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About Facial Surgery

As we age, we start to lose volume in our faces from fat atrophy; skin loses elasticity as collagen production diminishes, and the result is sagging facial skin and hanging skin of the neck.

Face lift surgery, aka rhytidectomy, is designed to minimize these signs of aging around the face and neck.

At Allure MedSpa, we understand that living in today’s  youth and beauty oriented society, everyone aspires to look as young as they feel.  It’s natural for you to want a youthful, vibrant, naturally attractive appearance. Facial Surgery can help you turn back the clock, giving you a natural look that is both youthful and stunningly beautiful.

Before you take a plunge, Allure MedSpa tips while considering facial surgery:

  • Be well informed and completely confident of your decision to opt for Facial surgery
  • Ensure that the goals and expectations you set for yourself are realistic.
  • Be in a positive frame of mind in order to make your experience the most gratifying one.
  • Check the surgeon’s credentials thoroughly
  • Be aware of the risks involved
  • Clarify all doubts in your consultations
  • Follow your Facial Surgeon’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions diligently
  • Allow yourself the time to recover

The skin ages with loss of collagen and elastin resulting in Face Wrinkles and loss of elasticity and the eyebrows descend giving excess skin in the upper lid. Then fat redistributes resulting in; lower eyelid bags, nasolabial folds, jowls, fat under the chin. Then finally the neck muscles weaken giving bands in the neck and lips become thinner with creases forming around them. If your face is showing these signs then you can come and talk to Allure medspa’s face surgery expert Dr. Milan Doshi.

If you have a question about cosmetic surgery or would like to book a consultation then call +91 9869041559 to speak one of our patient co-ordinators or simply Book a councelling session.

What is Facial Surgery

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Facial Surgery Cost

Do good looks come without a price? Can confidence be measured in money? The answer is no. Plastic surgery is science’s way of rectifying nature’s inadequacy. To begin with most patients often wonder how much do I spend  for this particular procedure? How much will it cost? Will it be worth it? These questions have a simple answer; no price is too high when your self-esteem and life is at the line. Good surgery, great doctors and the best care comes with a price and one should never compromise on those elements of cosmetic  surgery. Most people generally are worried about how much a surgery would cost even before they start wondering about all aspects of the surgery. It is essential to know that the cost of surgery varies from procedure to procedure. No two procedures cost the same and top of the line medical equipment are used along with best of the techniques. Rest assured, your money is well spent.

Plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure, but still fact remains, it is a surgical process. It is your body and you will have to live with the consequences if you compromise on quality while trying to cut the cost.  Cost of plastic surgery covers many things.  Cheap surgery will not always give you the best of the results. Here is why the money you pay for plastic surgery is worth every penny you spend.

  • Experience matters If you are going to put your faith in a doctor to alter your body forever, you might as well choose a good cosmetic surgeon who not only gives you the best treatment but is also armed with years’ worth of knowledge. AtAllure MedSpa, you will be treated by the best surgeon in the field of cosmetic surgery in India, Dr Milan Doshi, M.S. M.Ch. International Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Quality treatment The cost of cosmetic surgery is linked with the overall quality of the work done quality. Always choose a surgeon and an institution that promises the best of the surgery, cheaper is not always better as the quality of the services may be compromised.
  • Credentials When you pay, you avail the best possible doctor with who is highly trained. We have highly qualified surgeon who come with years of experience.  Along with this, we at Allure MedSpa also have qualified anaesthesiologist and a safe, well equipped surgical location for carrying out procedures.
  • Excellent counsel Surgical procedures start and end with counselling and consultations. Our doctors are available for consultations, guidance before, and after surgery. Our expertise stretches beyond traditional patient out care. We believe in building relations for life. Our doctors are open to any queries weeks and months after surgery.

We recommend nothing but the best, as everyone deserves to have the finest. It is advisable to never cut costs when it comes at cosmetic surgery.  Remember it is your body and you will have to live with the post surgery results. You never choose anything but the best for yourself and it should apply for cosmetic surgery as well. Avail top of the line care and services for a happier you.

Alternatively, our Counselor will call you at your convenient time. Request a consultation right away: Book an appointment

Facial Surgery Testimonials

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Quick Facts about Facial Surgery

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Facial Surgery Before and After Images

Cervicoplasty and Platysmaplasty Neck Lift Before and After Gallery Mumbai, India
Neck Lift Lower Rhytidectomy Before and After Pictures Mumbai India
Microlipoinjection Fat Grafting Before and After Pictures Mumbai India
Autologous Fat Injections Before and After Photos by Dr. Milan Doshi at alluremedspa Mumbai, India
Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery bags under the eyes lower lids Before and After Images Mumbai, India
Drooping Eyelid Surgery laser upper lids Before and After Images Mumbai, India
Dimpleplasty Anatomical basis Before and After Pictures Mumbai, India
Dimple Creation Before and After Images, Mumbai, India
Chin Augmentation Mentoplasty Implants Before and After Images Mumbai, India
Cheek Reduction Surgery with Buccal Fat Removal Before and After Images by Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi at reasonable cost at alluremedspa

Facial Surgery FAQs

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