Best Tips For Dark Circle Removal

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Cosmetic Treatment
Dark circle removal


So you get up from sleep and see those bizarre dark circles under your eyes that give your face a haunting and unattractive look right? There are many reasons due to which dark circles arise such as stress on the eyes due to constant staring at computer screen, disturbed sleep cycle, hormonal changes, anemia, improper makeup removal, going in the sun without sunscreen, contact dermatitis due to kajal and other makeup products and many more. However dark circles as annoying as they may be also have solutions to treat them. So here we will explore treatments in brief which depend on the underlying cause of the dark circles.

Which treatment options are available for dark circles?

1] Include iron in your diet

If anemia is causing your dark circles then you should include more iron in your diet. Good sources of iron include spinach, silver beet, broccoli, nuts, legumes, tofu etc. Once iron levels are stabilized then dark circles start to fade.

2] Get good amount of sleep

You should get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. You can try yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques to get sound sleep and make sure to stay away from blue light especially your mobile and TV screen at least 3 hours before you sleep and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks 6 hours before you sleep.

3] Check your thyroid levels

In case of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism the metabolism rates in body can alter. This can lead to dry skin which can ultimately lead to development of dark circles under your eyes. .

4] Apply your sunscreen

Always make sure you don’t step out into the sun without application of sunscreen. Sunscreen blocks UV radiation thus preventing damage to your skin. Choose sunscreen according your skin type and which gives a minimum of SPF 30+ protection.

5] Avoid products that are allergic to your skin

If you have observed that kajal or makeup product causing an allergic skin reaction such as contact dermatitis and in turn causing development of dark circles then you should ditch such products from using further.

6] Drink enough water

Staying hydrating is important as lack of water can cause blood vessels to expand thus giving those dark circles under your eyes.

7] Soak with tea bags

Tea bags contains caffeine which improves blood flow thus causing the blood vessels under the eyes to shrink and the liquid that was built up now gets absorbed back. After immersing black or green tea bags in hot water refrigerate it for 20 mins and then apply in on the dark circles for 15 mins then discard.

8] Professional treatments

If all the above mentioned therapies fail to give you results then it’s time to turn towards professional treatments which are done under the guidance of a board certified dermatologist. There are a variety of treatment options to choose from such as topical creams or bleaching agents like Vitamin C or laser treatments such as intense pulsed light, fractional CO2 laser etc or chemical peels and even dermal tissue fillers like hyaluronic acid or fat injections can be utilized. Platelet rich plasma therapy is also a very good and recent method that is used to treat dark circles as fresh growth factors and other important nutrients are delivered into the area thus enhancing collagen production and giving a more firm and fresh look to your skin.


Dark circles can seriously impair the looks of your face. These can also signify a underlying health problem but as problems arise then so are solutions. A plethora of treatment options are available to choose from depending upon the root problem. If you want to know more about dark circles and their treatments then you can contact our board certified dermatologist at Allure MedSpa.

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