort of your home. You can save a lot of time by avoiding consultation. Take your photographs as advised and mail them to us. We create your image with software. We can share the screen with you . It gives you a realistic idea, what a look can be achieved by chin augmentation surgery. It’s better to see your expected results and modify it then, rather than going for corrective surgeries.

1. Pre-operative Preparations

You should be in your optimum health for a safe and smooth recovery

Once you decide to go ahead with surgery you are advised the following:

  1. Complete your body check-up test
  2. Any medical condition like diabetes or hypertension should be under control.
  3. Quit smoking as advised by the surgeon
  4. Any nutritional support or on-counter medicineshould be stopped
  5. You will be given detail instruction before surgery
  6. The cosmetic surgery team is always there to guide you in case of any confusion.

2. On Admission at Cosmetic Surgery Center

A)  Please inform me about:

  1. Recent illness like a common cold, fever, urinary tract infection, or any other seasonal illness
  2. Your medical ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid, or any other illness
  3. Any ongoing medication
  4. History of any major illness, hospitalization, trauma, or surgery
  5. Drug or any other allergy
  6. Family history of any significant illness like blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac ailment, cancer, G 6 PD deficiency, thyroid, thalassemia, bleeding disorder, or any other illness.

B) The Cosmetic Surgeon Will:

  • Listen to your concerns and explain to you again about the surgery
  • Discuss your goalof hair transplant surgery
  • Your physical fitness is also evaluated
  • Will mark the operative area with your active participation. This is useful as guidelines in the procedure.
  • Preoperative medications will be started.
  • The preoperative formalities are done.

3.   In Operation Theater

A) Anaesthesia

 local anaesthesia is given.

B) Incision

Two types:  The intraoral incision (inside the mouth) is selected when muscle correction is necessary.

The submental incision provides excellent exposure and enables the operating surgeon to remove skin and/or fat tissue.

(If a silicone implant will be used, we limit the size of the dissection pocket in order to help secure the implant.)

C) Pocket Dissection

By gently stretching this tissue, the surgeon creates a space where an implant can be inserted.

D) Implant Placement and Fixation

This implant, made of synthetic material that feels much like natural tissue normally found in the chin, is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. This allows custom fitting of the implant to the configurations of the patient’s face.


E) Osteotomy and Fixation

The doctor then makes a horizontal cut along the chin bone. If you’re getting your chin moved backward or made smaller, your doctor also cuts out a wedge of bone. Then they slide the bone forward or backward and attach screws and possibly a metal plate to ensure it stays in place.

To make your chin longer, they reattach the bone with a gap between the rest of the jaw and the chin. Bone will grow back over time and fill this gap.

 There are various types of osteotomy   according to the need of each individual. Mobilised bone is fixed with screw and plate.

F)  Closure:

After implantation, the surgeon uses fine sutures to close the incision. When the incision is inside the mouth, no scarring is visible. If the incision is under the chin, the scar is usually imperceptible.

G) Immediate Recovery

  • There will be swelling, bruising, redness and discomfort in the operated area.
  • Your doctor will prescribe you medicines to recover.
  • Use ice packs in the operated area to get some relief from swelling and discomfort.
  • You might feel heaviness in the lower lip, inside of cheeks and sides of tongue. This is due to anesthesia. It takes 2-6 hours for the anesthesia to wear off. Try not to cut your lips and tongue during that time.
  • You might also feel difficulty in talking initially because of anesthesia. Everything will come to normal as soon as the effect wears off.

  • The final results of a chin augmentation procedure can take upto 3 months to show as the swelling subsides.
  • The effect of the surgery is permanent and lasts for a lifetime, though a patient can opt for a revision.

A light compressive dressing of stretch tape is applied to the chin to ensure soft tissue contact with the underlying bone. The dressing is worn continuously for 4 days and then removed. Drains, if employed, are removed within 24 hours.

Ice packs can be placed on the chin for the first 48-72 hours to help decrease discomfort and swelling.

Following your surgery, your surgeon will instruct you to take antibiotics for two days. Oral stitches are absorbable, so you won’t have to return to the hospital to get them removed.

You may begin eating normally as soon as you feel you’re ready. A liquid or soft-food diet is recommended if the incision is inside the mouth. You must rinse your mouth with water or antiseptic oral rinse following every meal.

After three to five days, you can remove your wound dressings and compression tape, and return to your daily routine. Don’t exercise for the first 10 days following surgery. Don’t participate in contact sports for six to eight weeks.

You need to elevate the head of your bed if possible or use two or three pillows to sleep. This aftercare measure helps to reduce the swelling.

Avoid accidentally hitting your chin against any solid objects, sleeping on your chin or vigorous exercise that could strain the chin.

You may notice swelling, redness, or bruising, which should go away after a few days.

Fortunately, when an experienced surgeon has appropriately analysed the chin problem and reviewed the patient, genioplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis with few complications.

  • Nerve injury: nerve injured during the incision. (rare)
  • The mandibular tooth roots can be injured during the osteotomy or screw placement.
  • Hematomas
  • The inadequate genial fixation will result in either relapse or asymmetries. We avoid this complication by ensuring satisfactory lag screw fixation on the table rather than relying on postoperative dressings and body healing.
  • Infection of the surgical site
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Numbness: nerve injury can lead to permanent or temporary numbness

World-class infrastructure and expertise lead many NRI and foreign tourists to Mumbai, India for chin augmentation and many other cosmetic surgeries. Safe chin augmentation surgery cost in India is one-third of the developed countries. We provide affordable chin augmentation surgery without sacrificing the quality and safety.

It’s difficult to generalize how much genioplasty will cost. The cost of each surgery is as unique as you are Depending upon the cost of the implant and other factors surgery cost will vary from 70 thousand to 1.5 lakh rupees

Here is a small guideline so you can choose the best value for your money while selecting the best chin augmentation surgeon or cosmetic surgery center in India.

There are many factors affecting chin augmentation surgery cost but, the two most IMPORTANT factors are:

  1. Board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon
  2. NABH certified cosmetic surgery center

1. The Patient’s Profile:

  1. The treatment option finalizedfor chin augmentation
  2. The shift of jaw needed
  3. The Goal of your surgery 
  4. Revisionchin augmentation surgery cost will be more
  5. General health
  6. The associated local condition like scar area conditionincreases chin augmentation cost

2. The Expert Chin augmentation Surgeon:

Yes, the chin augmentation surgeon will be the core of the safe transformation of your look.


He must be an Indian board-certified plastic surgeonM.Ch. degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery in India. It is a highly sophisticated training program of 11 and a half years for the delicate handling of patient tissue. (5 and a half for M.B.B.S, 3 years of general surgery, and 3 more years of plastic surgery).


  • How many years has the cosmetic surgeon been in practice?
  • Does he perform exclusive cosmetic surgery or he is a general plastic surgeon?
  • What are the number of chin augmentation surgeries he performed?


His membership with recognized national and international aesthetic plastic surgeon organizations like; ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, IMA, AMC, suggest that he is upgrading himself with the development of the medical field.


  • You can find out on social media review or
  • Can get referrals from your friends’ circle.
  • How much is it easy to approach?
  • Transparent behavior
  • The chin augmentation result
  • Follow-up care standard

One must select that cosmetic surgeon with whom one will feel comfortable.

3.  Chin augmentation Surgery Centre:

There are many variables in chin augmentation surgery centers. one should select a center based on the safety and ease of follow up.

A)  City

Tier 1 city or metro city like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. Kolkata will have more cost. You get easy and frequent transportation. Medical infrastructure is better compared to smaller cities.

You have better infrastructure and more expert or specialized doctors.

You can enjoy your recovery time with plenty of options.

B) Location

The prime location will have more cost. you can have easy transportation and various tourist destinations nearby

C) Category

The hospital must be registered with the local authority.

ISO certification: they have their own set of protocol

NABH certification: they are following standard medical protocol advised by the National Accreditation Board of Hospital

JCI certification: It follows international standards and is recognized by the Joint Commission of International. Very few across India are recognized

D) Set Up

It is a clinic/daycare center / cosmetic surgery center / multispecialty hospital.

Cosmetic surgery center ambiance, cleanliness & hygiene makes difference but a hospital with night stay facility increases your safety

4. Technology Used for Chin Augmentation Surgery:

Most of the center offers conventional chin augmentation technology. We offer a wide array of options like genioplasty, chin implants, dermal fillers, fat injections etc. that helps in achieving the desired result.

5. Chin Implant


6. Medicine:

 Medicines include anesthesia, surgical medicine, disposable, and consumables.

7. Follow Up Visits:

The more the number of follow-ups the more the cost of the procedure would be.

8. Support Team

How the staff is supportive during and post-surgery follow-ups are important to make a comfortable recovery.

Note: Most health insurance plans do not cover Cosmetic Surgery as well as do not include any additional surgery cost or revision chin augmentation surgery cost.

Dr. Milan Doshi’s average Chin augmentation surgery cost at his Cosmetic Surgery center, Andheri, Mumbai is as Below:

Augmentation Genioplasty 100000 to 150000 INR
Reduction Genioplasty 100000 to 150000 INR
Chin Implant Surgery (Including Implant) 80000 to 130000 INR


  1. Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery or a chin augmentation surgery cost.
  2. Revision chin augmentation surgery costs will be more.
  3. EMI facilities are also Available at Allure Medspa.
  4. Additional 18% GST By Govt Of India On All Cosmetic Surgery

Chin Augmentation Surgery Cost Includes:

  • Milan Doshi’s Fee
  • Medicines/consumables during surgery
  • Vardan Hospital facility and up to 1-day stay
  • Technology used.
  • Chin implant cost
  • Immediate post-operative follow-ups.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Cost Does Not Include:

  • Preoperative fitness test
  • Post-operative medications (to be taken at home)
  • Cost arising due to any associated medical condition
  • Rare and unforeseen health circumstances experienced by the patients

Chin augmentation surgery cost at Allure Medspa, Mumbai, India gives you the best value for your money.

Dr. Milan Doshi

  • An Indian board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon
  • more than 21 years of experience
  • Have performed hundreds of chin augmentation surgeries in his career.
  • He regularly performs various types of chin augmentation surgery. He recommends implantas per your facial need and goal of the surgery.
  • Doshi’s artistic hand combines conventional techniques with modern technology and gives you a younger-looking natural profile to enhance your confidence.
  • Milan Doshi has been recognized as the safest and trusted surgeon in Mumbai, India.
  • He is high on the demand, especially for the celebrity Cosmetic surgeon from the Bollywood fraternity because of consistently delivering unmatched results.

To know more about Dr. Milan Doshi, kindly click the link below:

  • NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) certification for Goregaon center assures you about the best medical practice, safety, and comfortable recovery. We follow a stringent medical protocol for your safety.
  • It is owned by Dr. Milan Doshi himself so it is specially designed for cosmetic surgery patients
  • We provide Online consultation. You can have the best possible consultation sitting at your home. You get ready with the preoperative preparation  so save time.
  • Hospital is equipped with an advanced lifesaving
  • The staff at the cosmetic surgery center is well-experienced to take all the post-operative care. They patiently guide you taking post-operative care of yourself before discharging to make your journey of fine to fabulous as well as a pleasant experience.
  • Allure Medspa clinic is at the heart of the Bollywood, which is easy to commute for pre- and post-operative visits. Whilst away from the glittering world, Goregaon center assures you about the utmost privacy.
  • If you are coming from an outstation, you can request a pick-up facility to make your journey safe.
  • The patient care coordinator is there to address any concerns immediately and coordinate with the medical team to make your recovery smooth and safer.
  • The patient care coordinator is there to guide you for your visa, travel, or vacation plan during your visit to Mumbai.

We Are Committed to Make Your Fine to Fabulous Journey Memorable and comfortable

Get Real Chin Augmentation Surgery Cost for you at Allure Medspa Mumbai, India.

You have a busy life and time adjustment is difficult and more so you would not like to travel long before for consultation.  We value your time.  We bring the latest technology to the doorstep to make your journey comfortable.

We, at Allure Medspa, are committed to transparency. A transparent cost is the first step to build trust for a long term relation Our patient’s testimonials are real proof of our result, service, and transparency.

Q: What age can you get a chin augmentation?
A: If you are above 18,you can go for a chin augmentation.

Q: Is the surgery of chin augmentation painful?
A: chin augmentation surgery is practically painless. During the procedure of chin augmentation, local or general anesthesia will be administered. One might feel a little discomfort after the surgery, which will subside with medication. Expert surgeon and advance technology are the key factors to minimize the pain

Q: Is bleeding after chin augmentation normal?
A: Practically there is no bleeding after genioplasty surgery.

Q: What can be the sequel of a chin augmentation?
A: The sequel of chin augmentation can be experienced with the following:
Expert cosmetic surgeon, accredited surgical facility and advance technology reduces chances of any

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing
  • Change in skin sensation that may persist
  • cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Need for revision surgery
  • Persistent swelling.

Q: How dangerous is a chin augmentation?
A:   Chin augmentation is very safe surgery.. However, some minor complications may arise which will resolve in a few days. A chin augmentation is an aesthetic skill demanding surgery,

Q: What is the limitation of a chin augmentation?
A: Chin augmentation surgery is not recommended for patients with periodontal disease. or patients who have long teeth with a short mandibular height.

Q: Does chin augmentation result in the long term?
A: Chin augmentation results are generally permanent.

Q: What can you not do after a chin augmentation?
A: After a chin augmentation, avoid smoking, taking blood thinners, vigorous exercise, and keep your body hydrated.

Q: How long after the chin augmentation can I work out?
A: Recommends that patients can restart cardio like activity within 10 days and heavy exercise regimen about 2 to 3 weeks after chin augmentation.

Q: How long does it take to recover from chin augmentation surgery?
A: Most people are able to return to work after 2-5 days of surgery.

Q: Is chin augmentation surgery permanent?
A: The results of chin augmentation are long lasting and permanent.

Q: What is the success rate of chin augmentation?
A: Success rate is as high as 98 to 100% as long as you choose an experienced surgeon for your surgery.

Q. Does my insurance cover chin augmentation?
A: Health insurance plans do not cover chin augmentation surgery or its complications.

Q: Does genioplasty improve jawline?
A: It restores the facial harmony and in turn improves jawline too.

Q: Is a chin implant worth it?
A: Yes, totally. It is minimally invasive and very successful.

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