• Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Body Surgery
Liposuction Surgery


This is a very much common inquiry we hear whether on frequently asked questions section or on social media. The natural phenomenon of ageing strikes everyone in different ways. For many patients we hear that your age and also health problems will not make you eligible for liposuction surgery. Nevertheless the number of years you have lived should not throw you out of the line for being able to undergo liposuction surgery.


In order to answer your question we must first know what the parameters which makes a person eligible for liposuction surgery.

  • You should have realistic expectations about your results
  • In fine health
  • Emotionally fit

Liposuction is not done mostly below the age of 18 because in this age bracket which is teen where the body of teenagers is still in their development stage and also they lack the maturity to take such a big decision. Also in this age teenagers also usually have social circle such as friends who will most likely tease them which will make them feel uncomfortable and lead to mental problems such as anxiety or even depression which will cause health effects.

Beyond 18 years of age anyone can do liposuction even till the age of 70. Along with the just above mentioned factors your health condition such as disease also matters a lot when you choose to undergo liposuction surgery. For example if you have diabetes then it becomes difficult to operate on you as diabetes can cause complications such as healing delayed/happening slowly and even other diseases such as ischemic heart disease or heart attack which can cause myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia etc.

The downtime and recovery post liposuction surgery also increases and becomes slow as you age as your body now needs more time to heal as your cells are not as young and energetic as they were when you were in your 20s.


Ultimately we conclude that though it is known that liposuction is a surgery just like any other hence evaluation of your health is very important in order to avoid unnecessary risks. But age is not a bar provided your health is good. So you must now keep in mind that if you want to undergo liposuction surgery in future then you must take care of yourself and keep yourself healthy to as much extend as possible as it is never too late to shed that excess stubborn fat from your body.