9 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck Surgery

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9 thing you should know before Tummy-Tuck-Surgery

While often considered a procedure for the rich and famous, tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasties) are becoming increasingly common, with a whopping 431% increase in the number of procedures performed since 1997, when the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) started tracking it. In fact, tummy tucks were the third most common cosmetic procedure performed in 2015, with more than 180,000 done nationwide.

Whether the pooch was caused by pregnancy, significant weight loss, or genetics, removing excess skin and tightening lax muscles, and liposuction of excess fat can provide both physical and mental benefits. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tummy tuck, here are a few things you wish you would have known beforehand.

There are different types of scar

There are a few distinct types of scars. The scar’s size and location will depend on your abdominal structure and the amount of extra skin to be removed. If you have to acquire a traditional Scottsdale tummy tuck, you’ll have the scar from hip to hip and your doctor will hide the scar below the bikini line. However, if you need just a small amount of skin removed and muscles tightened, a mini tummy tuck could be an option.

A tummy tuck does not help with weight loss

Tummy tucks is a contouring procedure. Tummy tucks should be used when a patient is already at his or her ideal weight. It isn’t a weight reduction procedure, but a shaping process. Weight loss is by-product of whatever fat is removed. Also, tummy tucks address stretch marks since the abdominal skin is pulled downward and lowered, thus the lower excess skin associated stretch mark will be removed.

It is not an expensive procedure

According to the ASAPS Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank statistics, the 2015 national average was $5,891. However, in a country like India, the same surgery with the same technology and facilities could cost you one third as compared to developed countries.  Not only the celebrities but common people from all walks of life can afford tummy tuck procedure and have a fully confident life. Typically, a tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Research is important! Choose your surgeon carefully

After all, it’s your body that is undergoing a permanent change. You should not settle with the second-best out there. Choose a surgeon that is board-certified, having more than 10 years of experience with this particular surgery, and is a member of recognized national and international aesthetic plastic surgeon organizations like; ASPS, ISAPS, APSI, IAAPS, IMA, AMC.

Having a good reputation is as important as having experience. A good surgeon will always have transparent behavior and have a good standard follow-up protocol.

Cosmetic Surgery is a marriage of science with arts. An experienced hand develops an artistic touch which comes in handy while taking care of scars. Thus it’s very important to look out for experienced surgeons.

And the final world, One must select a surgeon with whom one feels most comfortable.

Choose a good surgical center

A surgeon is only good if supported by a good surgical center. Selecting a good surgical unit can be a little tricky.

A good surgical centre must be a locally registered hospital. It should be NABH accredited which assure you about standard medical practice and your safety. But a hospital with a night stay facility increases your safety.

It should have all required state of the art technology for your tummy tuck surgery. It should have all the equipment required to tackle any medical emergency in working condition.

A hospital located at a prime location makes your transportation hassle-free. Cosmetic surgery center ambiance, cleanliness & hygiene makes difference.

It’s better if your surgeon suggest liposuction also

When skin from the upper abdomen gets pulled down, it can lead to an unnatural bulge on the hips or a lack of definition. In order to get the best results, in Lipoabdominoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon uses liposuction or fat-to-fat grafts to help them reshape and contour the area.  However, liposuction is a separate procedure from the tummy tuck, which means it will have its own added cost.

Arrange for some help after the surgery

For a comfortable and safe recovery, it is important to stick with the instructions given by your surgeon after the surgery. In addition, doctors recommend that you don’t lift anything over 10 pounds for the first 4 to 6 weeks, which can be important for mothers with young children to consider. will need to have someone there to help you for the first few days, if not a full week.

You’ll likely be bent over at the waist the first few times

One result of your stomach muscles being tightened, excess skin removed, and remaining skin pulled tautly is that you’ll probably be significantly bent over for the first few days.  Being bent over like this for so long has a couple of consequences that are manageable, but you should be prepared for.

First, you can experience some lower back pain as the muscles get spasm while being bent. This pain can be easily managed by hot and cold compressions and some painkillers that your surgeon will prescribe you post- surgery.

Secondly, you may get some trouble grabbing something above your eye level. Not everyone experiences this, those who experience this. It does not last for long.

Thirdly, a bent posture may interfere with your sleep. You should plan on sleeping in a recliner, with a wedge pillow, or on a couch with a bunch of pillows to prop up your legs and back until you’re able to lie flat, around week 2.

In modern Lipoabdominoplasty, liposuction thin down the fatty layer of the abdomen, so there is no need to pull down skin so tight, you may feel some stretching but no need to bend so much. It’s more comfortable.

Benefits of tummy tuck surgery: it’s not just cosmetic

You are likely to feel a lot more confident in your clothes after a tummy tuck.  However, the procedure can also offer medical benefits:

An integral part of a tummy tuck is repairing the rectus diastasis, which is a space between the rectus muscles that naturally occurs after childbirth or a large amount of weight loss. For patients with a significant diastasis, repairing this can help improve their core stability and can also help with back pain and bloating.

It also helps in improving your posture by improving the exaggerated back curve of your back.

Some studies have suggested that tummy tucks may help with urinary incontinence.

It also improves your skin hygiene as skin folds are removed so skin condition in crevices improves.  .

It is also a method of permanently removing fat from your body.

While choosing a board certified surgeon and a NABH accredited surgical centre can sound like a daunting task, it actually isn’t. At Allure Medspa, you will get everything under one roof without compromising with the safety and quality of care. Why settle for second best, when you can get a comfortable journey with the best expertise from this field.

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