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Vaser Liposuction FAQs

With Vaser Lipo you will only require one treatment per area, the treatment allows for greater volumes of fat to be removed within a shorter procedure time. Therefore it is as suitable and beneficial for larger areas as it is for smaller areas.With proper care & maintenance, these scars will slowly fade and become hardly visible fine lines.

The duration of the Vaser Lipo treatment will vary according to the individual patient and size of area to be treated. However, we would normally state an average duration of 2 hours.

Vaser Lipo is carried out under a local anesthetic proving patients with minimum downtime. After treatment healing is rapid and there is less bruising than with other more traditional methods of fat removal.

Vaser Lipo results can be permanent as long as a sensible diet and lifestyle is maintained, post treatment.

The overall cost of Vaser Lipo depends on the extent of the areas where treatment is required; your surgeon will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation.

Compared to conventional VASER Lipo:Removes more fatProvides noticeable results quickerFaster patient recoveryHas better skin tighteningLess bruisingRemove greater volumes of fat within a shorter procedure time so is suitable for large areas

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