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A] Ideal shape of inner thigh

• Straight and slender  for women
• Muscular and heavy  for men

B] Causes of fat accumulation in inner thigh.

•Lack of exercise
•Unhealthy eating habit
•Hormonal changes

C]Effect of fat accumulation in inner thighs

As fat starts to accumulate the shape starts to change from diamond shaped to more bulky and which leads to a number of problems such as

•Thighs rubbing together
•Uncomfortable when walking
•Unpleasant chaffing
•Redness and itching
•Difficulty doing some exercises
•Limited wardrobe selection as not all clothes will fit

D]Inner thighs liposuction surgery

Inner thighs liposuction surgery facts: There are many techniques for liposuction from inner thighs.
Liposuction surgery technology

Quick facts of inner thigh liposuction surgery is

•A day care surgery
•Completed in 1 to 2 hours
•Done under general anesthesia any by a keyhole
•Minimally invasive
•Scarless procedure
•Skin tightening achieved

•if there is lot of extra skin , needs thighplasty or inner thigh lift
•cellulite will not improve with liposuction

To know more about liposuction techniques then kindly visit : Technology of Liposuction Techniques 

E] Advantages of inner thigh liposuction surgery

•More aesthetically pleasing appearance
•No rubbing of legs against each other
•Walking is now simple
•Doing exercise is no longer a hurdle
•You can wear all types of clothes


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