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NABH accreditation is given for the responsibility, standard, and commitment towards following the safety, quality, and privacy of a healthcare organization that is strictly evaluated on the basis of the hospital’s/centre’s performance done among the patients, organization, and associations in the given time frame.

Allure Medspa at Andheri Mumbai, India is a body of Vardaan Nursing Home, private limited. Vardaan Nursing Home located at Goregaon, Mumbai, India is proud to announce that we got certified from NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and committed to following the high-standard measure for world-class quality control and safety management in order to offer the best plastic & cosmetic surgery’s results.

Recognition from such a reputed body approves our patient’s safety & Quality measure and also sets us apart from the rest of other hospitals or clinics as we are the first cosmetic surgery centre in Mumbai who has recognized by the highest body of the constituent board of Quality Council of India.

Our continuous dedication & efforts towards the patient’s care & safety approved our recognition in the field of plastic & cosmetic surgeries that allows a clinic to be accredited and NABH is one of the honorable bodies in this regard.

What is NABH?

NABH (National accreditation board for hospital& healthcare providers) is an institutional member of the international society for quality in health care (ISQUA). ISQUA is an international body that validates the accreditation in the area of medical practices and healthcare as a mark of equilibrium maintenance for the standards and quality among member countries.

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 Does NABH possess any International recognition?

Yes, absolutely! NABH (National accreditation board for hospital & healthcare providers) is an institutional member of the international society for quality in health care (ISQUA). ISQUA, International Society for Quality in Healthcare has accredited standards for hospitals that measure the standard of hospitals based on safety, privacy, and quality. The approval of ISQUA authenticates the NABH is agreeing with the standard parameters with the global benchmarks set by ISQUA. Therefore, approval of NABH validates a hospital or healthcare provider’s practice & services.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal process of officially recognizing someone or something through which certification of competency, authority or credibility is presented. It is a public recognition of the achievement that is validated by an authorized body for the respective field.

What NABH accreditation means?

The NABH is an accreditation body that gives approval of safety & patient care to hospitals and healthcare providers as it has been recognized and reputed member of the ISQUA.

NABH Accreditation Means:

  • A commitment towards creating an atmosphere of a healthy medical practice, includes, quality culture, patient’s safety, efficiency, and accountability of being a responsible medical service provider.
  • It is to establishing protocols and policies according to national/international standards for patient care, medication management, consent process, safety norms, clinical outcomes, medical records, infection control, and staffing.
  • Patients are treated with proper care & concern by following the safety & privacy measure.
  • Patients are evaluated thoroughly and then a procedure is planned.
  • Patients are treated by an expert and trained professionals.
  • Feedback is given proper concern as it is listened to and answered responsibly.
  • Transparency is maintained while paying or receiving the fees or charges.
  • A continuous monitoring system is maintained.
  • Dedicated to avoiding the chances of risks and uncertainties.

What are the benefits of Accreditation?

The benefits of being Accredited as jotted down below:

  • The NABH accreditation authenticates a hospital or centre for the patient’s safety and quality care. The accreditation affirmation is set by the independent external peer evaluation of that institution’s level of performance in relation to standards. And, we are showing the evidence of our quality standard and safety measure as we have contributed the cosmetic fraternity for more than 20 years and a relentless journey of our success and the best results can be seen through the highest reputed forums, portals, and journals as well.
  • One of the most important roles of NABH accredited hospital towards patient’s concern is their assurance as it provides the medical services by the credential medical staff. Apart from the benefits of being treated by the expert cosmetic surgeon, the trained and authorized medical staff are much needed, especially for plastic & cosmetic surgeries. Since the cosmetic surgeries need much precision, perfection, care, and concern, it is always advisable to get the treatment only from the recognized and authenticated clinic or centre.
  • If a clinic is accredited from the reputed bodies like NABH they are concerned about the patient’s rights and validate them while treating the case or problem, which is highly regarded in the plastic & cosmetic surgeries.
  • This is one of the most important concerns and goodwill of a centre or hospital that how they satisfied their patients in terms of offering the best results. The patient satisfaction is greatly advocated by the NABH approved hospitals and healthcare providers, especially applicable for the plastic & cosmetic surgery centres.

What are the programs being offered by NABH?

It offers the accreditation program for hospitals, SMHCO (Small healthcare organization/nursing home), blood banks as well as transfusion services, oral substitution therapy (OST), central, primary, and secondary healthcare centres. And our centre, Allure Medspa comes under SMHCO (Small healthcare organization/nursing home) and accredited on this behalf. As a core part of medical services, the other programs are also offered by NABH such as medical imaging services, dental hospitals, and AYUSH hospitals are being developed.

Is NABH accreditation a one-time phenomenon?

No, it is not a one-time phenomenon as the validation is given for a certain time period that is needed to renew once it completed the validation. However, a surveillance visit is planned during the second year.

How to get information about NABH accredited organizations?

It is advisable to go through the accreditation register list of accredited or aspirant organizations under various programs. If you want to know more information one can go through the link where the organization posted their offered service’s detail.

Who should be contacted and how, if any information is required?

NABH is accessible on call, post. Email, or any other communication media. The inquiry is addressed by contacting deputy director, NABH at [email protected] or by post/fax at the following address:

National Accreditation board for hospitals & healthcare providers (NABH)

Quality council of India

ITPI Building, 6th floor, 4-A,

Ring Road, IP Estate,

New Delhi- 110002

Tel: +91 11 233 23 416/ 417/418/ 419/420

Fax: +91 11 233 23 415

What are the Parameters to decide the NABH Accreditation?

HOSPITAL SAFETY: The safety measure which sets a clinic premise as an accredited centre includes the safety of both a patient and the hospital. The quality care of a hospital is measured on the basis of an error and infection-free services that include safety & healthcare of patients and a service is free from risk, uncertainties and misshapen. The emergency control should be updated and the hospital should ensure that they are using cutting-edge technology and have the best management against the odds and error.

HOSPITAL SAFETY GRADATION: The Hospital Safety Grade scores on the basis of their safety offered and how they control the risk and uncertainties. It is also scored that how a hospital treats their patient in terms of rescuing them from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

HOSPITAL SAFETY IMPROVEMENT: The hospital safety improvement is assessed by the engaging the measure such as a healthy follow-up, transparent communication between patient and the surgeon, checking procedures, educating patients, and learning from errors. These concerns are needed as it saves the unwanted cost that may occur due to lack of precautions and safety measure, an inevitable part of the plastic & cosmetic surgeries.

Factors that can help improve patient safety in hospitals include the following:

  • Using of monitoring technology
  • Make sure the patient understands the treatment
  • Validation of all medical procedures are needed
  • Sanitations should be strictly monitored
  • A healthy and cooperative medical team is preferable.

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