Gynecomastia V/S Fat: Some Important Things You Should Know

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Breast Surgery
Gynecomastia vs Chest Fat


Gynecomastia and fat can be mismatched with each other as they basically appear the same. However the only way to distinguish between them is by examination of your symptoms. Here we will outline some parameters which will help you decide which one you have and then you might choose to undergo male chest reduction surgery.

1. Are you experiencing pain and/or tenderness in the region?

Due to fluctuating hormone levels the breast tissue in men can swell followed by sensation of pain and tenderness/soreness can occur. But the cause of pain might also pinpoint to other conditions such as cysts or muscle strain. In case of fat deposition no such pain is felt.

2. How does the fat present in the chest feel like?

If the fat present in the chest region is soft and feels rubbery to touch as when any other fat present in other parts of your body then it is called as chest fat. If you feel firmness in your chest region or a hard lump then most likely its gynecomastia. Also the shape of your chest in case of gynecomastia has a very precise shape like rounded and closely resembling to a women’s breast while in case of pure fat tissue there is lack of any definite shape.

3. Are you experiencing any nipple discharge?

If there is any kind of discharge from your nipples then it may mean gynecomastia and absence of chest fat. However discharge from nipple can also stem from other underlying conditions such as testosterone deficiency, pituitary tumor or even breast cancer.

4. Does your body respond to diet and exercise?

The most tell-tale sign that you have gynecomastia and not chest fat is when your fat does not go away even with diet and exercises which signifies presence of glandular tissue. Sometimes the fat present in your chest may vanish but the glandular tissues are more highlighted due to melting of the fat surrounding them. In contrast of you have chest fat then with persistent diet and exercise it will definitely go away.

5. What Are The Treatments Options For Gynecomastia And Chest Fat?

Liposuction is a very good option to consider if only fat is present. In case of glandular tissue removal excision method is used and if you want to remove both fat and glandular tissue then a combination of liposuction and excision technique is utilized. If the skin sags after volume reduction post-liposuction and/or excision method then a modification of liposuction known as Vaser or Laser liposuction is used which can simultaneously provide skin tightening effect. Laser or Vaser liposuction also gives permanent results with additional benefits like minimal scarring and minimal pain.