5 Best Cosmetic Popular Cosmetic Enhancement Treatments

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
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5 best popular cosmetic enhancments


Achieving that dream look of having the perfect glamorous and charming look seems difficult in today’s high octane filled life. But fear not as cosmetic treatments have knocked on your door in order to give you what you want. Advancement in medical science has brought many new treatments for treating skin problems from acne to hyper pigmentation and more. So here we discuss 5 best cosmetic treatments to improve your overall look for a youthful look.

1. Botox

Botox is a brand name that refers to a purified protein obtained from clostridium botulinum. It has muscle relaxing action. It is specifically used to treat fine lines and wrinkles thus relaxing them specifically on the forehead and surrounding areas thus giving your face a rejuvenated look. It is also used to treat other problems such as to enhance jawline definition, cervical dystonia, Raynaud’s syndrome, crow’s feet and many more. It also provides other benefits such as being completed in a short amount of time and quick results that last for a long time.

2. Fillers

Whether you lack volume in body areas or need a quick hydration, fillers are there for your rescue. Fillers are divided into two types i.e., volumizing fillers and hydrating fillers. The former help to fill out the depressed/peachy look whether it is your face or lips or butt, these give the required volume to those areas thus giving you more plump and fuller appearance. The latter helps to restore the lost collagen and also reforming of the elastin fibers that give your skin more tighter and firmer appearance in addition to having anti-oxidants, nucleic acids, Vitamins A,D,E etc. which also act as boosters for your skin thus reversing ageing process.

3. Glutathione

Glutathione is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in your body. It is basically a mixture of three amino acids. It is available as tablets but the preferred form of administration is injections where via intra-venous route provides more and long lasting action. It also destroys free radicals thus giving your skin a fresh, glowing and dazzling look and also provides other benefits such as improving insulin resistance and also shielding our body from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

4. Thread lift

Thread lift is one of the popular treatments that help to remove of sagging or loose skin. This is achieved by suspending the loose skin thus giving a tighter appearance. It also provides many benefits such as having less downtime, affordable, easy to perform and also induces synthesis of collagen thus giving a more firm appearance to your skin thus also reversing the signs of your ageing.

5. Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a mixture of different or a single mostly acids which are help to exfoliate dead skin cells. The indication of the treatment also decides which chemical peel is to be used. The chemical peel are also divided into light, medium and deep peels which determine the depth up to which the peel is able to show its action. For example cosmelan peel contains is specifically used as a anti-ageing in a cream form and salicylic acid is a important ingredient that is a primary exfoliate that helps to shed dead skin cells thus helping the new skin layers underneath to rise up thus giving a fresh and clean look to your face.


No matter which skin problem is troubling you, you can always find a solution for it. Cosmetic treatment Surgeon fill this gap whether you need fillers to plump up your skin or chemical peel to shed dead skin each and every treatment is made to fulfill one or the other purpose and many treatments can also be combined to give better results. You can contact our dermatologist if you want to know more about cosmetic treatments.