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Laser Liposuction


Laser Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaLaser Liposuction involves the cannula being equipped with a tiny powerful laser that precisely targets only the fat cells and melts them there itself before being suctioned out. Wondering if you’re suitable for this procedure? You are if the following is true in your case –

  • Good health with no severe disorders
  • Not overweight beyond 11-12 kg
  • Regular exercise
  • Excess stubborn fat in localized regions that is not going away despite exercise and food control
  • Determined to get rid of the obstinate fat
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Realistic expectations about the outcome


Laser Assisted Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in developed countries and the same is becoming true in ours as well. Remember it is neither an overall weight-loss method nor a treatment for obesity. And yes, it works for men just the same! It permanently removes fat cells from the body and carries the potential of body-sculpting. However, the patient needs to lead a healthy lifestyle post the operation.

At Alluremedspa, your Smart Lipo trip can start with a simple free consult wherein as per your unique bodily needs, the suitability of the smart lipo procedure will be revealed to you. Trust in us to honestly inform you if this procedure is a bad idea for you or if some other procedure would help you better. Then once you’ve decided to go for it, your body mass index (BMI) will be taken and the details of the surgery will be discussed with you.

Typically taking a break from work atleast for 2-3 days is advised. Pain is minimal and taken care of. Results are seen immediately post surgery but long term effects will take some time for which medication will be prescribed.


Although laser liposuction boasts of lesser recovery time, it is important for you to look after yourself post-operation. Well-balanced diet and sufficient rest cannot be compromised upon; however, light exercise like walking may actually aid faster recovery.
The compression garment may help reduce discomfort caused by swelling. Strenuous activities should definitely be avoided as you may experience dizziness, weakness, etc.

Advance Laser Assisted Liposuction uses a powerful laser to melt the membranes of each fat cell, causing them to break down, so there will be fewer traumas, means faster recovery. Main benefit of Laser Liposuction is “It gives excellent skin tightening”

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