6 Great Benefits About Laser Therapy You Should Know

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Skin Treatment
benefits of laser therapy


Laser means a focused and a monochrome or a light that is emitted in a single wavelength. It has a lot of application in the industry ranging from medical to space research, atomics, nuclear research and even in cutting hard materials like diamonds. In medical field laser have been introduced only a decade back and are nowadays used routinely and are even available as a doorstep service. They can treat a variety of skin conditions and here we will go through the many advantages lasers offer over conventional treatments.

1. The procedure is quick

Laser therapy offers the advantage of being quick in completion of procedure. This is especially very much beneficial in case of people who are very busy in their schedules and who don’t have much time for recovery. This also allows the dermatologist to take up multiple sessions thus saving time and energy.

2. Relatively painless procedure

Laser therapy is also much less painful than other treatment methods. The incidences of side effects occurring are also rare when done under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist. It also eliminates the issue of scarring as it is a non-invasive procedure that does not involve any stitches or incisions as well. Also being a non-surgical procedure the risk of general anesthesia is also not present.

3. High degree of accuracy

Laser therapy is also extremely precise that it is able to focus pinpoint on the targeted location thus lessening the chances of damaging the surrounding areas and also achieving the needed localized effect such as in case of intense pulsed light where the selected wavelength of light reaches the required depth in the skin and leaves the surrounding skin intact without any damage or burns.

4. Advancement in technology

Lasers represent advancement in technology and also have made life simpler and the same applies to skin therapy and treatments in which they are utilized. As time passed subsequent improvements in this technology yielded results quality dramatically along with reduction in time needed to perform the procedure in addition to increasing the safety levels thus increasing comfort for both the patient and also being ease of use for the surgeon/dermatologist.

5. Multi-treatment options

Laser therapy is also very versatile in the sense that it can be used for a variety of different treatments such as CO2 Laser treatment for acne/acne scars, intense pulsed light therapy for hyperpigmentation, acne/acne scars, melasma, hair removal etc, Laser such as picolaser and Q switched lasers are also used for the treatment of removal of Tattoos, Laser therapy is also used for birthmark removal as well as for treatment of thread vein/spider veins, Laser therapy is also used for removal of moles, tags and warts and also for skin lightening in case of charcoal laser therapy.

6. Long lasting results

The results obtained from laser therapy is also very long lasting Take laser hair removal treatment for example the light that is absorbed by the hair root deactivates it i.e. in simple words the hair root gets destroyed and now the hair won’t be able to grow back ever again. Also in case of tattoo removal the tattoo is gone permanently as the ink particles get broken and are disposed off by the body’s lymphatic system.


Laser therapy is truly an important milestone in technological development and has brought along it many advantages in medical field such as decreased downtime, less to no pain, rapid completion of procedure in addition to being versatile in treating a variety of diseases related to skin and also in case of liposuction etc. You can know more about laser treatments at our clinic Allure MedSpa by contacting our cosmetic dermatologist.