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Easy Steps to Plan Tension Free Cosmetic Surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Center Mumbai

  • Get your dream look in the upcoming vacation.
  • No matter where you are in the world, we as a team committed to your safe and memorable transformative journey
  • Enjoy the Bollywood world and explore the very happening life in Mumbai.

Step 1: Submit Your Inquiry With Just Basic Information:

Our patient care coordinator will contact you in 12 hours. They will provide you all the general information regarding the procedure of your interest. Once you are satisfied you can ask for a virtual consultation

Step 2: Ask for Your Treatment Plan:

NOTE: All information received will be treated as strictly confidential.

  • Fill up the Pre-Consultation form
  • Describe your concern
  • Mention your medical history or previous treatment if any in detail. Submit good quality photographs of the area of concern along with it.
  • Complete detail is necessary for proper assessment of your concern and to formulate the best possible surgical treatment with utmost safety.

Know Your Transformation Journey

Step 3: Get Transparent Quotation for You in a Day:

Following the receipt of your Pre-Consultation Form and good quality photographs, Dr. Milan Doshi will evaluate your concern and medical detail personally. He will advise a treatment plan specific to you.

Our Package Covers

  • The Surgical Procedure
  • Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Anaesthesiologist charges
  • Hospital facility: operation theatre and up to two-day stay charges
  • All medical consumables during the surgery
  • All the Pre and Post-operative Consultations
  • Pick up from airport or railway station on arrival

You will get the most transparent quotation. It is an all-inclusive quotation in detail as there is no hidden cost.

The Investment for Your Confident Life

Step 4: Virtual Consultation:

Once you are okay with the quotation you can have a virtual consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi ask the patient care coordinator for the same.

Meet Your Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Milan Doshi

Step 5: Fitness Assessment:

For safety purposes, cosmetic surgery must be done only when you are at your optimum health Dr. Doshi will advise you a few medical fitness tests. It is advisable to check your physical fitness before you start your journey. It allows us to correct your physical fitness and save your travel time.

Step 6: Book Your Date:

Once you decide the date for your travel, you will be able to make your reservation.

Apply visa online

Our team will help you to fix the date according to the availability of Dr. Milan Doshi.

They will also help you with:

  • Visa
  • Air Ticket Booking

You can make the reservation of your trip just by sending us by email a copy of your travel arrangement (purchase confirmation of your flight ticket), which includes all the information about your flight (date and hour of arrival and departure, Airline Company, flight number, etc.).

There are 2 possible ways to make your reservation and block your date are:

  1. By paying the total amount of your package before you arrive in India. In this case, you will have to make an international bank to bank transfer 7 days before your departure.
  2. Or you can pay the total amount after consultation, once you decide to go ahead with the surgery.  Consultation is non-obligatory

Step 7: Receive the Program of Your Trip:

Following receipt of your payment, or following the receipt of your flight ticket,   we will send you the schedule of your surgery and program of your trip. Our team is pleased to help you to plan your visit to Mumbai attractions.

Step 8: Arrival at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai:

When you arrive at the airport, our driver will be waiting for you at the exit door of the airport (Photograph and Contact Number Will Be Provided in Advance) and we will take you to Goregaon Hospital. Once you land in Mumbai, the patient care coordinator will contact you on WhatsApp.

Step 9: First Consultation With Dr. Milan Doshi:

On the day of your arrival, you will have a consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi and the medical team.

You will have a personal consultation with Dr. Milan Doshi. You can discuss all your concern. He will examine you and finalise the treatment plan specific to you. Our team will help you to schedule your surgery and Mumbai stay planning.

Consultation is non-obligatory.

It is better to bring your fitness test results with you or we can do all the fitness assessments at Mumbai, which may take one day.

Our quotation is very transparent and 99 % match the real cost.

Consulting Fee is INR 1000 and Pick Up Charges is INR 2000.

Step 10: Preparation for Surgery:

If you haven’t done your fitness check-up at home, your fitness test and the special test will be completed. It takes one working day. At the hospital staff will advise you to get ready for the surgery.

You can have:

  • Free wife (at Goregoan Surgical Center)
  • On-Demand Phone + Indian SIM card for unlimited Indian use (we can guide).

Step 11: Execution of Surgery:

Before starting surgery, Dr. Doshi will again discuss the surgery plan with you and address all your concerns. After surgery, you will be shifted to a room for a comfortable recovery. You will under the observation of our medical team and caring staff.

Step 12: Discharging After Surgery:

You will be discharged in a day or two, depending on the extent of the surgery. You can plan to stay an extra day at the hospital or book hotel nearby; our patient care coordinator will be there to guide you.

Step 13: Post Operative & Convalescence:

The first few days after surgery are the most important to get adequate rest. Please follow post-recovery instruction for a smooth recovery. Team Allure Medspa is just a phone call away and the hospital is 24*7 working for your safety.

During post-surgical appointments cosmetic surgeon Dr. Doshi will check your general condition and ensure that you are healing well.

Most of the time, it is absorbable and stitches don’t need the removal.

Step 14: Explore the City of Mumbai and Surrounding:

After recovering, once the surgeon is pleased with your progress, you will be given the authorization to enjoy some of the interesting attractions our city offers. Our patient care coordinator is there for you to make some travel excursions either within or outside the city, according to the doctor’s permission.

Step 15: Back to Your Country:

Once your general condition is satisfactory, Dr. Doshi will give his authorization so that you may return to your country.

  • Our Driver will drop you at the airport from the hospital
  • Our commitment goes beyond your departure
  • Milan Doshi and team Allure Medspa keep in touch with you even though you have been returned to your country so, after returning to your country, you still, have any doubts or questions; you can get in touch with us by Email or telephone.

we are committed to making your journey from “fine to fabulous” and a memorable one!

"Not able to Travel!
You Can Make a Virtual Consultation
with Dr. Milan Doshi".