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Cheekbone Lift Surgery


Cheeks are the aesthetic focal point of the face. They have the ability to make the face appear male, female, young, old, attractive or less so.

Men and women have different ideal shapes when it comes to their cheeks. Women look soft, feminine and attractive with full round cheeks. Men, on the other hand, are ideally suited for cheeks that are short and narrow which gives the face an overall chiseled or angular appearance that is perceived as ruggedly masculine.


Cheek Lift, also known as malar or submalar augmentation, is a plastic surgery procedure which uses implants or otherwise to add definition and fullness to the cheekbones. Cheek augmentation can add a more balanced appearance to the face. The surgery may be performed on its own or it may be combined with other procedures like a facelift.

Some of the benefits of cheek lift surgery include:

  • Reduced appearance of nasolabial creases (lines between the nose and mouth)
  • Enhanced mid-facial volume and curves on the cheeks
  • Lifted the corners of the mouth gently
  • Smoother skin under the eyes and a more rested appearance

During the cheek lift procedure, Dr. Doshi vertically lifts the sagging cheek tissues to a more youthful position where the fatty tissue can help support the skin contours. He begins by creating well-concealed incisions on the scalp above the hairline and in the mouth above the gum line. Through these “hidden” incisions, he restores the facial tissues onto the cheekbones. The tissues are suspended into place with sutures that dissolve within a month, long after the tissues have firmly healed to their new location. As the weight of the fat is shifted, typically the skin of the cheeks and lower lids will return to their former location. The cheek lift can be combined with a face and neck lift to fully rejuvenate the face and neck in a natural appearing fashion


In most cases, cheek lift surgery will be performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. This procedure generally takes about two hours, although exact times will vary.

Incisions are made inside of the lip and then an appropriately sized implant is inserted under each cheekbone. The incisions are then closed.

Your surgeon is the best person to decide after a thorough examination which of the above procedures suits best.

Recovery after cheek augmentation takes about a week. You may have little difficulty moving the mouth and lips at first, and dietary restrictions may be necessary.

The Aftercare Advantage/ Advice

You should avoid strenuous activities for a week after surgery to decrease any swelling. Most patients return to work in 10 days to two weeks. Occasionally, some patients report that they can feel the endotines when they touch their cheek area. The endotines will gradually disappear, and will not be noticeable after a while.

Individuals should keep the head elevated as much as possible, and utilize cold compresses in regular intervals for several days. These measures will help minimize bruising and swelling. Occasionally, a partially numb sensation may linger in the upper lip, this resolves with time.

After effects

Due to the more conservative nature of the cheek lift procedure, which does not require skin to be pulled or trimmed, this operation typically offers a shorter recovery period and less downtime when compared to a facelift. Cheek swelling of some amount persists for weeks; however, this effect generally is not noticeable to others as any abnormal size or shape due to surgical swelling is almost always gone in a week to 10 days.

If you are healthy and looking to improve definition in the mid face area or cheekbones, you may be a good candidate for cheek augmentation.

  • To ensure a safe surgical procedure, your current health history as well as your medications and drug allergies will be reviewed.
  • You will be asked to stop taking any medications that can thin your blood and increase your risk of bleeding before the surgery.
  • Routine laboratory testing is ordered.
  • It is important to be sun-smart (using UVA and UVB sun protection) prior to any Face Lift procedure.
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before and one week after surgery, as nicotine can impair circulation and healing.
  • Avoid alcohol in excess for two weeks before and one week after the surgery.

Cheek bone augmentation /reduction surgery cost varies from 80,000 to 100,000 INR at Allure Medspa, Mumbai, India. Cost of malar implant around 30,000 to 50,000 INR will be extra.
Limited cheek augmentation can be achieved with fat injection, if done with liposuction is comparatively cheaper alternative to get your desire look. Associated need of mid face lift cost you more.
Allure MedSpa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services,offers affordable and cost effective cosmetic procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure request a consult by filling the form below. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about cheek lift and put your mind at rest. Your surgeon will be able to offer you full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

The natural aging process will continue, and the skin around the cheeks may begin to naturally slide again after several years, although individual experiences will vary. To help maintain the outcome, patients are encouraged to avoid smoking, excess sun exposure, and dramatic changes in weight. By following these suggestions, benefits almost always last 10 years or longer.

Allure MedSpa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have surgery with our renowned surgeons.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodgingrestaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-surgical experience for our out-of-country patients.

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