A Guide to Take Photos Before Your Surgery

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Why Should You Ask for Photos Before Cosmetic Surgery?

The pre-procedure task includes many of the action concerning the best performance of the cosmetic surgeries because of its beauty advancement process adds the look and personality enhancement. No matter what kind of the cosmetic surgery are or what purpose it is performed, but it matters most how is it planned well in the view of meeting the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery.

Photos are important prior to surgery due to the following reasons:

  • Helps in analyzing the extent of the cosmetic issue
  • Photos are required to plan the procedure concerning the employing technique or method
  • Photos are needed to evaluate the problem and speculate the future development
  • Photos help in assessing the patient’s state of a cosmetic issue with respect to required treatment measure, either medical or surgical.

How to Take Pre-Consult Photos

Guidelines for Patients:

Following are the tips to send photos before the surgery to our patient care adviser or consultant: –

  • Find a friend who can assist you while capturing the problem areas because the accurate angle and direction cannot be captured itself
  • Keep concern and mind for the angle of the treatment areas as every single point does matter in the surgical concern
  • We prefer clear, close-up photos of the problem areas along with those photos that are taken 1-2 meters away to view that area in perspective
  • Ensure your photos are clean with specific needed resolution. It is recommended to click photos with a smartphone or modern camera that gives a clear picture
  • Be sure not to compress image files before sending them as it causes pixelated
  • Send only high-resolution photos and send one at a time if they are very large in size.

Face, Eye & Nose Surgery

  • If you are considering Rhinoplasty or nose job the photos must be taken from below, looking up the nostrils, as well as from the front and side and 45 degrees ‘turn’ views.
  • Ensure you take clear photos from the front, side, and the 45-degree angle.

Body Surgery

  • It is needed to take photos in an upright position in your undergarments. Be sure your abdomen is visible so that we can assess your condition correctively.
  • Keep your posture natural and do not try to hold your belly in.
  • Do take photos with your arms down and with hands placed on your head
  • If there is no one available to help you with photos, try taking the image in the large and clean mirror that can clearly show your areas of concern.

Breast Surgery

  • First of all, be natural and do not alter your posture
  • Stand upright with feet shoulder and arms & hands should be resting naturally
  • Photos should be taken in such a way that normal posture, as well as a photo of standing up straight, can create the differences to see the treated breast areas more clearly
  • You should click the photo from the front, left side, right side, and ideally a photo standing at a 45-degree angle with your neck, shoulders & arms visible.

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