Uplift Your Brow and Create a New Bella Look with Pride

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Uplift Your Brow

Lift your brow and match with trend!!! Enhance your eye brow with the latest brow treatment with the Bella Hadid brow effect

Ever noticed your face features changing. Aging gracefully is the need of an hour. Everyone wants to look beautiful and young by enhancing their looks and getting that best of face substance .there are many fashion, trends are there and are changing to look different from the crowd. Everyone wants to be beautiful. The beauty is gaining importance these days and many people are aware of that.

Now a day’s eyebrow has become the centre of attraction. If makeup tips cannot achieve the magic you want for your eyebrows.

The aesthetic trend that is rising eyebrows these days by the new trend setting fashionista Bella Hadid for her brows. Today let’s talk about your eyebrows specifically “the Bella style “!!! Which are delicate yet essential feature of your facial expressions?

But now with the trending world, we at Allure Medspa has brought you temporary and permanent solution to fix it with our board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Milan Doshi. He is an expert in treating eyebrow according to your age and needs and remember in accordance with the face dimensions and features.

Step into the beauty for your brow today at Allure Medspa the bella style: a new trend setting technique. Lifting your eye brows the Bella Hadid style make you certainly stand out!!!

Boost your confidence with the story of Bella Hadid who changed the feature of her eyebrows with the cat eye look!!!

Bella Hadid

What is beautiful eyebrow?

Since you already have the most coveted face shape, a soft brow with a shallow arch is most flattering; it will maintain the natural balance of your face. A diamond shaped face is balanced, but angular; to soften angles, choose a soft brow with a curved or soft arch.

An almond shape eye is considered beautiful eyes. Remember: “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.” Many people are going through latest trends to get that perfect eyebrow and achieve that beautiful shape. With the recent trend setting in more and more people are going that Bella Hadid look  

What causes these changes like furrow lines and crease to set it?

As you age, you might find creases and crow’s line on your forehead or eye bags that sag which may affect the delicate feature of your eyebrows . These add up to age your beautiful features. Sometimes you don’t tend to give that essential attention to your eye brows

Whether its age, stress, eye strain or smoking with irregular diet and lifestyle, many changes can lead to possibility of furrow lines and creases that set in near the eyes and cause dropping of eyebrow.  that require an additional eye brow lift that enhances your face module and gives you a streamlined structured and unarguably beautiful face which makes you look so attractive and yet classy and adds a graceful touch to your persona.

New fashion!!! Bella Hadid eyebrow look

By lifting the upper corner of the eye you can get that extra lift for your eyebrow the Bella Hadid way and produce that Bella Hadid effect. There are various procedures which we would like you to know that will create the desired look the Bella Hadid style!!!

When contacting your cosmetic surgeon it important to have individuality because every surgery has pros and cons which we shall consider now.

This beauty trend is gaining huge popularity these days by 23 year old supermodel who is recently named as the most beautiful woman in the world.

We are going to tell you where the shift eyed look came from , what ways to achieve and whom it suits the most. the most trendy look. The essence of the procedure is to surgically lift the corner of eyebrow and put it slightly into the temples. So that gives a “catty look” or the “foxy look “.

Choose whether you want permanent or temporary solution:

You can go for various treatment for your eyebrows like Botox , the thread Lift treatment . Opt for treatment which is temporary or permanent as the age advances, the need of the treatment changes. Also above all there are changes in the trend setting fashion which requires you to change accordingly according to the latest trend.


We have latest techniques these days to adopt and get that foxy and catty look or the Bella Hadid style brow

  • Make up: Make up is the most painless way to achieve the temporary result which gives you that foxy and catty look. You can use the Bella Hadid make up trick and achieve that look.
  • Botox: You can lift the upper corner of the eye with that face lift with Botox and injections will bring desired result. A Botox can create a partial eyebrow effect by giving a lift on the lateral part of eyebrow. It stays for 4 – 6 months giving partial effect and not complete lift like Bella
  • Thread lifting is non surgical face lift procedure that allows you to change the position of the corner of the eyebrows or corner of lips. Special fibers or threads are inserted in the skin to achieve the desired look to fix in those areas that require tightening.
  • Surgery: A brow lift is a permanent solution. A conventional treatment involves long incision, now endoscopic incision is small and the brow is lifted to achieve the desired result. Usually the procedure is used to correct the shape of overhanging eyelid or rejuvenation of eyes.

These are techniques to achieve the look with Bella Hadid style.

Temporary solution: Make up, Botox and thread lift are temporary solution

Permanent solution: surgery is a permanent solution

We can provide you with long lasting solution through our expertise. But remember to be a trendsetter you need to be updated with the latest techniques coming up in the field of cosmetic surgery. You don’t want to grow old with old techniques. Take a new step forward and watch us reach that extra mile to make you look good at Allure Medspa.

At Allure Medspa, we believe to change the trend with latest techniques hence offering you temporary and long lasting solution which make you step your heel high above other cosmetic surgeries so that your beauty is confined with modernity of the life style. Modern day treatment is advancing now and keeping up with new upcoming changes is what will change your look completely.

Caution: Do it with care!!!

So take an option with wide mind frame and it is essential to look at the positive and the bright light of latest and innovative technology to keep up with the revolution of the modern world. It is essential to find the best cosmetic centre which lets you change your face dimensions with the effective results according to the temporary or long lasting solutions that you opt for.

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