Plastic Surgeon v/s Cosmetic Surgeon: Who are they and what to choose?

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Plastic Surgeon vs Cosmetic Surgeon

Finding the right doctor for your COSMETIC surgery is one of the most important steps in your surgical journey. This can be very difficult especially if you don’t know what to look for.

From the traditional facelift to Botox injections or laser resurfacing, procedures that focus on aesthetics have changed drastically in recent years. And people looking to find the right provider might have trouble determining what kind of doctor they’re looking for.

But you are not alone. A 2017 report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that people were confused between the terms “plastic” and “cosmetic” surgeons.

While most of the time these terms go hand in hand and are often replaceable, there are still lots of key differences between these two professions.

Not all Surgeons who offer Cosmetic Surgery are alike in their:

  • medical training
  • surgical qualifications and recognition by medical boards
  • surgery specialties (surgical study, skills, and expertise)
  • technical expertise (ongoing education and advanced surgical technique conferences with leading Plastic Surgery experts across the globe)
  • number of surgeries performed

Plastic v/s cosmetic surgeon: Who are they?

A brief look into history tells us how plastic surgery originated. Around world war 1 and 2, patients were left with giant wounds that could result in death at that time, so, certain doctors became interested in dealing with complex wound healing that required molding and moving of tissue that will allow for the closing of the wound. The term ”plastic” is derived from the Greek word ”plastikos”, meaning fit for molding. Coincidently at that time the chemical industry also developed other synthetic material that can be molded easily, which now is commonly known as “plastic”.

This coincident made people believe that there is a use of plastic in plastic surgery, which is absolutely wrong. Plastic surgery is a noble field of medicine dealing with complex issues like burns, birth anomalies, reconstructive and corrective surgeries that needs 11 years of training, board certification, and thousands of successful patients to achieve.

A plastic surgeon has a proper degree for practicing plastic surgery. They are also board certified and have to keep their certifications up to date. They have years of training behind them in order to coordinate their eyes, brains, and hand all together for a flawless procedure. They have immersed themselves head to toe in this field.

Around the 1970-80s, there began a curiosity of using some of the simple procedures over a healthy body to achieve a better look. This marked the beginning of cosmetic surgery. Naturally, when this field started, plastic surgeons were the most obvious choice as they are already highly trained in dealing with even more complex procedures. Hence, confusion arose between plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

As cosmetic surgery is lucrative, many doctors started practicing this. Those doctors are not historically trained in doing such procedures, nor they have complete knowledge of it. Because of this, they can’t provide all the options to the patient. For eg: an ENT specialist knows about the anatomy of the nose, so they can perform Rhinoplasty (nose job), but they can’t perform any other procedure, thus making your options limited and treatment stressful.

A cosmetic surgeon can be any doctor (no post-graduate degree required) who happens to have a certificate or diploma of doing a certain procedure. They have not much experience in dealing with complications also. They are not required to be board certified and have no former degree allowing them to perform many procedures.

Key differences between a plastic cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon:

  • A plastic cosmetic surgeon is a specialist plastic surgeon who has mastered the art of performing exclusively cosmetic surgery as well. They can do reconstructive surgeries as well as reshaping procedures as well.
  • While a cosmetic surgeon could be any doctor who has done a short course or diploma in any particular treatment. They are only permitted to perform some of the reshaping procedures that involve no reconstruction. Those doctors may offer a few cosmetic options, but they may not give patients all of their options, nor be able to handle complications.
  • Genuine specialist plastic cosmetic surgeons have more than 11 more years of additional surgical training in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.
  • They have Medical board recognition As a Specialist (this elite medical qualification takes over a decade of difficult training and numerous examinations)
  • In addition to using M.Ch by their names or in their Bio, they’ll also have ASPS, ISAPS, ASAPS, or similar memberships ONLY available to bonafide Plastic Surgeons. Cosmetic surgeons are not entitled to such memberships.
  • Most Specialists have studied at top Universities AND have worked alongside international leaders in Plastic Surgery during their work overseas.
  • They will have Hospital operating room privileges and admitting rights – vs only being able to operate in a back room and NOT being able to admit patients.
  • They tend to work alongside very experienced general Anaesthetists AND use advanced technologies to administer and monitor anesthesia. While a cosmetic surgeon will lack the experience to work in such settings.

Many different Doctors do cosmetic surgery – Who should you choose for your Cosmetic Surgery?


He must be an Indian board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeonM.Ch. degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery in India. It is a highly sophisticated training program of 11 and half years for delicate handling of patient tissue. (5 and a half for M.B.B.S, 3 years of general surgery, and 3 more years of plastic surgery).


  • How many years the plastic cosmetic surgeon is in practice?
  • Does he perform exclusive cosmetic surgery or he is a general plastic surgeon?
  • What is the number of cosmetic surgery or liposuction surgery he performed?


His membership with recognized national and international aesthetic plastic surgeon organizations like; ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, IMA, AMC, suggests that he is upgrading himself with the development of the medical field.


  • You can find out on social media review or
  • Can get referrals from your friends’ circle.
  • How much is it easy to approach?
  • Transparent behavior
  • The surgery result
  • Follow-up care standard

One must select that plastic cosmetic surgeon with whom one will feel comfortable.

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