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Platysmaplasty (Submentoplasty Surgery)

Platysmaplasty (Submentoplasty) Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaOwing to age and weight gain or for some hormonal issues, you tend to gain weight and create a band like form around the neck area, which makes your neck appear shorter and heavy. Exercises and proper diet fail to solve the problem. In such cases, you can opt for Platysmaplasty or Submentoplasty Surgery procedure.

Procedure of Platysmaplasty Surgery

Plytysmaplasty  is a procedure to remove the band-like appearance around the neck area. In the procedure, a incision of one-inch is made  under the chin and/or behind the ears and the surgeon will insert a endoscope, which is a instrument with a small camera at the end, to realign certain portions of the neck area. Sutures will be made after the procedure is done. Your surgeon will advise you to wear a compression elastic bandage around the neck and head area for quicker healing. The procedure gives a firm look and tight look. It will change the facial structure of the patient.

In the Submentoplasty Surgery procedure, the surgeon will make incision slightly larger than the Platysmaplasty procedure to sew the muscle bands. The Cosmetic Surgeon will sew this bands together in a corset plytsmaplasty. The neck muscle is tightened by using combination of liposuction and muscle tightening.

Post Recovery Surgery

It is always advised to follow doctors advice during the healing process.  The process is not risky at all and upon consultation with the surgeon and following his advise will help to recover as soon as possible. You should have a transparent relation with the surgeon so that all your medical ailments can be discussed with him freely.

After the Face lift surgery is done,  a loose bandaged will be applied under your chin area till the head. The compression garment will  be removed after few weeks of the surgery. If there is any kind of swelling or stiffness, the doctor will prescribe some medicines that has be taken religiously for faster recovery.

Procedure Cost

If you are thinking that you will have to shell too much money for the surgery, well you are wrong then. The surgery is quite affordable combined with the best health services that you will enjoy in Alluremedspa. The best surgeon of the town Dr. Milan Doshi will undertake the surgery and give you personal attention. You will just have to come here and undergo the surgery. Every other thing will be taken care of and that too without being a burden in your pocket.

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