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About Chin Augmentation Surgery

A weak chin makes the neck appear fleshy. It accentuates the size of a normal nose and makes a large nose seem especially big. Chin enlargement through chin implant surgery brings the facial features into harmony and balances the overall facial structure.

Chin augmentation surgery creates a stronger profile or more balanced facial features. The procedure is often part of a comprehensive facial plastic surgery plan that includes cosmetic enhancement of the nose.

The Chin Augmentation Surgery Advantage

Cosmetic chin surgery is an excellent option for anyone who feels that their chin is not shaped right in relation to the rest of the face. Good candidates for the procedure include those who have a:

  • Recessed chin
  • Pointed or squared chin
  • Prominent nose
  • Fleshy neck

Popular among men and women, chin enhancement can be accomplished via facial implants for chin enlargement or advancement, or via Chin Reduction surgery for those who would like their jaw to appear less prominent in profile.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Images

Chin Augmentation Procedure

Recessive chin enlargement surgery uses chin implants to supplement the existing bone at the front of the jaw beneath the teeth. The artificial implant sits under the skin and gives a permanent boost to the strength and definition of the chin. This augmentation method can give patients a pleasing, well-proportioned look that seems completely natural.

A cosmetic chin enlargement procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis at the surgeon’s facility, but may be performed at a hospital. The length of time the procedure takes depends on several factors, but is usually from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

The incision created during the operation are made underneath the chin or inside of the mouth between the gum and lower lip. Once the incisions are made, the chin implant is inserted and positioned in front of the jawbone. Once this is done, the chin implant is sutured into place, and the procedure is complete. Sutures inside the mouth will dissolve after about 10 days.

ALLURE MEDSPA: The Best place for a Chin Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Milan Doshi is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who is highly specialized in facial surgery procedures and the member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). He takes an extraordinarily detailed approach to each procedure, and believes there is no such thing as a standard procedure. Instead, he customizes every facial surgery to the needs of the patient.

It is Dr. Doshi’s goal to maintain the patient’s natural beauty. Therefore, during the cheek Augmentation surgery, Dr. Doshi is able to precisely tighten and sculpt facial features and restore volume, preserving the patient’s natural facial contours for a natural and vibrant outcome.

As such, he has unparalleled knowledge of the underlying structures of the face and experience in dealing with delicate facial nerve. Safety and preservation of the facial nerve is one of the most important aspects of a facial surgery.

Celebrity Clients

Since confidentiality and utmost privacy of our clients are our prime ethics, Allure MedSpa is the most favored choice of many celebrities for their corrective and cosmetic procedures.


Depending on the surgeon’s and the patient’s preference, local or general anesthesia may be used.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We at Allure MedSpa care follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy and protection, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


Sutures are removed in 6-7 days and patients usually return to work within 10 days. Patients can resume light exercise 2 weeks after surgery.

Chin Augmentation Cost | Chin Implant Cost India

Allure MedSpa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services,offers value for your money with cosmetic procedures. To know more about the Chin Implant Cost India request a consult by filling the form below. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about Chin Implant Cost India and put your mind at rest. Your surgeon will be able to offer you full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

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Quick Facts about Chin Augmentation

Are you the right fit for the procedure?

Chin augmentation surgery offers many aesthetic benefits. Good candidates for the procedure include those who have a:

  • Recessed chin
  • Pointed or squared chin
  • Prominent nose
  • Fleshy neck

Comprehensive care, before, during & after surgery

At Allure MedSpa, we don’t simply provide surgical solutions; we recognize your needs extend beyond the surgical procedure itself.

Our dedicated post-surgical section is designed with your comfort and care in mind. Our entire staff from the expert team of anesthesiologists to nurses, will ensure you are treated with utmost care and warmth.

The Aftercare Advantage

The most comfortable position to recover in after surgery is a reclining chair with your head elevated. The night following your surgery, you may experience some discomfort that can be controlled with your prescribed pain medication. Temporary bruising and swelling are common the first night after surgery.

Pre-operative requirements in order to undergo surgery

  • Your current health history as well as your medications and drug allergies will be reviewed.
  • Routine laboratory testing is ordered.
  • It is important to be sun-smart (using UVA and UVB sun protection) prior to any Face Lift procedure.
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before and one week after surgery, as nicotine can impair circulation and healing.
  • Avoid alcohol in excess for two weeks before and one week after the surgery.

Patient preparation before Chin Augmentation Surgery

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to prepare for the procedure.

  • You should arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery, and to help you out for a day or two.
  • You should plan to take one week off of work, so swelling and bruising can resolve.
  • For patients who work in sedentary jobs, two weeks should be enough time to look presentable at work.
  • If your job is very strenuous, you may need more time to ensure healing is well underway.

Book Surgery with Allure MedSpa

  • Plan your travel dates and simultaneously check with us for doctor’s availability on those dates.
  • Send us a copy of your air tickets
  • We shall accordingly plan your consultation and Concierge service (optional) and get back to you with all details

Allure MedSpa concierge service

Allure MedSpa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have surgery with our renowned surgeons.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodging, restaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-surgical experience for our out-of-country patients. Please feel free to contact the Counsellor Book a councelling Session for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

After effects

The night following your surgery, you may experience some discomfort that can be easily controlled with your prescribed pain medication. Temporary bruising and swelling are common the first night after surgery.

Results will last for

Once in place, the chin implant should create a strong, natural-looking jaw line.

Next consultation if required

At Allure MedSpa, our support doesn’t end when you achieve your cosmetic and health goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results.For more information on Face Lift surgery and our extensive aftercare program or to Book an appointment, call Allure MedSpa at: +91 9869041559.

Chin Augmentation FAQs

Are there any risks with cheek and chin implants?

Fortunately, significant complications from chin implants are infrequent. Every year, many people undergo successful chin implant surgery, experience no major problems and are delighted with the results. Anyone considering surgery, however, should be aware of both the benefits and the risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation.

What happens after my cheek and chin implant surgery?

It is normal to experience swelling and bruising which should settle down within few days. Usually you will need one to two weeks off work to speed up your recovery.

Can I expect aftercare?

Allure medspa prides itself on high quality aftercare for patients undergoing chin implant surgery, as well as our other cosmetic procedures. We take a special interest in monitoring the progress of your chin implants and will invite you back for regular follow up examinations with your surgeon or our nursing staff.

How much do cheek and chin implant cost india?

For an estimate on how much chin implants may cost, we recommend that you call Allure medspa on +91 9869041559 for our latest chin implant cost india. For specific information based on your individual needs, we will be happy to arrange a consultation. Allure medspa provide a range of tried and proven facial treatments.

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