Don’t Let Enlarged Male Breasts Come In The Way Of A Happy Family Life

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Sheena and Karan were a newly married couple in their early 30s.

They dreamt of building a beautiful life together after marriage.

Little did Sheena know that her dream would crash before taking flight.

After marriage Karan started behaving like a recluse. He refused to go out with his wife especially when it came to meeting her family and friends. Karan would just lock himself up in his room and work all day.

Sheena was puzzled. She wondered what was going on with her husband.

“Maybe Karan doesn’t like my family and friends” Sheena thought.

But Karan declined most social invitations. He never went to see his friends either. Whenever someone called he would just make an excuse. “I have a lot of work to do” or “I am not free this weekend.”

Karan worked as a stock broker.

Understandably, his work was very stressful. But does this mean that he would stop socialising or leaving home?

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Initially, Sheena decided to give him some time, so she left him alone. She would go out to meet her friends and family members by herself. But it was awkward for her.

Sheena was asked all sorts of questions by her family members and friends-

“Where is Karan?”

“Why didn’t he come along with you?”

“This is supposed to be your honeymoon phase. You both are supposed to be together all the time.”

News spread that there was trouble in Sheena and Karan’s paradise.

Sheena made up her mind to talk to Karan about this behavior of his.

As for Karan, his work stress had led to a whole lot of health problems for him. He’s eating and the sleeping schedule was quite erratic. Karan had gained some extra weight. Over time Karan’s breasts grew in size due to an excess of oestrogen. And this was a cause for major embarrassment for Karan.

When Sheena confronted Karan he told her that he was ashamed of the way his body looked and was not confident of facing other people. Especially Sheena’s friends and family members. He was worried about their opinion of him.

When she heard this Sheena was relieved.

“So you don’t dislike my friends and family?” she asked Karan.

“No I don’t dislike them. What I dislike is my body” Karan answered.

Sheena wanted to find a solution to Karan’s problem, so she fixed an appointment with their doctor. The doctor examined Karan and referred them to a plastic and cosmetic surgeon for Gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai.

Sheena and Karan consulted with the surgeon who told them about the entire Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction surgery. The couple was relieved to hear that the surgery was actually a very simple surgery and Karan would be able to go back home the same day. And he would be able to resume work from the very next day.

Gynecomastia surgery is performed using the very latest advanced technology from abroad. It involves a single puncture in the skin which leaves no scars. It is practically painless, bloodless and stitch-less surgery. The combination of gland & fat removal surgeries assure permanent results..