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Stomach Liposuction

Stomach Liposuction (Belly fat liposuction/ Tummy liposuction)

Stomach Liposuction, Belly fat liposuction, Tummy Liposuction Suregry in Andheri, Mumbai, India

Liposuction technique has improved over the years. Liposuction actually is not a weight loss procedure, however it will help to tone the saggy skin and give a slender figure that you can flatter. We generally store out fats in the tummy area and it is the most difficult area to lose the weight from. Some people have a slender body with a bulging tummy. It looks very awry and embarrassing to wear certain kind of clothes. No amount of exercise helps in such situations. In such situation, it is always better to consult a Plastic Surgeon who might be able to help you.

Belly Fat Liposuction Procedure

The process of belly fat liposuction involves the cannula being equipped with tiny powerful laser that targets the fat cells to melt away and being removed from the body. During the procedure  at Liposuction Center- Alluremedspa, a horizontal incision is made just within or above the pubic area. The incision depends on the amount of fat that has to be removed from the body. Although, the belly fat liposuction technology will give you sure short result and quick recovery, it is important to take proper care and rest post the Liposuction surgery. It is advisable to take a rest of 2-3 days after the surgery. Pain is minimal, however medicines will be prescribed to benefit an immediate result. For long term effects, the person should indulge in healthy diet, exercises like walking will actually aid faster recovery as well as result.

The belly fat uses a powerful laser to dissolve the membranes of each fat cells. The fat cells break down in the process. The cannula is then inserted that creates a vacuum to suction out the extra fat from the body. The process smoothen out the extra fat and stretch marks to provide a slender and level skin at Alluremedspa.

Benefits and Features of Belly Fat Liposuction:

Post-surgery one might experience certain level of swelling and bruises for which your surgeon will provide you with a compression garment. The compression garment will help to reduce the swelling. Post-surgery, one should avoid any kind of heavy lifting of objects and consumption of any kind of narcotics and alcohol. These will have an dangerous effect on the body of the person.

The healing process is quick and one will get the desired results in a few months. However, immidiate result can be seen post-surgery.

Now, you will no longer feel ashamed to wear your favorite top.

Stomach Liposuction (Belly fat liposuction/ Tummy liposuction) Surgery Before After Photos


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