5 Reasons To Consider For A Non-Surgical Lip Filler Treatment

  • Posted by: Dr. Milan Doshi
  • Category: Skin Treatment
non surgical lip filler


Lips form an important part of your facial features as naturally plump and fuller lips are considered as a sign of good health, youth as well as beauty. So if you are one of those lucky persons then you can now have a sign of relief as the problem now has an amazing yet simple solution. It also helps in delaying the signs of ageing thus contributing towards an amazing facial appeal.

1. Helps to improve hydration of lips

Hyaluronic acid is a very common ingredient that is used in lip filler formulations. This molecule helps to pull and retain water molecules thus providing hydration and preventing dryness thus improving overall health. Your dermatologist will evaluate your lips for the dose management and subsequent post injection care.

2. Dermal fillers very rarely cause complications

The aforementioned hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring substance in your body. So the chances of any kind of allergic reaction due to hyaluronic acid are very less due to it being not recognized as a foreign body. Hyaluronic acid has undergone rigorous testing in terms of safety and efficacy in clinical trials thus further strengthening its safety record.

3. Postpones the signs of ageing of lips

As our age advances the collages that acts a support for plump lips starts to break down thus with it the hyaluronic acid levels also start to fall. This causes your lips to become deflated thus losing their volume. Some scholarly articles have revealed that injection of hyaluronic acid also helps to produce new collagen thus delaying the natural breakdown process.

4. Can improve lip wrinkles

The hydration and plumpness provided by dermal fillers occupy the gaps that are caused due to appearance of lines thus providing a rejuvenated and younger appearance. These injections can also deal with lines around your mouth called as perioral lines.

5. Quick procedure

Unlike other plastic surgery procedures the process of injecting dermal fillers can be completed in a very short amount of time. This is a boon for those people who are short on time and are in a busy schedule. You can also resume your normal activity in a matter of 1 hour thus negating any kind of hospital stay.


It is now very easy to get lip filler treatment which is non-surgical in nature and can also help you avoid those pesky scars while also providing minimal downtime along with quick results making this an attractive option. You can contact our cosmetic surgery clinic or get in touch with our dermatologist to know more about this lip filler process or also about dermal fillers.