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Cheek Lift

Cheek Lift


Cheek Lift Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaAs we start aging, our cheeks start drooping and gets sagged. It gives us a tired and worn out look. A Cheek lift reinstates the fullness and youthfulness to the cheeks, helps in softening the deep lines stretching from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. A Cheek lift surgery is a procedure where it lifts the fat pad in the cheek which is called the malar fat pad providing richness to the eyes and cheeks. The procedure gives a more refreshed look. A cheek lift surgery can change your look giving you more confidence about yourself.

Candidates for Cheek Lift Surgery

People who have heavy cheeks or people with hollowness beneath the eyes are mostly good candidates for a cheek lift surgery. For Cheek lift surgery, people should be keeping good health without any serious medical ailment. The person should have positive outlook towards life and should have realistic expectation from the surgery.

Procedure for Cheek Lift Surgery

The patient undergoing the surgery is infused with general anesthesia. The surgeon thereafter makes incision above each ear outside the hairline and in the gum line above each upper canine tooth. The cheek muscles that has loosen away from the bony structure are re positioned and sewn together to give a more natural and tighter look. The cheek pad is also corrected. After this Face lift surgery is done, sutures are then secured to give a firm look.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

The duration of a cheek lift surgery recovery depends on the type of cheek lift surgery. There might be a little bruising or swelling after the surgery.  Antibiotics as well as pain medication may be prescribed by the surgeon to you after your cheek lift surgery to help reduce discomfort, inflammation and infections. You will need to visit your Cosmetic Surgeon for follow ups for better and quicker recovery. You need to follow proper diet and avoid drinking and smoking for few weeks after the surgery is done.

The surgery usually takes two hours to complete and you can visit your home the same day.

The procedure provides a more youthful look to cheeks by tightening and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

Procedure Cost

The surgery is quite affordable and does not require any stay in the hospital. At Alluremedspa, we undertake such surgeries at affordable rates. You will get the best of services and complete hygiene in our clinic.

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Great Work!!!

Oct 28, 2015 by Millie Gomez

Over the years I have worked very hard. I have been a mother, a wife, a successful career woman. I have completed all my responsibilities perfectly. All these years I have not paid much attention to my own face. One day I realized that at the age of only 40, I have started looking quite old. My cheeks have started sagging and have become droopy. I applied lots of creams and lotions for over a year, but all that was a total waste. Top of all, I was even wasting my lots of money. One day, as I was searching through the internet, I came to know about the Allure Medspa. I gained more and more information about the surgeries and about the surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi. I went through the patients speeches and heard many good things about him.

Next day, I made contact in their office and had a talk with Dr. Milan Doshi. He asked me to send some of my photographs, so can evaluate the type of surgery that I should have. I did just that. Next morning I got a call telling me to come to India for my cheek lift surgery. I made my tickets and flew there. When I visited his clinic Allure Medspa, I just felt just like home. The surgery was proceeded and within two hours of the surgery, I started feeling the difference. I came back home after 2 weeks and got praise from all my relatives. I am a happy soul now.

Allure Medspa , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Over the years I have worked very hard. I have been a mother, a wife, a successful career woman. I have completed all my responsibilities perfectly. All these years I have not paid

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