Things You Should Not Be Doing After Hair Transplant.

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Cosmetic Surgery
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Baldness is one of the most common, nightmare situations for men and women as young as in their 20. A hair transplant is one of the most widely practiced surgeries around the world for the restoration of hair. The results are based on the expertise of your cosmetic surgeon. Post-surgery care by an individual is equally important to get the best transplant result.

1. Don’t sleep flat on your stomach

After your hair transplant surgery, it is important the way you sleep because as in the case of most surgeries post hair transplant swelling will persist around the area on your head. Initially, after the first 7 days after surgery, you should sleep with your head facing towards the ceiling and not the other way around i.e. flat on the stomach. In order to accomplish this you can use an incliner to sleep at an angle of 45˚. Also, you should avoid sleeping on your sides because it might damage the hair follicles. In order to avoid twisting and turning in the night you can use a heavy blanket to cover you up.

2. Keep your hair-washing schedule aside for some time

You should avoid washing your hair for at least 2 days post your hair transplant surgery. You can wash your hair gently on the third day followed by using a mild shampoo diluted in water and taking care that you do not apply it by rubbing but gently without using force or scratching your hair follicles.

3. Ditch your hair styling products

If you are thinking to apply any hair product after your surgery onto your hair then think again! Your actions may certainly spoil all the hard work that has been done as the aggressive chemicals have the potential to damage the newly transplanted hair follicles. You can start your application of products after 1 month.

4. Avoid dehydration

You should drink enough water after your hair transplant surgery. Lack of water in your body can interfere with the healing process and thus also delay your recovery. Also water is important to keep your hair healthy as less water means less supply of nutrients coupled with dryness and fragile hair. You can monitor your water intake by checking your urine color.

5. Avoid wearing tight caps, weaves, etc.

During the initial days following your hair transplant surgery putting any kind of weaves, tight caps, or hats will put unwanted pressure on your hair follicles and may cause problems thus risking your outcome. So it is best to leave your scalp without any covering.

6. Avoid getting into the sun and applying ice directly onto your scalp

It is highly advised not to apply any ice directly onto your scalp for at least 5 days. This is because the extreme cold can stall your hair growth and affect the newly transplanted hair. Same goes for direct sunlight can it can also cause a lot of issues like itching/redness etc.

7. Avoid any exercise that may cause excessive sweating

It is recommended that you avoid any kind of strenuous exercise like weight lifting, swimming, sauna, steam rooms etc. This affects your scalp greatly and also your heart rate can plummet thus also can lead to stress on your scalp and risk your surgery results.

8. Ditch smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are the two biggest enemies in your recovery period along with proper healing as well as growth of your newly transplanted hair. Alcohol being a dehydrating agent will cause problems like dry skin, raising your blood pressure while also lessening supply of essential nutrients. Nicotine and tobacco present in cigarette also do equal harm by causing problems in your blood supply.