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Gynecomastia | Male Breast Reduction

For a Firm Masculine and Firmer Chest

Gynecomastia | Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai India

If you have enlarged male breasts, Allure Medspa’s male breast reduction procedure could offer you the peace of mind you’re searching for. Enlarged male breasts are caused by a medical condition known as “Gynecomastia” or “Male Breast Reduction“, which can cause untold embarrassment and stress. A lot of men in the India suffer from this condition and in some cases young adolescents can even see their chest go to the size of a C cup.

Undergoing male breast reduction surgery with Allure Medspa can offer a permanent solution to this disorder, enabling you to accept yourself better and improve your social confidence.

Walk in For a Consultation and Find Out More

So now that you’re considering getting this procedure done seriously, it is time to find out more about the extent to which it’ll help you. Our veteran surgeon will thoroughly examine you case – your overall health, current chest size, the extent of safe reduction possible, body shape, healing abilities, previous chest surgeries, any pre-existing health issues or bleeding tendencies along with your personal habits like drinking alcohol, smoking or other medications if any. All these factors will greatly affect the success rate of your surgery and how early your body recovers.

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Gynecomastia Procedure-

Firstly it is important to understand your breast tissues to understand the procedure. These tissues can be categorized into two kinds –

  • Glandular tissue which is dense and firm
  • Fatty tissue which is soft

The ratio of these both tissues varies from person to person. If the fatty tissue is excessive, liposuction may be needed whereas if the glandular tissue is overboard then the excess of it can be surgically removed with a scalpel. At times, a combination of both may be required to treat gynecomastia.

This surgery is carried out under general anesthesia although local anesthesia may be needed along with sedation. The result is immediate along with temporary scarring, swelling and bruising which fades out over the next four to six weeks. Pressure garments and pain medication will be prescribed and a healthy lifestyle advised. Complications are rare and never severe. A good pre-op consultation eliminates any risk of complications.

Post-op recovery and care

Sore and stiff is what you will feel after the Gynecomastia treatment is performed. Since the result of the surgery is immediate, you may experience temporary scarring. Swelling and scarring may fade out in a few days. Pressure garments and pain medication will be prescribed and a healthy lifestyle will be . Complications are rare and not too severe. A good pre-op consultation eliminates any risk of complications.

You need to eat healthy food and take adequate rest. Avoid smoking and taking alcohol. You should keep clean. It is also important to avoid any heavy physical activity. Also while resting, lay down in a proper position, mostly upright.

Follow-up visits will be required. The surgeon will check your progress and suggest changes in your lifestyle accordingly. You have to bear in mind that the improvement will be slow but steady and you have be patient towards the changes.

Men Also Need Curves – Just Solid Ones!

Now social activities such as swimming and sunbathing needn’t be embarrassing anymore. What’s more, your chest will become much more aesthetically pleasing – to you and those around you.

To find out more about male breast reduction surgery from Allure Medspa or to schedule a consultation, Contact us today on +91-9869041559

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