Everything You Should Know About Mega Liposuction

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What is Mega Liposuction Surgery?

  • Mega Liposuction is called when more than 10L of fat removed during a liposuction

Mega liposuction/large volume liposuction is essentially same as liposuction with few difference, which are described here on Liposuction.

Sr no Parameters Observation
1 Time Required 2 to 3 hours
2 Anaesthesia General Anaesthesia
3 Pain Well controlled with medication
4 Fly By Time 4 to 5 days
5 Diet No restrictions
6 Results immediate

Mega Liposuction Surgery has same benefits as liposuction but offer special benefits such as

  • Weight loss
  • Marked difference at targeted area
  • Instantaneous change in look
  • Practically permanent change in shape
  • Boost to improve lifestyle

You are eligible for Mega Liposuction If

  1. Large amount Of fat should be in one or two area and not distributed in numerous areas
  2. Health is top-notch
  3. Good hemoglobin level
  4. Emotionally ready for longer recovery.

Megaliposuction surgery is very much the same as normal liposuction except a few changes.

  1. Cosmetic surgeon must have good experience.
  2. Most stringent asepsis protocol
  3. It should be most gently
  4. Most stringent vigilance for blood loss.
  5. It must be done in hospital setting with proper monitoring system
  6. One to two day hospital monitoring is must so; cosmetic surgery should have overnight stay facility.
  7. It must not be done in day care center.


Mega liposuction surgery results are visible immediately.  One can see large difference in inches immediately after surgery.

Major result will be visible in a month and it improves over 6 months.

Skin tightening goes on for 6 to 9 months.


Mega liposuction surgery recovery is a little longer than traditional liposuction recovery

  • One has to take high protein and nutritious diet for faster recovery
  • Increase your hemoglobin
  • You have to control your weight
  • One may require wearing pressure garments for an extended period of time.


Mega liposuction surgery has same risk and complications liposuction risk/complications.

But chances are little more.


  • Hemoglobin levels may decrease further so you may require a blood transfusion
  • More protein loss
  • Fluid electrolyte imbalance
  • Swelling
  • Bruising


  • Long time discharge
  • Seroma
  • Hyper/Hypopigmentation https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10227908/
  • Surface irregularity
  • Skin necrosis
  • Scarring

Mega liposuction Surgery cost in Mumbai ranges from Rs140000 to Rs 170000.

There are many factors affecting liposuction surgery cost and safety but,

the two most uncompromising factors are:

  • Board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon
  • NABH certified cosmetic surgery center with overnight facility

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Mostly Mega Liposuction is done with

Vaser Technology