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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction


Reduce and Redefine

Breast Reduction  Mumbai India

Believe it or not, many women do suffer substantial discomfort due to over-sized breasts. Hence it has become common for them to resort to surgery for relieving them from physical restrictions, excessive stress and pain caused on neck, shoulders and back along with an out-of-proportion figure.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you concerned about one or more of the following conditions?

  • Breasts that are too large in proportion to your body frame
  • Heavy pendulous (droopy) breast with nipples that point downwards
  • One breast that is much larger than the other
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts
  • Skin irritation beneath your breasts
  • Indentations in your shoulders from straining bra straps
  • Restrictions of physical activity due to the size and weight of your breasts
  • Self-consciousness about the size of your breasts

If any of the above applies to you, this surgery might just be a way out of your current situation. This procedure is usually performed for physical relief rather than for cosmetic reasons and involves removal of excess breast tissue to reshape and lift the breasts.

We’re the leading cosmetic treatment centre when it comes to breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty, so you can trust our experienced cosmetic surgeon and team of doctors to get your breasts reduced to the appropriate size with as little hassle as possible.

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Breast Reduction Procedure

A general anesthetic will be given to keep you asleep throughout the procedure. Incisions will be made either around the areola (area around the nipple), vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast or horizontally beneath the breast, following the natural curve of the breast crease. The excessive breast tissue only is removed without damaging any other muscles or glands. After your surgeon has removed excess breast tissue, fat and skin, the nipple and areola are moved to a higher position.

Ideally you should be prepared to spend one night in hospital. Depending on your healing ability and post-op care, you’ll feel absolutely normal and lighter within some time ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Post-op recovery and care

Recovery after the breast reduction surgery depends on how the operation is performed by the surgeon. However, there are some common conditions which could be experienced. Breast pain, discomfort and soreness are experienced on a common ground, while bleeding and severe discomfort may occur as well. In that case, you will have to visit your plastic surgeon to check why your body is unable to cope up with the surgery.

Rest and sleeping position are two important factors. It is necessary for you to take enough rest and let the body adjust to the change. You will also need to sleep straight and up-right to ensure faster recovery.

The cosmetologist may also advise you to wear surgical bra to help give support to your operated breasts. Also, post-surgery scars may be visible but your surgeon will look after such issues and suggest medication.

Why Allure Medspa?

Before you zero on it, at Allure Medspa we give you a thorough one-on-one medical consultation with a surgeon who specializes in breast reduction surgery.

During the consultation, you will be asked about the results you would like to achieve. This will help us to understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved. Our expert breast reduction surgery team will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Plus our work doesn’t end with the surgery. Our post-op care and follow-ups will ensure that your breast reduction heals without a hitch.

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Am I suitable for a breast reduction surgery?

In evaluating your suitability for breast reduction surgery, your surgeon will assess the size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin and the placement of your nipples. These factors, as well as the desired amount of reduction, are factors that will help your surgeon decide on the best technique for you.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction surgery requires a general anesthetic to keep you asleep throughout the procedure. You should be prepared to spend one night in hospital.

Are there any risks in Breast reduction surgery?

Fortunately, significant complications from this procedure are infrequent. Every year, many women undergo successful breast reduction surgery, experience no major problems and are delighted with the results. Anyone considering surgery, however, should be aware of both the benefits and the risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation.

What happens after surgery to reduce the size of my breasts?

You will need to wear a support bra for up to six weeks, until the swelling and bruising subsides. You should avoid any straining, bending and lifting for at least four weeks following surgery. The incisions from the procedure should fade over time. Fortunately, the incisions are in locations easily concealed by clothing, even low-cut necklines.

When can I resume my normal activities?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Depending on the extent of your breast reduction and your general physical condition, you may be able to return to non-strenuous work anywhere from one to three weeks after surgery. Indeed, many women are able to resume most of their normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after just four weeks.

What results can I expect?

Breast reduction surgery is to make your breasts smaller and firmer. Without the excessive weight of large breasts, you are likely to find greater enjoyment than before in playing sports and engaging in other physical activity.

It may take you some time to adjust to your new body image. However, most women soon feel more comfortable in their clothing and develop more confidence about their appearance.

Can I expect aftercare?

At Allure medspa, we take a special pride in our excellent levels of post-operative support and aftercare. To monitor your progress, we will invite you back to Allure medspa at prescribed intervals for follow-up examinations with your surgeon or our nursing staff.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

For an estimate on how much breast reduction surgery may cost, we recommend that you book consultation by calling Allure medspa on +91 9869041559

Allure medspa is one of the India’s leaders in Breast Reduction Surgery (reduction mammoplasty).



I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent and attentive care I received from the first consultation and throughout my recovery process .Dr.Milan Doshi perform breast reduction surgery has been life-altering. I no longer have back, neck or shoulder pain after years of going to doctors seeking relief. I’m now wearing tops and sundresses without being self conscious of having large, heavy breasts.


I am very satisfied with the results of my breast reduction. You have made me feel comfortable and secure since my first visit to your office and throughout the procedure. I feel like a new person and I am very happy. No more back and neck aches or indentations on my shoulders from all the weight I was carrying on my chest. To anyone who is thinking about a breast reduction take the first step and call Allure medspa.


Thank you Dr Milan Doshi for your refreshing and approachable nature from the moment I met you. I felt comfortable and confident with your knowledge and expertise in all areas of your profession. I experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism from you and your team.


I want to thank you for the wonderful care I received before, during and after my surgery.Thankyou Dr. Milan Doshi and Allure medspa.


I have considered breast reduction since I was a teenager. From puberty I have found it awkward with a huge chest so i consulted many Doctors. I contacted Allure medspa and was extremely happy with the initial information provided so consulted with Dr. Milan Doshi he answered my all questions and cleared my all doubts. I decided to go for surgery and very happy with the end result.Thank you Dr.Milan Doshi and Staff.


I picked your organisation to perform my procedure after careful research and several other consultations. You offered a more sensitive and well informed approach Thankyou.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Alluremedspa to other people with similar requirements. I am fully satisfied and happy with the pre and post care received by the staff. Thank you Dr. Milan Doshi for making the whole process a lot easier.


I have for years wanted to have a breast reduction but had always decided against it as I knew that I would eventually have a child and thought it wise not to have surgery before then. Once I had my child I thought more and more about having surgery especially since I breast-fed and my breasts had become extremely saggy. I consulted Dr. Milan Doshi. During my consultation Dr.Milan Doshi explained the procedure very clearly. After carefully considering I decided to go ahead and extremely happy with my decision.

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Getting Her Life Back

Jan 15, 2015 by Zainab Ali, UK

Dr. Milan is the most competent caring surgeon I have ever met! He listens and genuinely cares and hears your concerns and is HONEST!!!! There are not many honest people left especially doctors and he is a surgeon who can say what he wants but he guides directs and is sincere in every interaction and a genius with his skills and mind. he has made me feel whole and believe I am an ok person. His demeanor character competence and genuine compassion is remarkable and there are no words to explain how AWESOME HE IS AS A DOCTOR BUT AN INDIVIDUAL WHO SINCERELY CARES ABOUT HIS PATIENTS AND DOES Excellent work. Just AMAZING. When you know someone is a master at their skill it makes everything fearless and brings confidence inside and out!!~! His staff create a calming reassuring environment and they know who you are and that you are real. They are compassionate understanding and ALWAYS available for questions emergencies fears and tears.. I CAN\'T SPEAK ENOUGH OF SUCH A HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL SURGEON WHO SINCERELY CARES ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON AND LISTENS AS WELL AS HEARS.. REALLY AWESOME STAFF DOCTOR OFFICE INCREDIBLE!!! A BLESSING!!!!!

Extremely Satisfied..

Sep 14, 2014 by Anita, South Africa

Everyone has been very professional, informative and helpful. All questions were thoroughly answered. Dr Milan is a fantastic surgeon. I am so glad I chose him to perform my surgery. I am extremely satisfied with my complete experience.

Ready For The Change..

Sep 10, 2014 by Bhavin, India

I appreciate my surgeon and his staff. From my first call for a consultation all the way through recovery and my continued scar care checks, every detail of my care felt smooth and easy. Issues were addressed quickly and with minimal discomfort. I felt completely safe with the education, preparation, the surgery itself, recovery, and continued care. I have recommended Dr. Milan and his staff to many people and will continue to do so. I feel God directed my decision to choose Dr. Milan and am very thankful for his abilities and efforts on my behalf.

Wonderful Experience!!

Aug 25, 2014 by Bhavika, India

From my initial phone conversation with the doctor\'s office, I felt very comfortable and knew that this is where I wanted my surgery to take place.The appointments with the doctor were also very comforting for an experience I wasn\'t sure I wanted to undergo. Dr. Milan was so professional. He truly has a passion for his work. His staff, the anesthesiologist, the surgical nurse made my experience a good one with so much support from the entire staff. I feel wonderful, although still recovering as the healing process is on-going. Dr. Milan and his staff helped me do something I wanted to do years ago. From the moment I met Dr. Milan I felt extremely comfortable and knew I made the right decision. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience!

Allure Medspa , USA 5.0 5.0 4 4 Dr. Milan is the most competent caring surgeon I have ever met! He listens and genuinely cares and hears your concerns and is HONEST!!!! There are not many honest people left espec

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