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Skin Peels

About the Process

Healthy, vibrant, and glowing skin is the main pre-requisite for a charming face. One of the most popular and effective procedures is the chemical peel, which gives your skin the opportunity for a fresh start. A skin peeling enhances and smoothen the texture of the skin. It is an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation and exfoliates the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new layer with improved tone, texture, and colour.

Today, it is popular because they offer nearly immediate results and can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

Skin Peels at Allure Medspa:

Glycolic Peels:

Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that occurs naturally in sugar cane, is the most common ingredient of light skin peeling. The ingredients and formulation of this peel, however, depend upon the specific patient’s skincare needs. With light chemical peels, the solution is left on the skin for a relatively short amount of time.

When applied to the face or another part of the body, the AHA solution works by removing the outer layers so that a new, smooth layer of skin is revealed. The action of the solution stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, essential components of healthy, youthful skin.

Glycolic acid peels (AHA) are a safe and effective way to improve the look of sun-damaged skin, and they are helpful in reducing mild acne scars and fine lines. Because these exfoliate the surface of the skin and unclog pores, they are also considered and effective for acne treatment.

Salicylic Peels

When a Dermatologist refers to “salicylic peels,” he or she is referring to a beta hydroxy acid.

The most common beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, has been used for decades as an acne remedy, and salicylic acid chemical peeling is especially effective in eliminating acne. Beta hydroxy acids are helpful because they can exfoliate oily skin and deeply penetrate the skin with no irritation.

Cosmelan Peels:

Cosmelan has become the treatment of choice for melasma and especially for sensitive types prone to hyperpigmentation from sun exposure, heat, or blemishes. Cosmelan works by blocking the action of the process that causes hyperpigmentation.

Cosmelan Advantages:

  • Cosmelan is a 2 step intensive topical treatment system designed to reduce and regulate stubborn and dense pigmentation and blotchiness. Cosmelan’s blend of synergistic ingredients works fairly quickly, resulting in an effective blending and reduction of undesirable pigment.
  • Cosmelan regulates the melanin activity, causing the pigment-producing cells to slow down their abnormal over-production and function in a more uniform way. Cosmelan is “sun-friendly” so you can use the products and still have an active outdoor lifestyle. It works well on all skin types – even darker toned Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin skin. Cosmelan will also produce a slight initial peel which helps refinish the epidermal surface while diminishing hyper-pigmentation.
  • Effective in all kinds of melasma and chloasma.
  • It can be used at any time of the year.
  • Compatible with all types of skin.
  • It permits sun exposure without the risk of spots appearing.
  • It is completely safe and does not include TCA or hydroquinone.
  • There are minimal side effects (very little redness and flaking).
  • Beneficial for acne patients by regularizing sebaceous secretion.
  • Skin becomes bright and rejuvenated with lightening of spots and brown areas in just 10 days.

Tca Peels

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) can be used in many concentrations, but it is most commonly used for medium-depth peeling. Fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and pigment problems are commonly improved with TCA.


  • Improves fine surface wrinkles
  • Lessens superficial blemishes
  • Helps blend pigmentation problems


  • Can be used on hands, neck or other body areas
  • May require pre-treatment with Retin-A or AHA creams
  • The treatment takes only 10-15 minutes
  • Peel depth can be adjusted
  • Repeat treatment may be needed to maintain results
  • Sunblock must be used for several months

How TCA Peels Work:

Trichloracetic acid (TCA) peels work by coagulating protein. Typical strengths used vary from 15% up to 50% (although when treating acne scars, higher strengths are used with great success). TCA peels may or may not contain dyes to make them blue. (Most people have heard of Blue Peel. which includes a blue dye so it is visually easy to apply.)

TCA is applied after thorough cleansing with acetone or other degreasing agents. This is done to assure an even peel. We will taper the strength by applying a slightly lower strength to the ears and neck in order to avoid a major difference in epidermal tone between the areas.

Retinoicacid Peel/ Yellow Peel

Retinoic acid peel (yellow peel) belongs to skin treatments with a short recovery period. Retinoids (synthesized equivalents of vitamin A) regulate the processes of differentiation, proliferation, and intercellular communication. When retinoid gets into a cell, they make a bond with nuclear sensors. As a result, particular sections of the cell genome are activated or decelerated.

The main advantages of this treatment are minimal skin damage, a brief recovery period, and a low probability of complications.

Indications for Use of Retinoic Acid Peels:

  • Lack of collagen production
  • Disruption of the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Mimic wrinkles
  • Loss of skin elasticity and strength
  • Need for skin whitening
  • Excessive pigmentation caused by solar radiation
  • Skin aging and photo-aging
  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • The retinoic acid peel can also effectively cleanse the skin, has anti-inflammatory effects, makes skin glow, improves skin texture and structure, and provides a lifting effect.

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After a thorough cleaning, the appropriate peel is gently applied to your face.

As the solution works on the outer layer, the patient will typically feel a warm tingling or stinging sensation. After the solution has been on the skin for the prescribed amount of time, the physician will wash it away with water and apply a soothing lotion.

The entire process of a light peel treatment usually takes less than an hour, and the patient typically experiences little or no skin redness or other side effects. After a light chemical peel, the patient can expect to return to daily activities immediately. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve optimal results.

Procedure Advantages:

By reaching only the outermost layers, this treatment is pain-free and requires no downtime.

Technology Involved:

Peels exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new layer with improved tone, texture, and colour. The solutions used for peelings are usually comprised of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or fruit acids.

 AMS Approach/advantage:

The face is extremely important as it’s the first thing that people notice about you. Every individual rightfully aspires to look good in a youthful and natural way. At Allure Medspa, we assimilate impeccable artistic vision and the best technological breakthroughs in dermatology to enhance the natural exquisite beauty.

We believe that each patient is unique, requiring his or her own treatment that is different from anyone else’s.

When you come in with something you’d like to change about your appearance, our first step is determining a proper treatment plan for you. This is done with a thorough consultation, complete with listening to your goals, and understanding your candidacy. No wonder, patients from all over the world throng Allure Medspa to achieve their cosmetic and skincare goals.

Privacy & Confidentiality:

We at Allure Medspa care follow the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy and protection, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.

3 Stages of the Procedure:


There needs to be an organized, structured, and methodical approach with a holistic ‘Understanding’ to determine how to get the best outcome for each patient.

While the approach to assess each patient is always the same, the findings will always be different and hence the treatment plan. All this is an outcome of the effort to develop an initial understanding.


Within our relaxing and nourishing environment, we strive to provide a diverse array of treatments and technologies to give you a strong and healthy skin whose youthfulness and glow will stand the test of time.


At Allure Medspa, each procedure is delivered with your individual needs in mind, allowing us to customize your chemical peel for the best results. Just as the formulation of the light chemical peel solution is customized for each patient, the number and spacing of the treatments vary according to the individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Possible Consequences/ Precautions:

In most cases, light chemical peels require no recovery time. Though your skin may be flake mildly or be slightly irritated after a glycolic acid peel (or, AHA chemical peel), you should be able to return to work or everyday activities almost immediately after treatment.

AMS Recommendation for Best Results:

After your peel, your dermatologist at Allure Medspa will give you guidelines to follow to help ensure the success of your treatment. Generally, patients are instructed to use a gentle cleanser and specified moisturizing lotion, and to avoid exposing directly to the sun rays.


Following your peeling treatment, you will notice that the treated skin has improved tone, texture, and pigmentation. You should see further improvement as your course of treatment progresses.


The entire process of a light peeling treatment usually takes less than an hour.

The Number of sessions:

Patients might undergo five to eight light chemical peels to achieve optimal results. Just as the formulation of the solution is customized for each patient, the number and spacing of the treatments vary according to the individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Results Last for:

It varies with the depth of the peel. Generally, deeper peels have longer-lasting effects but require more recovery time. However, it is important to use a high- quality broad-spectrum sunscreen to both protect your skin and maximize your peel’s long-term results.

Next Consultation:

At Allure Medspa, our support doesn’t end with your achieving your cosmetic goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results. For more information on the treatment and our extensive aftercare program or to Book an appointment, call Allure Medspa at +91 8291863159

Celebrity Clients:

Since confidentiality and the utmost privacy of our clients are our prime ethics, Allure Medspa is the most favoured choice of many celebrities for their corrective and cosmetic procedures.

The cost of peels depends on the type of peels done like Glycolic peel it can be Rs. 1,500 per session, acne free peel Rs. 2000 per session, Retinol peel Rs. 4000 per session ,Skin lightening peel Rs. 40,000 per session.
Allure Medspa which is renowned for its state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services offer affordable and cost-effective cosmetic procedures. To know more about the cost of your procedure requests a consult by filling the form below. Your consultation is your chance to ask questions about skin peeling treatments and put your mind at rest. Our surgeons and cosmetologists will be there to offer full explanations and answers to all of your queries.

Alternatively, our Counselor will call you at a convenient time. Request a consultation right away: Book an appointment

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Are you the right fit for the procedure?

  • Ideal candidates for this procedure are individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of their skin, have realistic expectations of their procedure, and do not smoke.
  • An ideal candidate for a chemical peel is in good physical health, understands the procedure, and has realistic expectations of the outcome. You are likely to be pleased with the results of a chemical peel if your goal is to alleviate acne, smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture, eliminate age spots, or reduce the effects of sun damage.

Are you ready to take a decision or need help? Travel with decision-makers.

In procedures where prior consent of immediate family is required, you will have to travel with the decision-makers.

How to choose?

Our renowned dermatologists and the outstanding team at Allure Medspa will equip you with comprehensive knowledge about the procedure options, enabling you to make a well-informed decision.


There is no special preparation required. You should prevent the skin from any sunburn before the treatment.

Allure Medspa Concierge Service:

Allure Medspa’s clientele comprises of local, out-of-town patients. A good percentage of patients also ‘fly-in’ from out of the country to have skin treatments with our renowned cosmetologists.

We are pleased to offer and arrange comfortable lodging, restaurant, and commuting to ensure a memorable pre-and post-treatment experience for our out-of-country patients. Please feel free to contact the Counsellor +91 8291863159 for assistance with any of your travel and planning needs.

Why DR. Shweta for Skin Peeling?

Dr. Shweta has been an ideally excellent academic background and has more than seven accreditations in the implementation, structuring, and design of oral and poster presentations made in her name. She earned the degrees of DVD, MD, FCPS, DNV, and DDV from LTMMC& LTMG Hospital counted as one of the best medical colleges in India approved by the medical council of India (MCI) credit for producing the finest doctors.

The cost of skin peeling treatment quality work is linked with the overall experience, expertise, and aesthetic skills of the performing dermatologist. Always choose a skin specialist/cosmetologist/dermatologist and an institution that promises the best of the treatment as once you choose the dermatologist you also get a token of your cosmetic treatment success.

Credentials when you pay, you avail the best possible dermatologist with who is highly trained. Dr. Shweta is a highly qualified dermatologist in Mumbai, India who comes with years of experience and served many Bollywood celebrities as well. Her excellence in the process of skin peeling treatment can be seen by the results that her patients have been achieved. The feedback, testimonials, and reviews can be checked via our website or through the link of reputed cosmetic treatment results’ portals. Along with this, we at Allure Medspa also have a safe, well-equipped cosmetic treatment location for carrying out procedures with utmost safety and result-driven behavior.

Next Consultation if required:

At Allure Medspa, our support doesn’t end with your achieving cosmetic or Face rejuvenation goals. Lifelong follow-up with our multidisciplinary team is encouraged, helping you to achieve and maintain optimal results. For more information on chemical peeling treatments and our extensive aftercare program or to Book an appointment, call Allure Medspa at +91 8291863159

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Q. Will a chemical peel help my skin?

Ans: It is a procedure that rejuvenates the skin. Most individuals find benefits from the application of glycolic acid. In almost all cases, patients will notice an improved vitality of skin.

Q. What are chemical peels used for?

Ans: It is used for the treatment of photo-aging (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discoloration (including melasma, freckles, and age spots).

Q. How long do chemical peels take?

Ans: Most peels can be performed within a few minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Q. Can I go right back to work?

Ans: In most cases, work or other normal activities may be resumed immediately.

Q. Is a chemical peel painful?

Ans: No. There is a mild degree of “tingling” or a slightly itchy sensation while the glycolic acid is in contact with the skin. Upon neutralizing the peel, the skin feels fresh and smooth without discomfort.

Q. Can I go out into the sun after having a chemical peel?

Ans: You may go outside, but sunscreen must be worn for at least a few days after the peel as your skin will likely be a little more sensitive to sun exposure.

Q. What should I use at home to maintain the condition of my skin after a chemical peel?

Ans: You can use a mild cleanser and always include sunscreen application in your day-to-day. You may resume regular skincare 3-5 days after the treatment or once redness or peeling is no longer apparent.

Q. What does skin peels cost?

Ans: The cost of the treatment depends on how long it takes to carry out the procedure. For an estimate on how much a Skin Peels Treatment may cost or to arrange a consultation call Allure Medspa on +91 22 26732961/62/63.Call Allure Medspa today on +91 22 26732961/62/63 for further details on Chemical Peeling Treatment or ask us to call you back.


163 reviews