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Congratulations! You are taking a big step when you decide to opt for cosmetic surgery for enhancing your appearance. Whether you are planning for face surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, cosmetic skin treatments or any other procedure, a certain degree of homework should be done in order to make the experience a comfortable one.

Considering Cosmetic Surgery with the ever increasing popularity of plastic cosmetic surgery and choice of providers, it can be very difficult to know where to start to choose the right surgeon for you. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your lifetime, and may be the difference between a good and a fantastic result.

Here are your top tips when considering surgery:

  • Ask yourself about why you are considering cosmetic surgery
  • Understand the procedure
  • Check your surgeon’s credentials
  • Be observant in your consultation
  • Ask about the risks
  • Follow your surgeon’s preparation for surgery

Now let’s look at the different procedures that have gained popularity in India because India offers a nearly transparent system when it comes to communication, service, cost and facilities. Also, the pre-consultation and post-consultation services, follow up systems and a personalized approach are some of the factors that add bonus points on India’s score card.

As far as travelling to India is concerned, there are numerous reasons to fly to India for a cosmetic surgery. You can also to save duty, which is imposed otherwise on cosmetic surgeries done in other countries. There are no waiting lists and all you get is an instant result. Plus, there are no language and communication issues in India.

Key factors:

  • Affordable
  • Safe and effective
  • Feel at home atmosphere
  • Highly qualified surgeons and staff
  • Internationally recognized services
  • Can be combined with holiday/business trip
  • Pick up facility for out of town guests
  • Comprehensive, packaged deals

Celebrity Surgeon- Dr Milan Doshi

Dr. Milan Doshi- Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Indian Board-Certified Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon with International expertise and qualification Dr. Milan Doshi allows you to lead a more fulfilled and comfortable life since he performs every cosmetic surgery with sheer confidence. In the last few years, a greater level of improvement has been seen in medical technologies, medication and anaesthesia, eliminating the risks and fears. A detailed consultation with the surgeon can help you further.

Dr. Doshi’s approach is to ensure that the person achieves total well-being – peace, happiness, and fulfilment. While beautifying the person from outside, he makes sure that the person feels beautiful from within. He believes in providing a level of satisfaction and harmony unparalleled by other Cosmetic surgeons…Read more

Best Cosmetic Surgery Center- Alluremedspa

Alluremedspa- Cosmetic Surgery Center in Mumbai, India

Cosmetic Surgery is an art that depends heavily on the artistic and aesthetic sense of the surgeon. Technique, concentration and inspiration are key words for a successful result that will accompany the patient for the rest of his life. To ensure that everything happens in the best possible way it is necessary to have a well organized and structured clinic equipped with the latest technology; an attentive team to provide prompt service before surgery; a team of nurses to care for each and every patient after surgery and clear advice to assist recovery and recuperation.

The reason to have such a cosmetic surgery clinic is to unite all these requirements within one premise only, where one dedicated team will work in harmony to care for you and your requirements. With a worry-free approach, Allure Medspa will ensure your cosmetic enhancement goes exactly the way you want it to. We take utmost care for your comfort and confidentiality…Read more

Our Procedures


Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaIt is most suitable for men and women who are of relatively normal weight, but have isolated pockets of fat that cause certain areas of their body to appear out of proportion. If you’ve tried dieting and exercise, yet still can’t seem to shift that fat, liposuction could be the best option available to you. While you can have Liposuction at almost any age, you will obtain the best results if your skin still has enough elasticity to achieve a smooth contour following fat removal…Read more

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaIf you are looking to achieve a more balanced, natural appearance of your breasts, then a breast surgery is the best option for you. You can restore your confidence and regain your self-worth. The key procedures include breast augmentation, breast uplift and breast reduction surgery… Read more

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaWhether you’ve been left with excess skin on your tummy due to pregnancy or losing a large amount of weight, the Tummy Tucks procedure could be your best option to get rid of saggy, crumpled skin and isolated chunks of fat in your abdominal area. Tummy Tuck is a body surgery designed to smoothen and add firmness to your abdomen, giving you a slimmer and trimmer tummy… Read more

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaBeing overweight or obese is a problem which is not only a physical manifestation, but it affects mental health as well. Choosing a proper weight-loss plan and a weight-loss surgery option can help you lose those extra pounds. There is a range of weight-loss surgeries like gastric banding under practice …Read more

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaA woman’s body post pregnancy has a tendency to put on weight, making the body look disproportionate and saggy. Hence, the goal of the mommy makeover procedure is to restore the breasts, tummy and waistline to their pre-pregnancy appearance…Read more

Hair Transplant (Hair Restoration)

Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaLoss of hair also leads to loss of looks and loss in confidence. However, there is a permanent solution to this and it doesn’t involve wigs, magic pills or risky procedures. This solution is Hair Transplant…Read more

Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaChildbirth and the ageing process can both change the shape, size and tone of your female genitalia and in some cases you may just be unhappy with how you look. Various treatments under the cosmetic gynaecology surgery can help you regain youth…Read more

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Ask Your Surgeon

How much does a cosmetic surgery treatment cost?

The cost of the cosmetic surgery varies from condition to condition and doctor to doctor. The surgery, however, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Since the surgery is performed keeping all the individual challenges in the mind, one can discuss his requirements, apprehensions and fears with the surgeon.

What is the typical recovery time for any cosmetic surgery?

Every cosmetic surgery is unique and hence, follows a different procedure for each. Some cosmetic surgeries involve surgery, while some do not; they are known as invasive and non-invasive surgeries, respectively. Your plastic surgeon or doctor will discuss each procedure in detail with you and you, on your part, should ask relevant questions, so there is no room for doubts or fear in any case.

What are the most common surgeries done in India?

Liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and cosmetic skin treatments are done frequently in India…Read more

Patient Testimonials


““It was a life changing experience for me when I met Dr. Milan Doshi as I was too concerned with the way breast had started drooping after child bearing. I would recommend mommy makeover to any woman who has developed large breasts or big nipples after pregnancy. I underwent the treatment and I am happy with the results. I didn’t feel much pain and my breast contour looks tighter, firmer and certainly more in-shape.

I am all excited about the results.  Mommy makeover treatment really helps you getting rid of those sagging breasts which create a crisis for you.  I recommend this treatment to all those women who want their old breasts back.” One happy mommyRead more