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Have you developed love handles?

Does your waistline looks out of shape?

Hip liposuction surgery can solve your problems.

Hip liposuction is painless, blood less, stitchless and scarless daycare surgery done under local anesthesia.

Dr Milan Doshi who is Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon having 24 years+ experience and is an expert for hip sculpting, and shaping. .

His owns Allure Medspa and NABH certified Vardaan assure you with the latest technologies and safety protocols.

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Liposuction surgery means removal of stubborn thigh fat (LFD/ localized fat deposits) through tiny incisions by using various suction techniques.


  • Hip fat removal surgery
  • Hip liposuction Surgery
  • Hip sculpting surgery
  • Hip lipoplasty


Time Required 1-3 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia preferable for hips.
Pain Level Mild to Moderate well managed with medications
Result Major difference visible immediately. Final result 6 to 8 months
Diet No restriction, maintain your weight for best result
Hospital Stay Day Care surgery
Flyback 2-3 Days
Satisfaction Rate More than 95%
Complication Rate Less than 1 to 2%
Cost(Laser/Vaser Liposuction) Approx. 60,000 to 80,000 INR

Fat accumulation at the hip areas lead to the following consequences

  • Waistline starts becoming less defined
  • Fat accumulation at lower abdominal tire and love handles appear
  • Loss of shape and contour of body
  • Development of saddlebags and ptotic butt which looks unpleasant
  • Wearing of some apparels can become a problem

Development of cellulite over time due to storage of fat

Hip liposuction surgery offers special benefits such as

  • Hips look more defined
  • You can have hour glass or “V” shaped waist line
  • Better choice of wearing apparels
  • More self confidence
  • Your professional, social and personal life is enhanced

  • If skin is too extra or of poor quality, skin will not tighten
  • Cellulite will not improve with hip liposuction surgery.
  • However VASER liposuction will improve skin tightening and cellulite to some extent.

During your personalized consultation, Liposuction surgeon will

  1. Check amount and quality of your hip fat
  2. It’s effect on butt and saddle bag
  3. General assessment
  4. Make custom made plan for you
  5. Advice about butt saddle bag liposuction if needed
  6. Whether you need skin excision or not after megaliposution of butt or hip
  7. General assessment for surgery and smooth recovery
  8. He will also explain you about preparation, technique, recovery, risk, results and cost.

You are a ideal candidate for hipliposuction surgery if you

  • Have completed 18 years of age
  • Absence of cellulite
  • Have realistic expectations from surgery results
  • Have an emotionally stable mindset to have best liposuction surgery result
  • Ready to follow up with a healthy lifestyle post surgery

There are many technologies used for thigh liposuction which are as follows


1] Tumescent liposuction: This is the traditional form of liposuction which is used. However it has reduced in popularity due to emergence of more advanced liposuction techniques.

2] Laser Liposuction: This technology uses laser as a source of light to heat and melt the fat before using suction to remove it.  It is good for small volume and for skin tightening

To know more about laser liposuction kindly visit

3] VASER liposuction: This technology uses advanced ultrasound to disrupt the fat cells which then melt followed by which it is removed via suction.It  selectively melt fat so it is with less blood loss, less pain and smooth recovery. It also tightens the skin and VASER smooth reduces cellulite.

To know more about VASER liposuction kindly visit

4] Radiofrequency liposuction: This technology uses high frequency radio waves to heat up and melt fat followed by suction. It gives good skin tightening

To know more about radiofrequency liposuction kindly visit

5] Water jet assisted liposuction: This technology uses a stream of powerful jet of water which dislodges the fat cells which is then removed via suction.  It is good when one wants to do fat transfer.

To know more about water jet liposuction kindly visit

6] J plasma liposuction: This technology uses a narrow jet of very hot plasma of helium gas to melt and simultaneously suction off fat cells while also sealing the wound. It is known to give skin tightening

To know more about J plasma liposuction kindly visit

1] Position:

Prone position

2] Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia for hip only. General anesthesia for multiple areas

3] Incisions:

Two tiny keyhole incisions made at butt and hip junction line on each side and two tiny incisions near sacral dimple. Virtual scar less healing.

  • You can see improve in shape immediate after surgery
  • Initial 7 to 10 days there is increase in swelling.
  • You can see major result in 1 month.
  • More improvement in shape goes on for another  6 months
  • Skin tightening following VASER liposuction goes on for 6 to 8 months post surgery.

Hip liposuction is considered as very safe in expert liposuction surgeon’s hand. However in rare circumstances, all surgical procedures can have some complication.  In general liposuction complications are  Liposuction Risk And complication 

Average HIP Liposuction Surgery Cost at Allure Medspa Mumbai India

ARM 50000-70000 70000-90000

Multiple Area Liposuction

ARM+UPPER BACK 120000-160000 140000-18000
  • Only hip  Liposuction surgery Cost Is More As It Need All Preoperative Preparation, Ot Charges, Post Care
  • Every Additional Area Liposuction surgery Cost is INR 30,000 to 40,000.
  • If One Go For Many Area – Liposuction Cost Becomes Comparatively Cheaper As Common Expenses Reduces
  • For The Safety Reason We Can Do Limited No Of Area In One Go, If Still More Area  Need Liposuction It Has To Be Done In Session
  • Above Shown Usual Combination of Areas Treated In One Session.
  • Dr Doshi Will Examine You And Make Best Plan For You Considering Smooth Recovery Safety And Best Result.

 Hip Liposuction Surgery Cost in Mumbai will be more for:

  • Revision liposuction surgery.
  • Large volume or Mega liposuction surgery
  • High definition liposuction.

Hip Liposuction Surgery Cost at Allure Medspa, Mumbai, India Includes

  • Dr. Milan Doshi’s Fee
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Medicines/consumables during  thigh fat removal surgery
  • Vardaan Hospital facility & and up to 1-day stay charges
  • Laser or VASER liposuction surgery technology charges
  • Pressure Garment
  • Immediate post-operative follow-ups.

 Hip Liposuction Surgery Cost Does Not Include:

  • Preoperative fitness test
  • Post-operative medications (to be taken at home)
  • Cost arising due to any associated medical condition
  • Rare and unforeseen health circumstances experienced by the patients

Please note

  • Additional 18% GST By Govt Of India On All Cosmetic Surgery
  • Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery or a body contouring surgery cost

EMI facilities are also available at Allure Medspa.

  • Dr. Milan Doshi is an Indian board certified plastic cosmetic surgeon with more than 24years of experience
  • Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi has credit for performing more than 3500 liposuction surgeries in his career.
  • He regularly performs Laser, VASER, and Power-assisted (Powerex) liposuction surgery. He recommends a particular technique as per your body type and goal of the surgery.
  • He has done VASER-assisted high-definition (VAHDL) liposuction or 4D liposuction for many celebrity clients.
  • Doshi has expertise in performing arm contouring surgery and gives muscular shape.
  • He is a well-known name for Mega Liposuction Surgery. to reduce weight. And, he has also helped a lot of patients in improving their health & lifestyle.
  • Dr. Doshi’s artistic hand combines Nano fat graft and structural fat graft with liposuction and gives you a rejuvenated facial look; breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to enhance your beauty.
  • Dr. Milan Doshi has been recognized as the safesand trusted surgeon in Mumbai, India.
  • He is high on the demand, among the Bollywood celebrities because he consistently delivers unmatched body contouring results.

Link-know more about Dr. Milan Doshi

  • It is owned by cosmetic surgeon Dr Milan Doshihimself.
  •  It is specially designed with good ambience for cosmetic surgery patients.
  •  The cosmetic surgery centre is at prime location at Andheri and Goregoan in Mumbai, India.
  • Allure Medspa, Cosmetic surgery clinic is at the heart of the Bollywood, which is easy to commute for pre- and post-operative visits.
  •  Whilst away from the glittering world, Goregaon cosmetic surgery centre assures you about the utmost privacy.
  • Goregaon cosmetic surgery center is NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). It assures you about the best medical practice, safety, and comfortable recovery. We follow a stringent medical protocol for your safety.
  • Well equipped with an advance lifesaving armamentarium
  •  Goregaon cosmetic surgery Centre is with night stay facility. If you are opting for multiple areas, large volume or mega liposuction makes your transformation journey a safe and comfortable one
  • Real time 3d virtual consultation. You can have cosmetic surgery  consultation from anywhere in India or abroad
  • Tumescent, LASER, VASERand Power-assisted liposuction in Mumbai, India. All energy based liposuction technology under one roof.
  • The staffs at the cosmetic surgery centre are well-experienced to take all the post-operative care. They patiently guide you taking post-operative care of yourself before discharging to make your journey of fine to fabulous as well as a pleasant experience.
  • You can experience homely feeling at Allure Medspa.
  • Patient care coordinator is there to address any concern immediately and coordinate with the medical team to make your liposuction surgery planning, recovery smooth and safer.


If you are coming from outstation,

  1. We have special facilitation planning.
  2. Patient care coordinatoris there to guide you for your visa, travel or vacation plan during your visit to Mumbai.
  3. You can request for a pick up facility to make your journey safe.

We Are Committed To Make Your Fine To Fabulous Journey A Memorable One