Top 6 Face Glow Tips You Should Know

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Skin Treatment
top 6 face glow tips


Taking care of the face is not a delicate affair as your face is constantly exposed to the outside elements such as dust, pollution, smoke etc. Along with external factors the daily skincare routine and diet also play a very important role in the maintenance of your skin quality. However if you observe that your skin lacks shine and luster and looks lifeless then here our expert dermatologist suggests some good skin glow tips which will help restore that youthful charm on your face.

1. Good Skincare Routine

  • A good skincare routine will definitely help in getting a healthy glow on your face.
  • This includes adopting simple measures such as using moisturizer that help to maintain your skin hydration thus keeping it soft and hydrated.
  • Using vitamin C serum also gives a nice boost to your skin as it helps to make your skin more glow by shedding the outer dead layers.
  • It is also important to protect your face from sunlight as the UV-A and UV-B rays can do damage to your skin causing tanning, fine lines and wrinkles as well as dullness so using a 30+ SPF sunscreen is a must.

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2. Microdermabrasion

  • Microdermabrasion is a procedure which uses very fine crystals of aluminum oxide sprayed gently on your skin.
  • These crystals remove the dead skin cells gently.
  • The suctioning is achieved with the help of a vacuum which pulls the crystals and dead skin
  • It also has several advantages such as being quick and is also being painless.

The procedure also enhances the production of collagen and elastin.

3. Laser treatments

  • There are many laser treatments available for giving your skin a new glow.
  • For example take Charcoal laser treatment which uses liquid charcoal as the face mask prior using the laser.
  • The charcoal absorbs the excess dirt and oil thus making your skin more clean and fresh looking.
  • In case of intense pulsed light therapy a specific wavelength of light is used which can dispose the excess skin cells thus revealing fresh looking skin which is free from dullness.

4. Chemical peels

  • One of the methods via which face can be given a natural glow is by using chemical peels which can exfoliate the dead skin cells.
  • When the outer dead skin cells have been disposed off the newer fresher looking lower skin layers are exposed which provide a soft glow to your face.
  • The preferred chemical peels are glycolic acid, lactic acid peel etc which have very good exfoliating properties.

5. Glutathione

  • Glutathione is a very good and naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in our body.
  • Glutathione when injected in the intra-venous form causes less melanin to be produced thus giving your skin a lighter tone and your skin starts to glow.

6. Diet

  • Some foods contain a good amount of anti-oxidants which can help deal with free radicals and also prevent development of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Some of these fruits include beetroot juice, carrot juice and apple
  • Beta carotene is a very good anti-oxidant that is found in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes etc.


As mentioned that giving your face glow is not that difficult and can be achieved by many ways like by adopting a simple skincare routine like using specific serum, using moisturizers and sunscreens etc. Other measures include going for professional treatments like microdermabrasion, laser treatments, chemical peels and glutathione injections. You can also eat anti-oxidant rich foods that can help give your face its old glow back. For more information on tips to get face glow kindly contact our expert dermatologist at Allure MedSpa, Andheri.