Gynaecomastia – Is It The Breast Solution?

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Read one man’s story to find out…

It was the summer of 2019. Vivaan was the best batsman in the cricket team at Jai Hind college.

He aspired to be a famous cricketer like his idol Virat Kohli.

Being a good-looking and tall young man of 5 feet and 11 inches he was already popular among the girls.

Vivaan was on cloud nine after his fresh victory in the inter-collegiate match against his rival team, Samrat College. He had scored 50 runs while being not out.

After the match, the captain of the rival team walked up to Vivaan. He first congratulated Vivaan then made fun of his male breasts“Want me to buy you a bra, brother” he joked cruelly.

Some girls standing nearby heard him and laughed. Vivaan felt humiliated. He may have helped his team lift the cricket trophy but he had lost his self-confidence.

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A year ago Vivian didn’t have this problem of enlarged breasts. About a year and a half ago he had joined the gym. He wanted to build muscle mass.

He remembered how painful the first day at the gym was for him not only for his muscles but also for his ego. Every other guy around him seemed to be stronger, bigger and more ‘masculine’.

Then Vivaan remembered what his cricket coach said to him-“Practicing daily in the nets is the key to improving your game. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.”

But even after months of rigorous workout Vivaan’s muscles remained small. His body was nowhere close to looking like the sportsmen he admired.

“What can I do to make my muscles grow bigger fast?” Vivaan asked his gym instructor.

“Bro, you need to take steroids if you want to bulk up,” the gym instructor told him.

The very next day onwards Vivaan started taking anabolic steroids. Little did he know that such steroids that are designed to make the body bigger have unwanted side effects- male breasts being one of them.

Within a month of taking steroids, mainly testosterone, Vivaan started to bulk up. He also started developing male breasts. The medical term for the development of breasts in males is Gynaecomastia.

The anabolic steroids had played havoc on his hormonal system.

The same girls who used to swoon over Vivaan’s good looks started to look at him like he was some kind of a weirdo. He felt extremely conscious and shy being on the cricket field. Vivaan thought that his career as a cricketer was over even before it had begun. 

Vivaan went for a consultation with a plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for Gynaecomastia. The surgeon heard Vivaan’s story patiently and then proceeded to explain the procedure for Gynaecomastia. He explained that breast tissue enlargement due to steroids cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Gynaecomastia surgery was the only solution for it.