Top 5 Surgical Procedures That Improve Your Facial Look

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Facial Surgery
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Do you need a change in your facial look?
Perhaps you need some help modifying your lip if it is asymmetric or abnormally large.
Do you need an attractive nose?
Are you looking for a dimple creation solution?
Do you want to feel more confident in your job?

If any of the above issues plague your life then you are in the right place. There are a variety of Facial Surgical Procedure available to remedy the issues. Here we explore the top 5 Facial Surgical Procedure that will improve your facial look to a great extent.

1. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery can not only modify the nose but can also deal with congenital abnormalities of the nose. In case of deviated septum rhinoplasty can correct the defect and normalize the flow of air thus providing increased oxygen to your lungs while simultaneously dealing with difficulties such as snoring or even breathing problems. Other problems which can be corrected by rhinoplasty include the fractured nose, nose shape, and revision rhinoplasty.

2. Facelift surgery

Facelift surgery deals with many problems that arise with aging such as sagging of skin, thinning of the face; wrinkles, etc. It is a highly individualized surgery that provides a long-lasting and natural result that enhances your beauty. This surgery not only provides a skin-tightening effect but also repositions your internal tissues with minimal blood loss and the least visibility of scars.

3. Dimple creation

Dimple creation surgery is all about giving you that alluring smile that makes you look more desirable. It involves making a small depression on your face. Many people undergo dimple creation surgery as they have faith that it brings good faith and fortune it. It enhances your facial beauty.

4. Hair transplant

Baldness can make you look like 55 at age of 25. A hair transplant is one of the ways via which the problem of baldness can be addressed permanently. It not only makes your new hair growth fuller but also restores your confidence.

5. Lip reduction

The situations which cause large lips to vary and can cause significant hindrances in your day-to-day life. Lip reduction surgery can be performed in order to attain a friendly and matching look between both your upper as well as lower lip.


It is important you choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon has the proper expertise and training necessary to perform the surgical procedures while keeping the safety parameters in utmost priority while also being able to deliver top-notch results.