Facial: Medical V/S Salon What Will You Choose?

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Skin Treatment
Facial Medical Vs Spa
  • Do you desire flawless and radiant skin for your face?
  • Are your spa treatments not showing you results?
  • Do you need long lasting results for your skin and face?

If YES, then experience the magic of medical facial treatments as we compare them against spa facial treatment in order to understand which one fits you better.

Serial No Parameters                           Inference
    Medical Facials Spa Facials
1 Purpose Treatment of Certain Skin issues Pleasant Experience
2 Skin Analysis Performed? Yes in order to understand your skin tone, texture and quality and then suggest proper treatment strategy No
2 Technical Expertise Yes. Technical experience in Cosmetic Dermatology Not Necessary
3 Certification and Experience Yes. Generally Advanced Degree in Cosmetic Dermatology and Years of Experience Not Applicable
4 Advanced Technologies Used Yes like Laser, Microdermabrasion etc. No.
5 Custom Made Treatments Yes. Treatments chosen according to your skin, tone and texture No. Same Products used for all patients
6 Cost Costlier Depends
7 Products Category Medical Grade General
8 Products Tested and Researched Yes many are tested dermatological and even clinically Not necessary
9 Results Duration Long Lasting Short Term


The skin is the protective barrier on your body including your face which also gives radiance and young look. So it is necessary to take care of your skin on your face. Facials are the best skin treatments care you can give to your face. The medical facials have higher quality products along with advanced technology and also provide you with long term results, all this being possible under the guidance and experience of certified cosmetic dermatologist. While the spa facials do not have such experienced technical staff and those treatments also last only for a short term.