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Cheek Reduction

Cheek Reduction


For a Beautiful Chiseled Face

Cheek Reduction, Buccal Fat Removal  Mumbai India

While chubby cheeks are a sign of good health often, some cheeks naturally grow to an extent to resemble those of chipmunks or when combined with old age – like those of bulldogs. Unfortunately many people have great bodies due to their disciplined lifestyle and yet their chubby cheeks completely throw off their body proportion. No exercise can actually help lose a little bit of cheeks since cheeks not only have fat but quite a lot of tissues and muscles too.

This is where a Cheek Reduction Surgery is the answer bang on. In this surgery the buccal fat in your cheeks will be removed or reduced without disturbing the tissues and muscles in there.

This is why you’ll need a veteran surgeon like Dr. Milan Doshi, founder of Allure Medspa, who believes in extreme precision during all procedures irrespective of them being major or minor once his patients have made an informed choice. To enable this we’ll provide a one-on-one consultation with him wherein the following will be discussed with you –

  • Suitability of the procedure for you
  • Your expectations vs. results realistically possible
  • Surgery details and risks

We pride in our transparent dealings with you and patient confidentiality.

Cheek Reduction Procedure

This procedure can be combined with one or more procedures such as a face lift. It takes about an hour to finish. After pre-surgery processes such as allergy tests, dietary and other habits are brought under control, you’ll be prepped for surgery. You’ll typically be sedated under general anesthetic although local anesthetic may also be used in combination depending on your case.

Cheek Reduction Mumbai, India Cheek Reduction Surgery Mumbai, India Cheek Reduction Mumbai, India

For buccal fat extraction, your fat pads that augment your lower cheeks will be removed. These pads, which can be found in your cheeks and along the sides of your face, are the real reason for your face’s rounded look. Some of this buccal fat can be removed surgically through incisions inside the mouth which are about two to four centimeters in length. The incision is located in the back of your mouth above your second upper molar. Non-dissolvable sutures are mostly used to close these incisions.

Cheek Reduction Recovery

Post-surgery you’ll be monitored and someone will need to accompany you back home once you’re released. After anesthesia wears off, there will be slight swelling and bruising as is with all kinds of most surgeries. Risks are minimal and will be explained to you at length for which you’ll also need to be very honest about your medical history.

The recovery period varies between a few weeks to a few months depending upon the extent of surgery. The sutures will be removed after a few days and adequate instructions about movement, exercise and work will be given. The better you follow, the better you heal.

An Almond-shaped Face is not a Myth Anymore!

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