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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

(also known as Mummy Makeover )


Mommy Makeover in Mumbai, IndiaMommy Makeover is a compilation of surgeries/Treatments  often done at the same time which rejuvenates the post pregnancy body, improves one’s self-esteem, and eliminates those insecurities which prevent many women who have had children from feeling comfortable with their bodies.

The common desire of a woman: To have a beautifully slim, firm, and feminine figure. women who have given birth and are now left with bodies that barely resemble their pre-pregnancy contour. Pregnancy changes many women’s bodies from that of a young woman to that of an old woman almost overnight. All young women love their grandmothers, they just don’t want to look like them.

Childbirth, while an endearing experience that enhances a woman’s life, can typically take a drastic toll on her body in many ways.

  1. The skin of the abdomen gets stretched out.  The skin itself often has stretch marks on it. The abdominal muscles, which normally go straight up and down the abdomen, now become separated, allowing one’s bowels to come forward and cause a pooch.  Since all the skin of the abdomen is stretched out, the vulva tends to move downward which leads, at times, to urinary track incontinence – you laugh, you pee, you cough, you pee.
  2. Breasts either shrink up or stretch out.
  3. Pregnancy often deposits fat in unusual places that never were fat prior to the pregnancy.
  4. The internal labia of the vagina often gets stretched out as does the vaginal opening.
  5. Melasma (the mask of pregnancy) often develops in various locations on a woman’s face after delivering children.

We hear all kinds of reasons why mommies put off cosmetic improvement. Some mothers are worried about taking time away from their hectic schedules to undergo a surgical procedure. While time is a precious commodity for all of us these days, stop and think about how much your beauty and health are worth to you. Would you be able to accomplish more with a fresh perspective and younger feel? Would it be easier to succeed at work and at home when you’re feeling great about your appearance? Many of our patients say “absolutely,” and tell us they wish they had their plastic surgery after child birth and pregnancy sooner.

Other women are worried about focusing on themselves, rather than their families. Many of our patients find that it’s essential to do both: recognize that how you feel as a mom is integral to the strength of your family. It is simply not self-centered or vain to take care of yourself or to want to feel youthful, sexy and self-confident. Having a positive self image certainly benefits you, but it also can improve your interactions with loved ones. You may be a mommy, but never forget that you are still your own person.

What can be done to correct The Mommy Makeover?

Every Mommy Makeover is unique. Mommy Makeovers are designed to counteract the physical effects of childbearing and to enhance your appearance after time has left its mark. Because each procedure is personalized and many makeovers combine various plastic surgery procedures after pregnancy for a complete transformation, each Mommy Makeover is different

1. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) tightens the abdominal muscles, gets rid of excess skin, and pulls the vulva back up where it belongs.

2. Breast Augmentations, Breast Lifts (with or without implants) correct the small or stretched out breasts of the post pregnancy female body.

3. Liposuction, sometimes associated with skin resections, can get rid of unwanted fat in thighs, back, knees, and hips.

4. Labiaplasty, especially of the Wedge Resection type, can rejuvenate the appearance of the vagina and also tighten the opening.

5. Melasma Treatment available at Andheri Clinic has shown a high success rate at treating the mask of pregnancy.

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Am I a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

After meeting with you in Allure medspa, Dr.Milan will give you his thoughts as to whether or not you are a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover, but in general, ideal candidates are:

  • in their 20s-40s and do not plan any more pregnancies
  • have given birth to their last child at least 6 months prior to their makeover
  • do not smoke

What happens during a Mommy Makeover?

The changes that take place as a result of pregnancy and breast feeding – the sagging breasts, the flabby tummies, the stubborn pockets of fat – can all be addressed at the time of your procedure. Dr. Milan will sit down with you and carefully listen to what your goals are for your procedure, as some women are looking to simply reclaim their pre-pregnancy physique, while others want a more dramatic enhancement to their look. He will then outline a plan for your procedure, and address each area of concern, which can include:

  • Enhancement of the breasts, through augmentation, lift, or both
  • Narrowing and flattening of the tummy, through a tummy tuck, liposuction, or both
  • Contouring of the hips, thighs, and buttocks through liposuction

What is the recovery from a Mommy Makeover like?

Your recovery will depend in part on the type of procedure or procedures performed as well as your individual ability to heal from surgery. In general, Dr. Milan recommends 10-14 days off from work, so that you may recover in the comfort of your home. Most procedures are outpatient procedures (you will not need to stay in the hospital) and take 2-4 hours. Dr. Milan will see you at regular intervals after your procedure to monitor your progress, and most patients report feeling quite comfortable between 2-3 weeks after their procedure.

Cost of Mommy Makeover

For an estimate on how much a Mommy Makeover may cost or to arrange consultation call Allure Medical Spa on +91 98690 41559.


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