Tips to Buying New Bras After Breast Augmentation/Reduction

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Breast Surgery
Tips to Buying New Bras After Breast Augmentation/Reduction


So you have just gone through Breast augmentation / Breast reduction surgery? You must be very excited about trying out new bras and wondering which one must be the perfect fit right? But hold on a second before you take your fancy bag and barge into the shopping center on a bra buying spree, let me guide you through some tips for buying the perfect bras that you need in order to show off your sculpted body.

What is a normal bra size?

Most normal Indian women have standard bra sizes in the range of 34B and 34C.

What bra size to look for in case of size augmentation or reduction?

It depends upon whether you have undergone breast augmentation surgery or reduction, your recovery time period etc.

1. Ditch Your Old Bras

Now that you have new bras to flaunt it’s time to discard your old bras away. Hey but wait you should give those bras to a charity or a nonprofit organization rather than dumping them straight away into the dustbin. By donating you also lend a helping hand towards those women who simply cannot afford new, quality bras.

2. Have Patience

The starting 2 months followed by your surgery are an important part in your recovery process and it is in this period that post surgery residual swelling, pain and some discomfort is still present so it becomes very difficult to know your actual bra size. Once you visit your cosmetic surgeon for examination and if your cosmetic surgeon after checkup gives you a green signal that your swelling has subsided then you can proceed with buying new bras.

3. Get a fitting recommended by a cosmetic surgeon

Many women remain unaware that the bras they are wearing are not of their size and also a wrong fit. Every woman can take advantage of fitting recommended by a cosmetic surgeon ; especially women who have just undergone breast augmentation surgery. Also your breast size, shape and the ways bras fit is also currently different than it was before your breast augmentation surgery so a cosmetic surgeon has the knowledge to judge which bra will fit you and your breasts so that you can feel comfortable in it when you wear it.

4. Try Something Different

This is the most enthralling experience, right? You have new breasts and now it is the perfect opportunity to try something different. When considering purchasing a new bra try some new color, styles etc. Who knows you might find that the bars which once didn’t fit you are now a perfect fitting. Try different fittings and see which one you are comfortable with. So let go of your worries and go to your favorite store with friends and try different bras and let your friends give their feedback on what they think.

5. Take Good Care of Your Bras

It’s a good strategy to buy many bras at once and make sure that you give them some days off which can prolong its life and they last longer. Over time as the body changes bra may also get loose so take proper care of your bras so that they remain wearable for as long as possible. Make sure you wash your bra according to the instructions given by the laundry or for the best wash them by hand.