Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments That Help You Look Younger

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Cosmetic Surgery
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About Cosmetic Treatments

Many people around the world are constantly looking for ways to combat signs of aging. These include fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. There are many ways by which you can achieve your dream look which is not only charming and attractive but also restores the lost youth you once had. If you are afraid of going via the surgical options and the post-treatment care associated with it such as scars resisting you then don’t worry as there are other ways that do not require surgery but still give the best results. Here we compile the top 5 cosmetic treatments that help reverse your age and make you look younger.

Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments

1. Chemical peels

Chemical peels are available in the form of liquid solution or cream. These are applied on the area of treatment such as the face, arms, and legs, or for specific conditions such as acne, rough scaly skin, pigmentation, etc. These are available according to the depth upto which they go such as medium and deep peels. The primary function of the peel is to remove the old, upper dead layer of the skin so that the lower, newer layers are exposed and your skin feels clean and fresh while helping restore your charming looks while others like cosmelan peel can deal with the elimination of other problems such as freckles, melasma, fine lines, etc.


2. Hydra facial

Hydra facial is a relatively new type of cosmetic treatment that has many steps and is performed via a registered trademark machine. The three main steps involved are cleaning, extraction and infusion. In the first step, the skin is exfoliated with the help of the Hydra facial tip. In the second step, the dirt is removed and pores unclogged while topical moisturizers are also delivered in parallel. In the third and final step booster serums are given according to the final outcome desired. In the final steps, patients have the option to choose which booster they want. At the end of the treatment, you can expect more firm and radiant skin in form of more anti-oxidants and more collagen production which leads to more thickness in your skin.


3. Platelet rich plasma therapy (Vampire facial)

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is a type of cosmetic treatment where fresh blood is removed via a syringe from your body part such as a vein in your arm. It is processed to separate it from the plasma. This plasma is isolated and collected in a syringe which is then injected into the scalp after the application of a cold compress in order to reduce pain. PRP is done for both the scalp and skin. The plasma contains many growth factors such as fibroblast growth factor, transforming growth factor, etc. The various growth factors change the cell cycle regulators and enhance expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP1 and MMP3) which are responsible for disposing of damaged extracellular matrix and increasing expression of collagen type I along with elastin which during their development phase shrink and thereby causing tightening and strengthening of the skin.


4. Laser photo facial

It is also called as intense pulsed light photo facial method. Here different wavelengths of light are used to treat a variety of skin problems via a single machine. The problems which can be treated are acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks to name a few. The wavelength used in the device is chosen upon the end treatment goal i.e., the problem to be resolved. The treatment lasts for about 30 mins and can be done during lunchtime. As age advances hyaluronic acid and collagen decrease along with fat resorption occurs. IPL photo facial helps to restore the lost collagen and increase the firmness of your skin thus making you look more youthful.


5. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliation technique where light crystals of aluminum oxide are used to remove the dead skin cells along with vacuum suction through a device. Two types of methods exist i.e., one via a handheld device and the other a recent method called a diamond tip wand. The removal of the old dead skin layer helps the new radiant skin underneath to reveal itself thus giving you a new and clean, fresh look. Another important advantage is that there is no downtime i.e., you can return to your normal day-to-day routine as soon as the procedure is completed.