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Weightloss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery


Weight Loss Surgery – A new, lighter and more enjoyable life

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be ill, morbidly obese or desperate to undergo weight loss surgery — for people who want to take control of their weight and find it impossible to keep off the pounds alone, obesity weight loss surgery can be essential.

Here are some facts to reassure you about going ahead with weight loss surgery:

  • The Gastric Banding procedure usually only requires a 1 night stay in hospital, the Gastric Bypass usually a 2 night stay
  • Most patients return to work the week after weight loss surgery
  • Our specialist weight loss surgeons are happy to provide you with a non specific sick note
  • It is possible to keep the procedure a secret! — Some patients explain their change in dietary habits by giving other reasons and no one need to find out
  • Patients can lose 60% of their excess weight after weight loss surgery. However, it is possible to lose 100% of your excess weight
  • Complication rates are minimized by using expert surgeons.
  • Weight loss surgery can transform your health — studies have shown that diabetes was completely resolved in 77% of patients and resolved or improved in 86%. High blood fat levels were reduced in 70%, and high blood pressure resolved in 62%.

We see weight loss surgery as only part of the process. Our unique, comprehensive after care package includes your chosen weight loss surgical procedure, as well as an in depth pre-operative assessment and regular post-operative consultations with a registered dietitian.

If you decide to undergo weight loss surgery with Allure medspa, our lifestyle team will be with you every step of the way:

  • A comprehensive consultation with your Weight Loss Surgeon
  • A pre-operative consultation with a Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Regular help and support from our specialist weight loss surgery dietitians
  • Fitness plan from our fitness advisor
  • A post-operative wound check by a nurse
  • A post-operative diet plan individually designed by our dietitian
  • Referral to a clinical psychologist if required
  • Access to doctor for 24 hours
  • A minimum one year aftercare programme designed to help, support and advise you throughout your journey, towards achieving your goal weight
  • Indefinite aftercare via annual consultations with the dietitian

We will help you achieve all this as well as the bonuses that come with weight loss surgery: a boost in confidence, increased energy levels and other factors we sometimes take for granted such as fertility, raised libido and new or renewed self esteem.

Allure medspa adheres to all guidelines to ensure that weight loss surgery is the right option for you, that your chosen procedure is suitable and that it is the right time for you to go ahead with weight loss surgery.

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