How to Get 6-Pack Abs without Lifting Anything

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How to Get 6-Pack Abs without Lifting Anything
  • Are you tired and done with the exhausting gym routine that isn’t getting you any abs?
  • Is your self-confidence is getting affected by the way your midsection looks like?
  • Do you desire a well-sculptured body or 6 packs abdomen, like celebrities?
  • Are you confused about how people are getting abs in just 1-2 months?

Six pack abs! The name itself is a synonym for sleek, stylish, and strength. These abdomen contours are cherished by one and all. The muscles of the abdomen have thin layers of fat in between them, which are extremely stubborn to remove, and hence even vigorous exercises fail in dealing with them.

Initially, liposuction surgery was meant to remove fat only from the smaller and a limited number of body areas for the body contouring process. With the help of advanced techniques such as tumescent liposuction as well as using technology like Laser & Vaser liposuction has increased the horizon of body contouring surgery. Simultaneously advancement in medical science has expanded the safety and smoothen the recovery.

However, this challenging task can be accomplished overwhelmingly by resorting to the six-pack abs 4D liposuction, where the tricky fat layers are removed with VASER liposuction and sucked fat is reinjected into the muscle for contouring, which results in natural-looking 6-packs abs.

Type of surgical six-packs

  • Natural 6 packs

After liposuction is done, a uniform very thin layer of the fat is left in place. This makes the underlying muscles quite visible. if you are not able to maintain weight, 6 pack will disappear as it will get covered with fat again.

  • 3D 6 packs

Just like natural 6 pack surgery, after liposuction, a uniform very thin layer of fat is left in place. Furthermore, aggressive liposuction is done at the muscle edges to highlight the muscle more. The added advantage of 3D liposuction is that 6 pack stays even if you gain some weight.

  • 4D 6 packs

4D liposuction is one step advancement of 3D liposuction in which fat is reinjected at the muscle, to make them look more prominent. If you are committed to weight maintenance, this is the best choice for you.

Who is an ideal candidate for this procedure?

You are an ideal candidate to undergo this procedure if you:

  • You are near normal weight
  • Have good muscle and skin tone
  • Are ready to maintain their weight for long-lasting results
  • Physically in good health
  • Medically fitto undergo surgery.
  • Emotionally fit and have a realistic expectation
  • Don’t smoke

What is a 4D Liposuction?

  • 4D liposuction is an advanced type of liposuction procedure. liposuction, Fat is sucked out simultaneous fat transfer done in the muscle so they look bulkier.
  • Underlying muscle gets highlighted and they look natural even when the body is moving.
  • The results are extremely specific and target certain areas of your body. The results of 4-D surgical 6 packs are much more prominent and dramatic than traditional liposuction.

How does the surgery work?

Your 4-D surgical 6 pack procedure is a day-care surgery and will take about two hours, on average.

  • While you’re standing up, your doctor will mark the areas that are being sculpted and enhanced. This may feel a bit like your abs are being drawn on. Once you’re both satisfied with the planning you’ll be told to lie down and then prepared for surgery.
  • You’ll be put under general or anesthesia.
  • The skin on your belly will be numb as the doctor makes incisions, to access and remove the fat deposits. This process will be done using VASER.
  • Vaser selectively melts the fat which is also known as ”LIPOSELECTION”.
  • Melted fat Is sucked out with a small cannula under low pressure.
  • Tissue injury is less, blood loss is less, pain is less, therefore, there is an increased safety profile.
  • Vaser stimulates collagen production which leads to skin tightening.
  • Vaser liposuction surgery aspirate a high quantity of live fat cells. Which is then reinjected into the targeted muscles to highlight them.
  • Your incisions are then closed and dressed.
  • You’ll need to keep the compression garment on until your doctor gives you the go-ahead to remove it, typically 4 to 6 weeks.

When done carefully, this technique can deepen the natural grooves in your body and make your ab muscles appear much more prominent.

Fat deposits may also be taken from the sides overlying your oblique abdominal muscles to narrow your midsection. When the swelling subsides and the area heals, you should see a visibly toned midsection.

How does the recovery look like?

  • Immediately after the procedure, you may need to wear a compression garment to make sure that the cosmetic surgeon’s work seals and heals smoothly.
  • You’ll most likely be able to resume most of your normal activities 1 week after your surgery.
  • In any case, avoid strenuous exercise until you’re cleared by your doctor. This includes anything that would contract the ab muscles, such as crunches and planks.
  • As swelling subsides and your skin begins to adhere to its new shape, you should be able to see your abs more visibly and a tighter, more toned-looking midsection. After 2 to 5 months, you’ll be able to see the full results of your procedure.

What are the limitations?

If you are committed to maintaining your weight, then this procedure claims to produce permanent results. The following can erase the results of the procedure:

  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • The natural aging process of your body means that eventually your abs might not be as defined and visible as they are right after the procedure.

Are there any risks?

As our life has become more comfortable and safer with all these years, so did surgical techniques. Now with the help of the latest technology and advancements, surgeries like liposuction have become very safe and highly comfortable. 4-D liposuction is considered a very low-risk cosmetic procedure. However, it is still a surgical procedure.

To reduce your chances of developing any complications, it’s very important to choose a board certified surgeon and a NABH accredited surgical center with an overnight stay.

Talk about your concerns regarding the risks with your surgeon. Your surgeon will answer your questions in the consultation.

What’s next?

Although we have tried our best to give all the information available in this article, but you will get an exact picture of your procedure after having a face to face consultation with our experts. Feel free to contact us with any query regarding anything. We will be delighted to help you in any form.