3-D Virtual Consultation: The Next Big Thing In Cosmetic Surgery

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3D Virtual Consultation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

As someone rightly said, one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century is the potential to safely harness the power of the technology revolution…to meet the challenges of improving health and providing better, safer, sustainable care for all. Technology-supported consulting is viewed by many as at least a partial solution to the complex challenges of delivering healthcare in a pandemic, more so when you are coming from a remote place. Using that technology, we bring you the state of the art 3D virtual consultation platform available on our website. Here is everything you need to know:

What is 3D virtual consultation?

It is the latest development in the field of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology consultation. Using a facial software, a 3D image of your face or body area is created. A 3D visualization helps the doctor to translate your vision into a reality. After that, modifications are made with the help of tools available in the software so that you can visualize how you might look after getting that particular treatment. All this and many more features at your own comfort.

Why 3D consultation?

Well, by now many of you are thinking, what’s in there for me? Why should I book a virtual consultation when I can just send pictures? Well, you are about to know why.  By booking a consultation you will have a real time conversation with a doctor, which will help the doctor understand your needs better and thus in turn will help you to select the best treatment potion available for you.

Photos are 2D. So when you send photos, it doesn’t paint an exact picture of your needs and desires. While with 3D virtual consultation, we can not only get a good view of the subject area, but can move it in any direction by changing frame of reference. It’s like seeing a person face to face with different angles.

With virtual consultation, you can know your doctor better. Sure internet has all the information you need, but how do you know what’s best for you? How will you know that for your body, what recovery might look like? A proper consultation serves you the purpose of selecting a personalized, tailor made treatment plan suited for your requirement. A consultation will also clear all your doubts you have with keeping your health in mind.

Advantages of having a 3D consultation:

After saying this for years that there is nothing that can replace good old fashioned face to face consultation, we are proud to say that we offer you something that is the closest one can come to replacing face to face consultations.

With the help of latest technology and enhancing user experience, our 3D virtual consultation is the state of the art software available in the world. It is a type of teleconsultation, but far better and accurate. With more available information and an interactive platform for patients, they can explore every treatment available just like an in-person meeting.

One of the major advantages of having a virtual consultation is that the cost and inconvenience of travel is spared. But now that’s a thing of past. With our new feature, you will save all the time required to plan and travel for your appointment. No loss of work is necessary. It’s adjusted to your schedule, your availability, your preferences. Every facility of a clinic is now just a click away.

Global warming and COVID-19 are two very different problems yet they share one thing. They both have managed to affect millions of people with no permanent solution so far. Now adapting to this “new normal” is a basic requirement for everyone. We at Allure Medspa, are one step ahead and better in following and maintaining every protocol available for a successful running of a clinical set up in a pandemic. Our virtual consultation is a big part of that. This feature helps you to avoid all unnecessary contact without compromising on your desires with everything else at the comfort of your own house.

This feature is not just for local people. Anyone around the world can request for a virtual consultation.  If you are reading this and you are not in Mumbai, but still want to have a consultation but coming to Mumbai for a consultation might look like quite a deal. Book a virtual consultation today to get a meeting done and then come for surgery directly. This way your experience is not only fast but also cost effective. Why to settle for a second best treatment when you can book a virtual consultation with the best today.

Difference between 3D virtual consultation and tele-consultation

Remote consultation between doctor and patient are technically possible and increasingly acceptable. With this rise in demand for remote consultation especially due to pandemic, both tele-consultation and virtual consultation are often confused. They are somewhat similar as they both try to address patient’s problem with a solution but the content and clarity makes them different process.

Tele consultation is done by either calling the doctor or by texting them photos and then texting over that. While this method may look easy and convenient, there are many lags that goes unaddressed. An exact idea of the patient’s requirement cannot be made over a call or some texts. Even photos provide only 2D visualization with only one angle. This information is not sufficient for formulating a perfect treatment plan for you. Even doctor might face some issues to properly convey all needed information with you on this platform. Tele-consultation platforms are not properly set up for effective involvement of both doctor and patient. All this lag of proper platform makes the whole consultation based on imagination of doctor.

Limitations of 3D virtual consultation

Although, 3D virtual consultation is the answer to every problem faced in tele-consultation, it does come with some limitation. By far, our staff is very trained in handling most of the short comings of 3D virtual consultation but there are still many factors that need further action like:

  • Technical problems: there might be some compatibility issue or software launching problem from device to device. But we can always get tech help to resolve that
  • Logistical challenges: some misunderstanding can happen while booking for a virtual consultation. We have a strong team dedicated to address all your concerns with such logistical challenges.
  • Although the 3-D virtual consultation is very realistic-looking but it is still a software. It’s there to help you to get an idea of results but does not necessarily reproduce the exact replica of it. You should always have a realistic expectation after having a cosmetic surgery.
  • Everyone has a different body, so everyone has a different path of healing and recovery. Virtual consultation does not define how your recovery will be after having a particular cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon will educate you with all information available but it totally depends on your body and routine to heal and recover.
  • Tissue pliability is a very important feature of a cosmetic surgery. Virtual consultations don’t translate that feature very much.

How can I book a 3D virtual consultation?

Booking an online 3-D virtual consultation is very easy and just a click away.  All you need to do is go to our website and book yourself a virtual consultation from here. After that we will provide you with a link to get the software required for the consultation.

In case of grievances, our well trained customer care is all set to fix that for you. If you need any guide to set it up (hardly needed), we will also provide that for you. In short, your consultation is our responsibility.

Click here to Book your 3D Consultation Directly from Crisalix

Important points to consider

  • Before fixing anything on a virtual consultation, make sure you are opting for a best available doctor to guide you through the process. A board certified cosmetic surgeon is your best option. Click here to know more
  • Having a real expectation will help you through the whole experience. Virtual or not, cosmetic surgery is still a surgery.
  • If you have any associated problems or underline diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc., you healing will be different than others. You might take a little longer to recover.
  • Don’t hide your medical history. Your doctor is there to help you and he/she won’t be able to do it without full information.
  • Recovery looks different for different people. Discuss this with your doctor to get an idea about yours.
  • Age is an important factor before going for any surgery. You should be above 18 to comprehend with all the psychological changes that comes with the surgery, or you require parent’s consent.
  • Talk about your fears and doubts regarding any treatment and surgery. Don’t leave that for google. Internet will not give you information that is correct for your body and requirements.
  • Write down your questions before starting your consultation so that you miss any point.
  • No question is silly. It’s better to ask then regret.

We tried our best to explain everything in this article. In case of any enquiry, please feel to reach us anytime. We will be delighted to help you with anything. contact us.

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